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Speak of the Devil Recap

A red-clad Nobu battles Daredevil and knocks him to the floor. The ninja then draws a kusari-gama and deflects one of Daredevil's thrown batons and slashes the vigilante's arms. The two men close again and Nobu prepares to kill his opponent.


Matt is sitting outside of the church waiting for Father Lantom. The priest invites Matt in for confession, and Matt asks if he can take him up on his offer of latte. Inside, Lantom pours latte and says that he realized that Matt was Jack Murdock's son. Matt asks if Lantom believes in the Devil, and the priest suggests that the Devil is a personification of every adversary that anyone faces. Lantom then describes a militia commander that saw in Rwanda, who hacked a holy man and his family to pieces, The priest says that he saw the Devil that day. Matt asks if he would have stopped the commander from hurting anyone again, and Lantom wonders what he means by "stopping."

At the law office, Ben meets with Karen and Foggy. The reporter warns them that Fisk has gotten ahead of them trying to drag him into public, and now most people admire his rags to riches story. Matt arrives and introduces himself to Ben, and Karen insists that need to do something. Ben says that Daredevil visited him and told him that Wilson was behind the bombings, and shows him the thumb drive the vigilante gave him. However, Matt points out that it's hearsay and he has no way to verify it. Hoffman has disappeared, and Leland and Wesley are surrounded by Fisk's security men. Foggy asks about Confederated Global, Wesley's organization, and Ben explains that most of Wilson's income comes from that company.

Matt figures that Wilson is connected to Westmeyer-Holt, and they're having Tully strong-arming tenants into leaving. However, Tully is incommunicado on vacation on a distant island, Karen continues to insist that Daredevil is on their side. Foggy doesn't believe it and wonders why the vigilante doesn't deal with Wilson himself, and Ben suggests that Daredevil knows there are some roads a person can't come back from.

At a dockside warehouse, Wesley assures Wilson that his poll numbers are rising and PAC donations are coming in. Hoffman has disappeared and Wesley assures Wilson that they'll find him. As for Daredevil, he hasn't been as active but Wilson figures that he's picking his targets more carefully. Nobu storms in, disabling Wilson's guard, and demands the city block he was promised in return for helping Wilson. Wilson warns that a tenement in the area has proven difficult to empty and offers any other, but Nobu insists that his organization has to have that particular area. He tells Wilson to do what he must but do it quickly. Wilson asks for his help dealing with Daredevil, and Nobu says that he knows a man with the necessary skills. He wonders how they will find Daredevil, and Wilson says that they can play on the vigilante's emotions.

At the office, Foggy and Karen argue abouit whether to go after Tully. Foggy has checked with Marci and confirmed that Tully sold the tenement to Wilson... that morning. The island the landlord is on has no extradition treaty with the U.S. Elena arrives and tells them that Confed Global doubled the offer to the tenement residents to get them to move out. Most of them are thinking of taking it, and Matt suggests that they should. Foggy tells Elena to stand firm and have the other residents do the same, Elena agrees to fight and leaves. Matt warns that Wilson won't stop until he gets the tenements, and Foggy suggests that they tie him up with an injunction. His partner warns that they won't trip Wilson up with an injunction, but suggests that they keep digging until they find a paper or a witness that will lead to the truth.Matt tells them to do it quietly and then says that he's going to Vanessa's art gallery to examine the woman who stood with Wilson.

At the gallery, Matt picks out Wilson's bodyguards with his heightened senses. Vanessa comes over and Matt says that he's looking for art for his apartment to impress his guests. She leads him to a painting and describes the reds in terms of both anger and love. Matt asks if she has a man in her life, claiming that if he could understand such a man then he could understand her viewpoint on art. Wilson comes in and Vanessa introduces the two men. When Wilson says that he's heard of Matt's work in Hell's Kitchen, Matt says that he's heard of Wilson's as well. Matt notes that they're on opposite sides of a tenancy case, and Wilson says that it will soon be settled to everyone's benefit. The lawyer thanks Vanessa for his time and starts to go. She wonders if he's changed his mind, and Matt says that he needs to consider the cost.

Matt goes to the church and sits down next to Lantom. He admits that he went to see the Devil and discovered that he has a woman who loves him. Lantom warns that there is no such thing as absolute evil, and figures that Daredevil can't bring himself to commit murder. Foggy calls but Matt ignores it and tells Lantom that he knows that he's damned if he murders his enemy. However, if he does nothing then his enemy will consume the city. Lantom says that there is a wide gap between doing nothing, and asks if Matt believes he has to kill Wilson, or wants to. Matt wonders if he has already given in to temptation and the darkness of his act has spread to others, and Lantom points out that they wouldn't be talking if that were the case.

The next day, Matt returns to the office and tells Karen that he didn't get what he needed from Vanessa. Karen says that she's confirmed the two men who attacked them from contractor's licenses, just as Foggy comes in. The two men work for Westmeyer-Holt, an subsidiary of Consol Global, but they've disappeared. Foggy gets out an official sign for their firm that he's had made, and insists that they're going to make a difference. Karen gets a call and, shocked, tells Matt and Foggy that Elena is dead.

The trio goes to the morgue and ID the body, and Mahoney tells them that a strung-out junkie fled the scene with Elena's purse. Elena had no next of kin, and Foggy says that they'll see to the funeral arrangements. Foggy holds a crying Karen, while Matt clenches his fists.


Nobu continues to stab and swing at Daredevil, who manages to kick his mask off. The Yakuza man concedes that Daredevil is a worthy opponent and it's an honor to take his life. He puts his mask back on, nods briefly, and renews his attack. Nobu drives the spike end of the kusarigama into Daredevil's chest and drags him across the floor.


Matt, Foggy, and Karen go to Josie's to drink. Considering, Matt suggests that it was more than just a random robbery, just as the news interviews Wilson. He says that he didn't know Elena and that he offered the tenements money to move because he didn't believe the tenement was safe. As Foggy steps away to take a call from the funeral home, Karen tells Matt that she hopes Daredevil goes after Wilson. She admits that she's not religious and asks if Matt's Catholicism helps with what happened. He admits that it doesn't and goes to his apartment. He contemplates the suitcase holding his father's boxing gear, and hesitates, but finally opens it. Matt then gets out his costume underneath it.

Later, Daredevil finds a dealer and beats him up for information on the junkie that murdered Elena. He finds the junkie shooting up in an old building and locates a wad of money in the man's coat. Elena's purse is lying on the floor. Daredevil beats him until the junkie says that he doesn't know who paid him but they met him at a warehouse on Pier 81. The vigilante tells the man to turn himself into Mahoney and heads for the pier.

Daredevil breaks into the warehouse and finds the plans to Wilson's redevelopment of Hell's Kitchen. The vigilante suddenly hears a heartbeat start up and then go faster, and Nobu drops from the ceijling. He knows Daredevil from the fight at the docks, and Daredevil insists that Stick's war isn't his. He wonders how Nobu hid from his senses, and realizes that Nobu slowed down his heart to the point of death. Nobu warns Daredevil to treat him with courtesy, and the vigilante draws his weapons and says that Nobu will have to earn it. They charge at each other and fight.

At Josie's, Foggy and Karen get drunk. Foggy blames himself for convincing Elena to fight, and tells Karen about how he grew up in Hell's Kitchen. He and Matt became lawyers to help the people that they grew up with, and wonders what they can do against somebody who owns everyone and everything. Karen says that they can make them pay.


Daredevil manages to free himself and kick Nobu back. Undeterred, Nobu gets to his feet and tells Daredevil that he's fought well but it's not enough. He throws his blade and Daredevil deflects it back into an overhead light. The sparks set off a puddle of gasoline, setting Nobu on fire. Nobu renews his attack despite his pain, but Daredevil takes him down.

Wilson, Wesley, and Wilson's thugs come in. Daredevil realizes that Wilson wanted him to take out Nobu, and Wilson admits that the man was becoming a concern. Wilson had hoped that they would take each other out, but now he has to intervene. He points out that Daredevil is emotionally weak for women and children, so he had Elena killed to lure the vigilante to him. Wilson apologetically says that Nobu forced his hand and he took no pleasure in Elena's death. When Daredevil vows to kill him, Wilson invites the vigilante to take his shot.

Daredevil tries to attack the towering figure but Wilson easily beats him down and keeps beating him before tossing him across the room. He tells Wesley to finish it, and his assistant draws his gun. Daredevil manages to deflect the shot with a thrown item, and then leaps out a window into the water below. Wilson tells Wesley to put men on the docks and finish Daredevil off... and let Nobu burn.

Foggy goes to Matt's apartment and pounds on the door, saying that they have to keep going and make Wilson pay. He hears a crash and goes in, and finds Daredevil, bloody and broken. Foggy starts to call 911, but then hangs up and removes the vigilante's mask... and realizes that his friend is Daredevil.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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