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Who Are You? Recap

In the bunker, Oliver stares at Laurel and says that he saw her die. Laurel says that she was saved by Sara, who teleported her to Waverider and then brought her to Oliver's presence. As she hugs him, Felicity comes in and stares in shock at Laurel before coming over to embrace her.

Later at Verdant, Laurel explains that the Legends figured out a way to bring her back without causing a temporal aberration. Felicity says that she wishes they could bring back everyone's loved ones, but tells Laurel that they'll talk about it later. She goes to get coffee, and Laurel says that she has to call Quentin. Oliver tells her that Quentin is in rehab and getting better. Felicity comes back and says that they're going to throw a party for Laurel the next night, and remembers about Diggle.

Later, Oliver visits Diggle in prison and tells him that Laurel is back. Oliver says that Felicity and Lyla are working on finding Prometheus' mother, and he's working on finding the person who trained him and Prometheus. Diggle points out that he's going to face the trumped-up charges head-on, and Oliver says that he knows a guy.

Five Years Ago

When Oliver returns to the Bratva HQ, Gregor grabs him and says that all Oliver was interested in is killing Kovar for himself and a woman. Oliver says that the deal Gregor made with Kovar betrays the Bratva, and Gregor insists that his deal benefits the group. He says that he will get obedience from Olive and has his men beat him. A photo of Laurel falls out of his pocket, and Gregor wonders if she's the woman Oliver is avenging.


At the loft, Laurel calls Thea at a conference and assures her that she doesn't have to fly home immediately. Rory wonders if it feels weird for Felicity to be celebrating after Billy died, and Felicity admits that it feels odd. Rene tells Oliver that it's weird how it's happened before, and realizes that it has happened before. Curtis is out on the balcony, and Rene joins him. Despite that, Curtis says that they should be trying to find Prometheus and make him pay. Despite that, they go inside and share a toast to Laurel's return. Oliver says that it's important to embrace the miracles and welcomes Laurel home.

Later at the bunker, Felicity is going over the computer files when Rory comes in. He asks what she was studying, and realizes that it is a DNA sample from Laurel's glass. Rory wonders if she's paranoid, and felicity admits that it's a possibility. The DNA matches, and Rory jokingly suggests that she's an evil twin. Felicity remembers that Laurel has an evil twin, and starts to call Cisco. Laurel unleashes a sonic scream, blasting Felicity and Rory back. Laurel comes in and complains that she's sick of playing a weak vulnerable Laurel. She knocks out Rory with another sonic blast and then unleashes another blast at Felicity. Oliver comes in and Laurel--Black Siren--attacks him and then flees while he's distracted.

Once Rory recovers and Rene and Curtis arrive, Curtis explains that Laurel is a doppelganger from Earth-2. Rory wonders how Laurel knew everything about them, and Cisco sends a video of Prometheus breaking Siren out of the pipeline three days without setting off the alarms. Curtis wonders why Prometheus didn't just kill Oliver, and Oliver says that Prometheus told him that he's going to destroy him and everyone close to him. He tells the team to start searching while he helps Diggle as mayor.

Five Years Ago

Gregor is surprised that Oliver didn't return home after escaping the island, and Oliver says that he didn't return home because after everything he's been through and done, Laurel wouldn't recognize him. He asks Gregor how much Kovar paid him to betray the Bratva, and Gregor punches him. His thugs then start beating Oliver again.


Siren meets with Prometheus, who tells her that her failure is unacceptable. When she complains that Prometheus didn't just let her kill Oliver, Prometheus throws her to the ground and warns her that she can't question his judgment.

At the mayor's office, Oliver meets with Adrian and says that Diggle is innocent. He says that Diggle needs someone outside of the military justice system, and Adrian agrees. He then tells Oliver about Billy's death and how he was set up to look like Prometheus. Adrian figures that Prometheus manipulated Green Arrow into killing Billy, and swore the cops at the scene to silence to avoid a panic and make sure justice is done. Once Adrian leaves, Siren calls and says that Prometheus made her do it. She asks for Oliver's help and asks to meet at the Black Canary statue.

Later at the docks, the team runs surveillance on the statue and waits for Siren. Arrow tells them to let him handle it, and Siren arrives. Felicity talks to the others on a separate chamber and tells them that they have her authority to light Siren up when she double-crosses Arrow. Meanwhile, Arrow tells Siren that according to Barry's team, she'd help Prometheus of her own will. When she pulls out something, Felicity tells the team to move in and Wild Dog shoots at the villainess. Siren blasts him, Mr. Terrific, and Arrow throws a tranq dart into her shoulder, knocking her out.

Later at the bunker, Oliver complains that the team engaged without his orders. They lie about why they got involved, but Felicity says that they acted under her orders. Oliver says that Siren had a phone in her hand and he had the situation under his control. Felicity insists that Siren is playing him, but Oliver insists that they have to find out why she's doing what she's doing. Once Felicity leaves, Curtis points out that he just got his ass kicked again.

Oliver visits Siren in her cell and she insists that Prometheus forced her to participate in his plan. Oliver isn't convinced and says that on Earth-2, her Oliver has been dead for ten years. She moved to Central City to avoid the memories, gained her powers, and eventually turned evil. Oliver tells her to stop running and face the darkness, starting with her telling him everything she knows about Prometheus. Siren wonders why he's willing to do it, and Oliver says that someone told him that they get to choose who and what they are.

Rene joins Curtis as he leaves and offers to walk him home with him. Curtis isn't interested, and when Rene says that he's the happy one, Curtis slams him against the wall and says that everything that has happened cost him Paul. He explains that Paul left him because of his identity as Terrific, but he can't cut it as Terrific either and now he has nothing.

Oliver tells Felicity that he spoke to Siren. Felicity insists that it isn't their Laurel, and Oliver says that he has to believe that he can reach Siren.

Adrian meets with Diggle and explains that Oliver asked him to represent Diggle. As he warns that it's difficult, a guard comes in and says that MP officers are remanding Diggle into their custody. Diggle warns Adrian that Walker will figure out a way to kill him, just as Walker comes in to collect Diggle.

Felicity visits Siren, who asks her what happened between Felicity and Oliver. She taunts Felicity, and Felicity says that Siren should get used to living in cages. She explains that a part of Oliver blames himself for Laurel's death and he's seeking redemption, and starts to walk away. The lights and power dampener go out and Siren shatters the glass in her cell with her sonic scream. By the time Felicity recovers, Siren has escaped.

When the others return, Felicity says that she let Siren go and put tracking nanites on her. Oliver orders everyone else out, and once they go Oliver points out that Felicity risked her life to get a line on Prometheus. Felicity reminds him that they're dealing with Billy's killer, and Oliver plays back the recording Felicity made of her conversation with Siren. He says that he failed Laurel before and can't fail her again, even though he knows it isn't their Laurel. Siren is the last chance that he has, and promises that they will get justice for Billy. Felicity says that she'll let him know when the trackers come on line, and Oliver walks out.

Five Years Ago

Gregor tells Oliver that he can play Kovar, but Oliver doesn't believe him. Gregor says that circumstance make things what they are, and that if it wasn't for the island than Oliver would be a harmless playboy. He offers Oliver a family that doesn't see Oliver as a monster, but in return he wants Oliver's obedience. When Oliver asks what the alternative is, Gregor tells him that he won't leave the room alive.


While Rene and Curtis wait, Rene apologizes for making Curtis feel worse about Paul. Curtis explains that he's trying to make the dampener portal so they can take Siren's powers away. Rene tells him that Curtis should appreciate what he can do because it's pretty badass.

Adrian approaches Walker and says that he can't let the general take Diggle without the proper paperwork. Walker gives him the paperwork and Adrian points out that it's not typical for a general to personally supervise a prisoner transfer. He says that he'll need a few days to have a judge authorize the papers, and Walker threatens to have him disbarred if he doesn't have Diggle in 24 hours.

The tracker is live and Felicity locates Siren. Curtis says that he's working on the dampener, and Felicity admits that she can't tell if Siren is with Prometheus. Oliver says that they're not waiting and tells the team to suit up.

Two guards find Siren and she attacks them. Arrow, Wild Dog, and Ragman hear her sonic scream and create a perimeter. Curtis and Felicity are in the van, working on the dampener, and hear the sonic scream as well. Arrow meets the guards and tells them to call the police, and then moves in.

Prometheus knocks out Ragman.

Wild Dog ambushes Siren, who blasts him back.

Curtis finishes the dampener and heads out.

Prometheus attacks Arrow and the two men fight.

When Felicity and Terrific find Siren, she blasts them and leaves.

Oliver throws a gas dart into Prometheus' chest to slow him down, but Prometheus has a tolerance to it and deflect Arrow's next missile.

Siren confronts Felicity and prepares to kill her.

Prometheus tells Arrow to choose between him or Felicity. He then kicks Arrow back through a door into the room where Siren and Felicity are standing. Arrow tells Siren that if she kills Felicity then there's no coming back. Siren says that person was never there and unlashes her sonic scream. She unleashes another blast... and Terrific activates the dampener. Felicity punches Siren unconscious.

The next day at the prison, Adrian meets with Diggle and whispers to him to hit him. Diggle does so and the guards subdue him. Walker comes in and demands an explanation, and Adrian says that per the county code, the DA can supersede transfers to other jurisdictions if the suspect commits a secondary crime. He promises to prosecute Diggle himself and it will take a while, and Walker says that he'll be back with a writ signed by the President.

Rene approaches Curtis and Curtis admits that he was right about embracing what he can do for the team. As he goes, Rene threatens to kick his ass if he puts his hands on him the same way again.

Felicity sticks her sore hand in ice, and admits that she endangered the guards. Oliver assures her that her plan worked, and eventually they'll capture him. They look over at the Black Canary costume, and Felicity says that she's sorry Siren wasn't Laurel. Oliver says that he's sorry about Billy's death, and then says that he's keep Siren close at ARGUS because he still hopes to find anything that's left of the real Laurel.

Five Years Ago

Gregor gives Oliver one more chance, but then hears shots outside. He sends his thugs to investigate, and the same person kills them. Gregor grabs Oliver as a shield, but someone shoots him with an arrow, pinning his hand to the wall. A female archer--Talia--comes in and greets Oliver by name. She says that she's been looking for him.


Oliver and Felicity watch as city walkers take away the pieces of the Black Canary statue. Oliver says that he plans to find someone worthy of Laurel's legacy, and all they have to do is find her.

In Hub City, two thugs are playing pool when a woman at the bar, Tina Boland, insults them. They ask what she's going to do about it, and a few seconds later Tina throws them both out the window.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 26, 2017

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