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First Blood Recap

Samantha is having coffee at a diner when her phone rings. It's Castiel, who asks where she is. Samantha tells him that she's in Lawrence, and Castiel asks her to meet him at the bunker without providing any more details and then hangs up.

Secret Service agent Rick Sanchez tells his superior Camp that Sam and Dean tried to assassinate the President and are under arrest. In 2007 they were arrested for murdering and desecrating different corpses, and made the Most Wanted in 2011 and died in a shootout. As for Kelly, nobody knows where she is or if she's still alive. The President, Jefferson, doesn't remember anything from the last three days and they're testing him for drugs.

Government soldiers take the Winchesters to a black site prison.

Rick tells the superior, Camp, that they should just kill the Winchesters. Camp wonders if the Winchesters are working alone or if they're the tip of some terror organization. He suggests that they find out before killing them.

Camp enters Dean's cell and asks why he went after the President. Dean remains silent. Camp then meets with Sam, who says that Sam will eventually talk to him. He warns that when he leaves, the Winchesters will stay alone and in the dark. Eventually they'll break and tell him what he needs. Neither brother says anything, and Camp assures them that they've got all the time in the world.

The British Man of Letters, Mick Davies, sits down in a motel room and types out a report on an old typewriter. After a moment his superiors contact him by sending a message via the typewriter, telling him to continue. Mick reports that there have been a few setbacks in the plan to contact the American Hunters,


Earlier, Mick meets with a Hunter, Wally, and assures him that if he works with the British Men of Letters then Wally will have their full support, including money and weapons. In return they ask for his obedience for the greater good. Wally asks to see Mick's hands. When Mick shows him, Wally points out that they're soft and asks if he's ever hunted things. Mick says that he's more long-term strategy, and Wally tells him that he isn't looking to take orders from anyone. He suggests that Mick shoves his offer up his ass and leaves.


Mick tells his superiors that the American Hunters have proven difficult.

At the bunker, Castiel tells Samantha what happens. She tells him to stop making excuses for losing her sons and Kelly, and wonders why they didn't call her. Castiel says that she was out, and Samantha wonders how they let it happen.

Dean notices a loose screw on his bunk and removes it. He uses it to put a scratch on the wall and track how many days that he's been imprisoned, based on the number of meals he gets. Weeks go by.

Crowley meets Castiel at a bar, and Castiel asks him to find Sam and Dean. The demon admits that what has happened to the Winchesters is above his contact's pay grade, and he doesn't care what happened to them. Crowley figures that they'll show up eventually and whoever is holding them will get what's coming to them.

At the bunker, Samantha is sitting in the kitchen when she hears a cellphone ring. She follows the noise to Dean's bedroom and answers the phone. It's Alicia Banes, Ace's kid, and says that she and her brother are working a case. They're up against a pack of werewolves and need help, and Samantha asks for Alicia's location.

More time passes for the Winchesters.

Samantha meets with Castiel and apologizes for what she said at the bunker. Castiel admits that she was right and he should never have left them. Samantha admits that she hasn't, and Castiel hasn't had any luck either. She says that until they find them, they'll do their best. Castiel isn't so convinced, and tells her about a series of vampire killings. He tried to work the case but never found the vampires and three more women died before he ran away. Samantha suggests that the two of them go back, but Castiel figures that he'd only get in her way.

The guard pus food in the slot of Sam's door, but Sam doesn't take it. When the guard peers in, he sees Sam dead on his bunk. He summons Rick and Camp, and Rick checks Dean's cell. Dean is similarly dead. They take the brothers to the prison morgue and the coroner says that it's impossible that they died on the same end. Rick complains that Camp waited the Winchesters out but his plan didn't work, and the coroner goes to work. Camp points out that Rick wanted the Winchesters dead and they're dead, but Rick tells him that he wanted to see Dean suffer. The two of them then leave.

Samantha calls Castiel and tells him that she's handling the vampires.

Dean and Sam come back to life, and they hear someone coming. The coroner comes in and Dean grabs him, and Sam asks where they are. The coroner says that they blindfold him and bring him in, and Dean takes his security badge. Once they tie the man up, the Winchesters sneak outside and Dean calls Castiel but gets no answer. As Sam checks a nearby bus and gets a map, and Castiel finally picks up. Sam works out their location near the Rocky Mountain National Park, and Dean tells Castiel to meet them on the nearest highway. He then hangs up and tosses away the phone so the government can't track them.

Samantha finishes killing the vampires and goes to her car, and Castiel calls to tell her that her sons are alive.

Rick and Camp go back to the morgue and hear the coroner banging on a morgue drawer. They call in soldiers and Camp insists that the brothers were dead. Rick doesn't care how they faked their deaths, and says that they're doing it his way. He tells the soldiers that they're dealing with killers and to shoot on sight.

Sam and Dean run through the woods.

Castiel meets Samantha and gets in, and suggests that they call on Crowley and Rowena for backup. Samantha says that they have to do better than that and Castiel tells her that he has an idea.

As the squad pursues the Winchesters, Camp quickly gets winded but insists to Rick that he's fine.

Sam tells Dean that they have to talk about it, and Dean says that they will later.

Castiel has Samantha meet with Mick and Ketch. The Men of Letters are surprised to hear that they took on Lucifer and win, and Samantha says that they need help. Mick immediately agrees, explaining that he came there to make friends but the American Hunters don't trust people they don't know. He figures that if word gets out that they helped saved the Winchesters then it would be good for business. Samantha explains where her sons were being held, and Ketch recognizes it as Site 94. The Men of Letters know about it, and Mick says that he'll get a satellite over the area to fin the brothers.

The soldiers follow the brothers' tracks, and the Winchesters spot them coming. They keep running and then hide, and jump one soldier Norton and knock him out when he heads ahead on his own. When Rick calls, Dean tells him that Norton is out of it and advises Rick to leave so no one will get hurt. Unimpressed, Rick says that his highly trained soldiers will track them down and the brothers will get hurt a lot. He says that they're trapped out there, and Dean responds by telling him that they're trapped with him and Sam.

That night, it starts raining and the brothers find an empty cabin. They go inside and light a lantern, and look for anything that they can use for a weapon. Dean finds a bear trap and sets it up, and Sam locates a first aid kit.

Rick and his squad see the lantern burning in the cabin and move in. Several of them go in and the brothers take them out. Rick sends more soldiers in and the first one in opens fire. Outside, one of them steps in the bear trap, and Sam takes his squad mate out when the man goes to check on his friend. Once Sam knocks the soldier out, he tells the man in the bear trap that he'll live and grabs the first aid kit. Meanwhile, rick steps in another bear trap and Dean comes up to tell him that he's trapped. Camp arrives and Rick yells at him to shoot Dean... and Sam puts a shotgun to Camp's head. He takes Camp's gun and tells him that the President was possessed by Lucifer. Dean tells them to do what they want with it, but if they come after the brothers then they'll know what will happen. As they go, Camp wonders who they are and Sam says that they're the guys who saved the world.

Sam and Dean finally make it to the highway and find Castiel and Samantha waiting. They go to the car, and find Mick and ketch waiting. Mick says that he borrowed a thermal-imaging satellite to find them, and Ketch points out that they've saved them again. He's surprised that the brothers left survivors and were unprofessional, and Dean insists that they were just soldiers following orders. Sam says that he'll handle it and they drive off.

As they drive back to the bunker, Samantha admits that she's hunting a little bit. The car's electrical system suddenly goes out, and Dean says that it's time. The car rolls to a stop, and everyone gets out. Billie appears and asks what's happening, and Dean explains that the only way they could escape was to die. He called Billie and she made a deal. They'd get to die and come back one more time, but at midnight one Winchester dies permanently. Dean tells Samantha that the prison was worse than Hell, and at least one of them gets to keep fighting. Billie insists that they have to fulfill their side of the pact, and asks which one is going to give up their lives. Samantha says that it will be her, and Billie paralyzes them when they try to intervene. As their mother puts a gun to her head, Sam and Dean beg her to stop. She starts to pull the trigger... and Castiel kills Billie. He says that he did what had to be done, and the world needs every last Winchester it can get and he won't let any of them sacrifice themselves because they mean too much to him and too everything. Castiel tells them that they made a stupid deal and they broke it, and says that they're welcome.


Mick tells his superiors that the Winchesters are back, and Ketch took care of the loose ends.

Ketch kills everyone at the prison.

Mick reports that as far as the world is concerned, the Winchesters were never captured. He then says that he convinced one Hunter to join forces with them: Samantha.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2017

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