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El Cuegle Recap

Foretold our fate, by the gods' decree, all heard and none believed the prophecy.

Renard stares at Meisner and insists that he's dead, and Meisner asks if it matters. After a moment, Renard lowers hi gun and touches Meisner, confirming that he's solid. The phone rings and Meisner tell him to take it. It's the BC representative, who complains about what Renard did. Renard explains that Nick used a Hexenbiest shapechanging spell, and hangs up. When he turns to Meisner, he discovers that the man is gone.

At the spice shop, Diana wonders why Nick looked like Renard. Adalind tries to explain, claiming that Nick had to do it to help Renard. Nick comes in and Diana says that she wants to see Renard. Adalind promises that they'll see him soon but for now they're going to live with Kelly's father Nick. Diana looks at Rosalee and says that there's more than one baby inside of Rosalee. The girl doesn't know how many more, and Adalind leads Diana out.

A man, Isadore Malpica, is searching web sites for baby photos. He writhes in pain briefly, and then finds photos of a couple, the Malers, with their baby. Isadore moans in pain, clutching at his head, and then gets the couple's address in Portland.

Later at the home, the couple put their baby Auggie in his crib. The father Paul goes to bed while the mother Haley her photos. Outside, the man--Paul--watches the house. Later, the couple is in bed when the baby starts crying. Haley goes downstairs to find Isadore picking up the baby. He woges into a lizardlike El Cuegle form with three eyes and arms, and shoves Haley into an end table. Isadore goes downstairs and Haley tells him that it took their baby.

Eve enters the tunnels alone.

Nick, Adalind, and the children go to the loft. Diana says that she's been there before and asks where her room is, and Adalind says that Diana will be sleeping with her. The girl says that a lot of people died there and demands to see Renard, and Adalind tells her that she'll take Diana to see her tomorrow. Once Diana dozes off, Adalind says that Diana has wonderful abilities and they have to protect her. She tells Nick that she's happy to be back there with him, and Nick admits that he thought he was going to go crazy without her.

Eve climbs up to the loft and hears them talking. After a moment she goes back down into the tunnels and remembers when Mick put the stick's case back.

The next morning, Renard is reading a newspaper article about how he stepped down. Nick comes in and the officers applaud him, including Hank and Wu. As Wu says that they have an attack and kidnapping, Renard calls them into his office. Once they're alone, Renard tells them that he's in charge of the precinct and any of them that screw up will be out. He orders them out, and Meisner appears to him. Renard starts yelling at Meisner, and nick and the others wonder who he's talking to.

Renard throws hot coffee on Meisner and it goes through him. When Renard demands to know why Meisner is there, Meisner reminds him that he betrayed them all. He tells Renard that Conrad says hi, and Renard storms out.

Wu and the detectives go to the Maler house and Wu tells them what the couple reported about a monster taking her baby. They have the Malers walk them through what happened, and Haley describes what she saw. Paul figures that she's concussed, but Haley insists that what she think she saw is real. Nick has her draw what she saw, while Paul takes the detectives to the nursery. Paul says that he loves Auggie but Haley is obsessed with their baby. Haley comes in and overhears Paul, and shows Nick her sketch of the El Cuegle.

Later at his home, Isadore looks at a newspaper article about himself and how a boy Kenneth Slater was accused of a massacre. Auggie is lying on the bed crying, and Isadore writhes in pain again. He goes over to the crying baby and woges into his El Cuegle form. He picks up the baby and soothes it, then woges back to his human form. Isadore says that he knows that Auggie is sick and will get him some medicine.

Eve removes the chest from its hiding place and opens the lid.

At the station, Nick and Hank go through all of Haley's photos. Wu founds three other cases across Canada in the U.S. of similar abductions, going back ten years ago. The couples all posted their baby photos online, and Nick wavers as he starts to go.

As Eve looks at the stick, a tremor throws her back. She discovers that the stick has left a burn on her palm, and collapses in pain.

The detectives show the sketch to Monroe and Rosalee, and go through the books. Hank finds a reference to an El Cuegle. El Cuegle was active in Spain centuries ago, kidnapping newborn babies and keeping them for the Hours of Dread. The monster then eats the babies to abort their bad future. Monroe insists that they have to stop it.

Isadore goes to a mini-mart to get medicine. He has another attack and sees a vision of someone shooting, and collapses in pain. An assistant comes over and then backs away in horror when he discovers that Isadore has woged into his El Cuegle form.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank confirm that the description of the kidnapping monster is the same in all of the cases. They figure that El Cuegle took more babies than the ones reported. Wu comes in and says that they have a report of a monster in a mini-mart.

At the shop, Rosalee asks Monroe how they're going to stay in Portland. She agrees that Nick is a close friend but they have to think of their family, and refuses to live being so vulnerable. Monroe understands but says that they have to be prepared for the other shoe to drop no matter where they are. Rosalee hugs him and says that she wants to live in a place without medicine.

Nick and Hank talk to the assistant, who says that Isadore stole infant cold medicine. There's CCTV footage of Isadore driving away in a car, and the detectives get his plate from it.

Eve picks up he stick covering her hand with the cloth, and puts it back in the chest. She remembers when the killer tried to drag her to Hell, and scratches the symbols that she saw on his face in the wall.

Adalind drops Diana off at Renard's, and Renard says that he's going to be moving because he won't be the mayor anymore. Once they're alone, Diana asks Renard why he doesn't love Adalind. She wonders if it's because of Nick, and Renard says that it is. Diana tells her father that Adalind loves Nick and Renard takes her to get food.

At the station, Nick and Hank try to work out why Isadore collapsed. They wonder why he'd take a chance stealing baby medicine, and figure that there's something off. Wu gets a hit on the license plate. It's a rental, and the address is in New Mexico. It's rented to Isadore, and unis have spotted the rental at an apartment building at St. John's.

The trio arrives there and tells the uni to wait while they check out the apartment. They burst in and Isadore woges and attacks them. While Nick fights him, Wu gets the baby. They manage to subdue El Cuegle, who woges back to his human form. He shouts that they can't take Auggie and don't understand, but the detectives read him his rights and take him away.

As Renard and Diana make supper, Diana heats the water with her powers. Renard asks her what happened to Conrad, and she says that Renard killed him because Conrad hurt Adalind. He tells her that she doesn't have to protect everyone and can always come to her, and they both agree that Nick would be very sorry if he hurt Adalind.

The detectives return Auggie to Haley. Paul thanks them and Haley asks how they found the monster. Nick tells her that all that matters is that Auggie is safe.

At the station interrogation room, Isadore asks where the baby is. He says that they can't let Auggie leave with his parents, and insists that it's complicated. Isadore says that he gets visions telling him to stop the evil, and the Grimms don't know the horror of what they have to do. He explains that each of his eyes can see the past, present, and future. His visions of the future tell him of children who will have to do future things, and he takes them and eats them. Isadore describes how Auggie will do something terrible when he's 19. The parents' marriage will continue falling apart, and Auggie will grow up isolated and unstable. When he turns 19, Auggie will murder his parents and continue from there. He tells them to look up Kenneth and see what happens when he doesn't do what he must. Kenneth was one of the other abducted babies, but was returned alive. When Kenneth grew up, he killed ten innocent people. Isadore says that he was weak and spared the baby, and the ten people are dead because of him. He begs them to let him go and do his duty.

Back at their desks, Nick and Hank confirm that Kenneth went missing for two days when he was a baby. Nineteen years later he was arrested for massacring ten people. Hank doesn't believe Isadore's claim, but Nick figures that Isadore might be telling the truth. He suggests that they find out if Isadore was near Kenneth's home town in Idaho 19 years ago.

In the interrogation room, Isadore has another vision of a grown-up Auggie killing his parents. When the guard hears Isadore screaming in pain, he comes in and Isadore woges so that he can knock the officer out with his third arm.

Hank confirms that Isadore was in Idaho 19 years ago, just as the EMTs come in to tend to the fallen officer. The detectives go to the interrogation room and discover that Isadore has escaped, and figure that he's going after Auggie.

At the Maler home, Paul tells Haley that he needs her to see a psychiatrist. As they argue, Nick calls and says that Isadore is heading there and they should lock all the doors. Isadore breaks in, knocks out Paul, woges, and advances on Haley. She hides in the bathroom, locking the door, as Nick and the others arrive. El Cuegle attacks them and Nick knocks the Wesen over stair railing and he falls to his death, As Isadore dies, he woges back to human form and mutters about "the bears."

Eve continues scratching the symbols out in the tunnel bricks.

As Nick and Hank consider what happened, Paul and Haley argue. Paul yanks away Auggie's blanket, which has bears on it. Nick tells them to calm down, and Haley storms off. Once they're alone, Nick tells Paul that Haley isn't crazy but Paul doesn't believe him and goes after his wife. Hank sees the blanket and shows it to Nick, while the couple argues.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 28, 2017

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