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A Good Day to Die Recap

Lucifer drives Chloe to the hospital as fast as he can. Chloe's nosebleed has stopped, but Lucifer isn't convinced. She describes how she tackled Jason earlier, and realizes that he injected her during the struggle. Chloe says that they can't go to the hospital because it didn't help any of the other victims. The only thing that will save her life is finding the antidote. Lucifer concedes the point and turns around.

At the station, Ella comes in response to their call, and Chloe says that they're worried that someone else was poisoned. As Ella goes over what they found at Jason's lab, Lucifer and Chloe have a whispered argument until Ella tells them to stop. She reports that she did find a syringe with a tiny bit of poison in it. She found an antidote but Jason destroyed it. Ella describes the symptoms in detail until Lucifer cuts her off.

As Chloe and Ella continue going over the evidence, Amenadiel arrives in response to Lucifer's text. They talk privately and Lucifer slams Amenadiel into the wall and asks he was part of God's plan. He asks how long Amenadiel has been manipulating, and Amenadiel says that God put Chloe in Lucifer's path. The angel says that Chloe doesn't know anything, and Lucifer releases him. Amenadiel says that God has been manipulating both of them, and all he's wanted to do was make God proud. Instead he was assigned to make Lucifer a girlfriend. Amenadiel insists that they're on the same side, and Lucifer asks him if Chloe's poisoning is part of God's plan. The angel has no idea what he's talking about, and Lucifer realizes that Amenadiel can't help Chloe.

Chloe comes in and asks Amenadiel to give her a minute with Lucifer. She says that since Burt was smuggling the poison for Jason, he might have smuggled antidotes as well. However, Burt is out of bail but he has a tracking bracelet on him. Chloe bursts into another fit of coughing but insists that she's fine, and they leave.

Burt is at a party saying that the authorities can't keep him down. As everyone dances, Chloe bumps into Burt and she says that she was stalking him. She has Burt lead her to the breakfast and he notices her nosebleed, and tries to beg off. Chloe knees him in the groin and shoves him in the bedroom. Lucifer is waiting in the shadows, his eyes glowing red.

After a few minutes of screaming, Lucifer comes out and says that he didn't hurt Burt... physically. Jason hired Burt through a middleman, Dave Maddox. As they leave, Chloe collapses.

The next morning, Dan and Lucifer visit Chloe in her hospital room. Dan isn't happy that Lucifer and Chloe went to investigate, and argue until she interrupts them. She thanks them for following up on Dave and Dan goes to check on Trixie. When Chloe wonders if she looks okay, Lucifer says that she looks heaven-sent.

Dan and Lucifer go to the art gallery where Maddox is showing his work, and Dan tells Lucifer to follow his lead. The sergeant explains that the paintings are a front and he uses their sale to cover up his money transfers. They spot Dave and approach him,, and Dan says that they need Jason's antidote. Dave talks to them privately and feigns ignorance, and Dan explains that they're trying to save his ex-wife. Dave advises Dan to let Chloe die, and Dan punches him. Dave's thugs take them in the back and beat Dan. When Lucifer realizes that it's not a game of possum, he frees himself and knocks the thugs out. Dave comes back with a baseball bat, and Lucifer asks what he desires. The painter says that he wants someone to buy his art because they really like it. Lucifer agrees to buy one of his paintings, and Dave gives them the poison ingredient. He warns that Jason kept the formula all to himself, and Dan points out that Jason is dead.

At the hospital, Lucifer watches over Chloe. Charlotte comes in and offers her condolences, and Lucifer says that he can't tell Chloe how badly she's screwed. His mother points out that Jason is suffering in Hell, and Lucifer realizes that he can save Chloe by going to Hell and talking to Jason... once Lucifer dies.

At his penthouse, Lucifer meets with Maze, Charlotte, and Amenadiel. He explains his plan: they should kill him and get him back. Charlotte forbids it and Maze reluctantly agrees. The last time Lucifer went down, God brought him back. If Lucifer goes through any of the doors then he'll be trapped. Lucifer has been away from hell and isn't sure if it will work. Linda is there and says that she followed about half of what is going on. Amenadiel is less than thrilled to hear that Linda knows that he's an angel. Linda confirms that there's no other way for Lucifer to get to Hell, and Lucifer says that he's going to do it with or without them. Charlotte refuses to be part of it and asks if Amenadiel is coming with him. He says that he's going to help because Chloe doesn't deserve it. Maze agrees to help as well, Charlotte still refuses and leaves, and Lucifer tells Linda that she'll be the one to bring him back from the dead. Amenadiel and Maze are glad to volunteer to kill Lucifer.

Lucifer goes to the hospital and asks Dan if he's gathered the ingredients. Dan reminds him that the ingredients are useless without the formula, and Lucifer says that he's going to get it. Lucifer then goes to the door and looks in on Chloe.

Linda and Maze enter the hospital posing as orderlies. They go to the room below Chloe's.

Lucifer tells Amenadiel to make sure that no one moves Chloe. He has to be near Chloe to lose his vulnerability and die, and says that he's sure that Amenadiel can prevent anyone from moving Chloe. Touched, Amenadiel wishes Lucifer luck.

At the station, Dan and Ella gather all of the ingredients except one. It's rare and illegal, and she knows that it's locked up at a chop shop. However, Ella isn't sure that the owner will hand it over, and they head to the chop to steal it.

Linda and Maze prepare to stop Lucifer's heart, and Linda says that she'll give him 60 seconds and then revive him. Despite her reservations, Maze begins the procedure but can't bring herself to do it. Lucifer finally grabs the defibrillator paddles and kills himself.

Lucifer finds himself in Hell.

Trixie arrives in Chloe's room, and Amenadiel explains that he's Lucifer's brother. She wonders why there are bad people in the world, and Amenadiel tells her that there are a lot more good people in it like the ones helping Chloe out. Trixie asks if Amenadiel is one of them, and he says that he's trying to be good. Much to the angel's surprise, Trixie says that he's good and hugs him.

Lucifer makes his way through Hell and finds the door that he's looking for. He goes through and finds Jason reliving the car accident where he left a man to die. The crowd calls Jason a killer and a monster, and he begs them to leave him alone. Lucifer interrupts and leads him off, and Jason explains that he keeps going through the same thing over and over. The Devil explains that it's a Hell of Jason's own making, and Jason can't leave until he no longer believes that he deserves it. However, Lucifer says that Dave making amends might get him out. He explains that there's still time to save her, and Jason quickly writes down the formula. Jason wonders if it makes them good, but Lucifer says that it's Hell and the crowd advance on Jason.

Back in the hallways, Lucifer waits for his friends to revive him. While he waits, Lucifer sees a door and goes in. It's Lux, and Uriel is playing the piano. Shocked, Lucifer stares at his dead brother and hug him, and says that he doesn't deserve to be in Hell. Uriel says that he isn't but Lucifer is. The Blade appears in Lucifer's hand and he stabs Uriel. Shocked, Lucifer says that he has to save the detective, and then stabs Uriel again.

Linda tries to revive Lucifer but it doesn't work.

Dan and Ella break into the chop shop and the owner arrives with his gun drawn.

Lucifer tells Uriel that he can't stop killing him, and insists that he doesn't want it. "Uriel" says that Lucifer is stuck in the Hell that he once ruled, and Lucifer didn't follow up on what he whispered: "The peace is here." Lucifer wonders if Uriel found peace, and Uriel says that his last words were a clue and Lucifer is the one who has to figure it out. Lucifer is forced to stab Uriel again, and Uriel says that Lucifer is never getting out of Hell.

Chloe flatlines and the doctors run in and escort Trixie out.

Maze figures that Lucifer is stuck in Hell, and tells Linda that someone needs to pull him out of Hell. She explains that she doesn't have a soul and can't go to heaven or Hell. Linda suggests that she go, sure that she'll go to Hell. Charlotte comes in and says that she'll face Hell to save her son. It's only her resistance that keeps her from going to Hell. Maze hits her with the paddles and Charlotte dies.

Charlotte ventures through Hell looking for Lucifer.

The doctors manage to stabilize Chloe. When they say that they have to move her, Amenadiel refuses to let them take her. The doctor calls security.

Dan tells the owner Ricardo to lower his gun. When Ricardo doesn't, Ella speaks up and explains that Ricardo is her brother. She moved to LA to keep an eye on him, but he ghosted her. Ricardo says that he doesn't have the XZ3 drug, but Ella says that her friend will die without it. After a moment, Ricardo takes them to the drug.

Lucifer continues killing Uriel and begs his brother to forgive him. However, he admits that he doesn't believe he deserves forgiveness. Charlotte comes in and says that Lucifer doesn't belong there. She tells her son that Uriel isn't real, and Lucifer stabs Uriel again. Charlotte tells Lucifer that he was just trying to save them and it isn't his fault, and then admits that it's hers. She says that ever since she's returned she's been manipulating Lucifer, using him against God. However, all she's done is make things worse, knowing the truth would crush Lucifer when he found out. Lucifer remembers Chloe and says that they have to leave. Charlotte wonders why they would leave when Uriel is right there, and says that they can stay there and be a happy family. Uriel begs Charlotte not to abandon him, but Lucifer drags her away.

Security arrive to take Amenadiel away.

Linda revives Lucifer.

Ricardo gives Dan the drug.

Amenadiel throws the guards away, but another one grabs him.

Lucifer gasps in a breath they then revive Charlotte.

Amenadiel throws the third guard out into the hallway and stands, unmoving. Lucifer arrives and his brother steps back.

Later, Chloe wakes up and finds Chloe at her bedside. She suggests that they pick up where they left off, and Lucifer tells her to focus on feeling better. Chloe promises that they'll talk later, and Lucifer walks out. As he walks out of the hospital, Chloe asks about Lucifer and Chloe. He says that the whole thing was a sham, and Charlotte insists that it was God's fault and he should be punished. Lucifer points out that she's worse than God because he doesn't pretend to love her. Charlotte says that she went to Hell for him and save d Chloe, but Lucifer tells her that she succeeded in breaking his heart. He refuses to be caught between her and God. With that, Lucifer walks off.

Later, as Chloe drives home she leaves a voice mail for Lucifer. He hasn't returned her calls so she's coming over. When she enters Lucifer's penthouse, she discovers that he's moved out.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 31, 2017

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