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Dead or Alive Recap

Two criminals are buying advanced weaponry from a supplier when Flash arrives. They open fire on Flash, who easily dodges the shots. H.R. steps out of the fog carrying a vortex cannon and laughs maniacally as he prepares to shoot...

Cisco interrupts H.R. as he dictates his new novel, and says that Flash needs help. Julian complains that the team is disorganized, but Cisco tells him to watch and learn. On the street, Flash and Kid Flash chase after the kidnappers in their bus. The speedsters split up and the criminals concentrate their fire on Flash. He spins around, making it impossible for them to get a bead on him, and Kid Flash speeds in and takes out the driver. The bus crashes and Flash congratulates Kid Flash as the police pull up. The kidnapped cheerleaders get out and take their picture with Kid Flash before he speeds off.

The next day at S.T.A.R. Labs, the team congratulates Barry and Wally. Julian points out that he figured out six ways that the speedsters could have done it more efficiently. Iris tells Barry that there's a new arms dealer in town selling guns like the one Plunder uses, and reminds him that she's still a reporter and following up stories. Barry asks Cisco if they found a way to change the future, and Cisco shows him a 3D recreation that he and Caitlin made of the scene from the future. Julian comes in and says that it's impossible for Flash to save Savitar given the mathematics of the situation. He draws out a formula representing Barry's top speed versus what he will need in May, and given Barry's current rate of improvement, it won't happen. Cisco says that they have it cover, and Julian heads back to the CCPD. Barry says that they have to find another way to make it work so that Iris won't die.

That night, Gypsy uses her powers to break into Jitters. As she picks up a coin, she gets a vibe vision of H.R. paying. When two policemen arrive, Gypsy blasts them with her powers and steps through a dimensional porta.

The next day, Barry and Joe are checking the crime scene. They figure that a new meta was involved and Joe figures Flash and Kid Flash can handle it. He then asks Barry to get Iris to back off a bit, and wonders if she seems okay. Joe wonders if Barry and Iris have something going on, and Barry claims that they're both doing great.

Later at S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco, Caitlin, and H.R. examine the surveillance footage from Jitters. Gypsy arrives in front of the lab and calls to H.R. by names. She tells him to come quietly, and H.R. says that she's from Earth 19 and came to collect him. Gypsy creates a portal and enters the lab, then draws a locking device and fires it at H.R. Cisco vibes the gun out of her hand, and Gypsy is surprised to discover that he has powers like hers. She teleports behind Cisco and knocks him away, and Kid Flash speeds in. She blasts him, paralyzing him, and then says that they're harboring a fugitive from justice. Earth-19 has a strict ban on interdimensional travel, and H.R. is beaming his story back chapter by chapter. Gypsy tells H.R. that he has an hour to get his affairs in order and then she'll take him back to their Earth. With that, she teleports away.

Later, Cisco reads H.R.'s chapter and tells the others what H.R. has been doing and how he's made himself the hero. Caitlin complains that Cisco was flirting with Gypsy, and H.R. says that the punishment for unauthorized breach travel is death. After Earth-19 was invaded by another Earth, his government banned all such travel. He refuses to say why he traveled to Earth-1 in the first place and goes to pack. Barry says that he saw H.R. in the future which means that they must stop Gypsy, but Julian points out that letting H.R. go might change the future.

Barry goes to the paper and tells Iris what happened. He asks her if she told Joe about the future. Iris confirms that she didn't and Barry assures her that it won't happen. Barry suggests that she let the arms dealer thing go, and iris agrees to drop it.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Kid Flash tests his speed in the pipeline as Iris looks on. He stops and Iris talks about how she's onto a big story. She insists that she just wants to see justice done, and points out that she doesn't die until May. Iris says that they should fight crime together and not tell anyone.

Cisco visits H.R. in his quarters and asks him why he risked his life to come to Earth-1. H.R. says that on his earth he didn't matter and was a fraud. He came to Earth-1 to rewrite his story. Barry overhears them and asks if there's anything they can do, but H.R. angrily says that he has no options except trial by combat. Caitlin calls to say that Gypsy is there, and the others go outside to meet her. As H.R. steps forward, Cisco challenges Gypsy to trial by combat. Barry says that he was going to do it, but Gypsy points out that Cisco spoke first. She warns Cisco that it's trial by death and asks if he wants to take advantage of the 24 hours to prepare. Cisco agrees and gypsy teleports away... and Cisco realizes that Gypsy is going to kill her.

Later in the training warehouse, the team reviews the video of Gypsy. H.R. and Julian both agree that Gypsy will kill Cisco, and Barry figures that Cisco can do it with a little practice. Julian tells Caitlin to prepare the medbay, and then quickly says that it's for Gypsy, not Cisco. Meanwhile, H.R. tells Cisco that no one has ever beat Gypsy. H.R. wonders why Cisco is risking his life for him, and Cisco says that unlike the other two Harrisons, H.R. depends on them and he wants to be there for H.R. after all the other Harrisons did for him.

Iris and Wally go to the CCPD and Iris tells her brother to swap the files on the case and take photos. Wally refuses without an explanation, and Iris says that they could be her last few months and she wants her life to mean something as a reporter. Wally agrees and they go to Joe's office, where he's meeting with Cecile to get a warrant. Iris goes in alone and asks to talk to Joe privately. Cecile goes to meet with Singh, and Iris draws Joe aside to talk about her and Barry. While she keeps her father distracted, Wally speeds in and gets the file. He then takes it back after copying it, and Iris says that she was asking about getting Barry a pet. Joe is relieved and Iris thanks her father for the chat.

At the warehouse, Cisco is training without much success. Barry tells him to trust his instincts and Cisco teleports away... and ends up in the rafters. H.R. talks to Barry privately and says that they can't let Cisco fight Gypsy. He explains that he tagged Gypsy with a tracer and knows that she's at the waterfront.

At the waterfront, H.R. approaches Gypsy as she enjoys a cup of coffee. He says that Cisco is just trying to protect him, and offers his hand. Flash speeds forward but Gypsy tosses him into a portal, jumps in after him, handcuffs him, and jumps them both back out. She reminds H.R. that he broke their most sacred laws and figures that their attempt forfeits Cisco's challenge. Gypsy agrees but takes H.R. as insurance.

Back a S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry tells the others what happened. Cisco is unhappy that Barry and H.R. went behind his backs, and Barry goes after him as he goes to his workshop. Barry apologizes and says that the situation with Savitar has him rattled. Cisco wonders how Barry handles all the pressure, and Barry says that he leans on his friends. He tells Cisco that it's okay to be afraid and can lean on them. Julian comes in and says that he's come up with a practical solution and shows them how Gypsy's feet come off the ground for a split second when she uses a breech. They figure that she'll be off-balance and tells Cisco to take advantage of it, and Cisco and Barry thank him for his help.

Iris and Kid Flash go to the arms dealer's warehouse, and Iris suggests that Kid Flash do a quick reconnaissance. Once he leaves, Iris breaks in and finds the crates of weapons. As she takes photos, the arms dealer comes in and prepares to shoot her. Iris calmly advances on him and says that it isn't her day to die... and Kid Flash comes in and knocks the dealer out. They hear sirens in the distance and Kid Flash figures that Joe is cool with them fighting crime.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Joe complains that he's not cool with them fighting crime. He says that they ruined a major sting operation, and wonders where Barry was. Iris says that it's more of a story to her, and Wally points out that she almost got shot. Joe demands an explanation, and Barry leads Iris out into the next room. Iris says that her story will change lives and she's not afraid to die. However, she is afraid that she'll end up without her mother, not leaving anything behind. Barry assures iris that her mother left behind a son and daughter, and says that they will face the future together. Cisco comes in and says that Gypsy just vibed him her location.

That night at the docks, Gypsy figures that Cisco is a coward. As H.R. defends Cisco, Vibe arrives and Gypsy warns that she'll kill him. she admits that she was hoping Cisco wouldn't show, and blasts him back.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, the team watches the fight. Barry reminds the others that he can't interfere or they forfeit.

Vibe recovers and the two of them deadlock their beams. Gypsy creates a breach and jumps through it with Cisco. They reappear on Earth-2, and Gypsy punches Vibe. He teleports her to CatCo on Supergirl's Earth-38, knees hi in the groin, and teleports away again. They appear on another Earth filled with volcanos, and Vibe figures that she's flirting with him because she's worried. They teleport back to Earth-1 and Gypsy says that Vibe lets his fear and insecurity hold him back. She teleports over to H.R., and Cisco vibes her before she can touch the ground. However, after a moment he releases her and tells her to admit that he won. Gypsy turns H.R. and says that her life is his. Cisco says that it's not their way and that he's just a normal--single--guy

Later, Caitlin confirms that Cisco is fine. Barry asks Gypsy what she's going to do now, and she says that she'll tell her superiors that she killed H.R. rather than admit that she failed for the first time. Once they think H.R. is dead, they won't hunt him. H.R. agrees not to go back, and Cisco points out all of the coffee that Gypsy is taking with her. She tells him that some laws are worth breaking for the right person, and they say goodbye... for now. As they start to kiss, Gypsy teleports away and Cisco admires her exit.

Later at their loft, Barry reads Iris' story. She finally asks Barry what he thinks of the article, and Barry tells her that she should be very proud. He apologizes and figures that since he beat Savitar once, he'll do it again and save Iris' life.

H.R. is dictating another chapter of his story when Cisco comes in. He says that he's dictating it for himself to show that he accomplished something, and Cisco says that he's already accomplished a lot. Cisco points out that H.R. got him to risk his life, and H.R. thanks him for his help. When Cisco says that the other Harrison often made him feel better, H.R. asks him for some examples. Cisco talks about how the first Harrison said that one day he would have to be a hero as well, and he figures his investment in H.R. will pay off one day

Barry goes to the pipeline room and watches Wally practicing his running. He then tells Wally that he's going to have to get faster so that he can save Iris from Savitar.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

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