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The Path of the Righteous Recap

Wilson, Wesley, and Leland arrive at the hospital with Vanessa and Wilson demands a doctor. Wesley confirms that she drank something that may have been poisoned, and reminds Leland that despite the condition of the place, it was the closest ER to the fundraiser. The assistant assures Wilson that Dr. Rosenberg is on his way. Dr. Murray checks Vanessa and then asks where the others were, and Nurse Schwab tells Wilson that he has to stay in the waiting room while they deal with Vanessa.

The next morning, Karen comes to Matt's apartment and pounds on the door until he lets her in. He claims that he was in a car accident and opens a bottle of beer. Karen notices the wreckage from the fight with Stick and asks what happened, and Matt tells her not to worry about it. She figures that it has to do with Wilson and he says that he knows she lied to him about having the Union Allied pension file. Matt refuse to give her any details and Karen says that she found a misfiled piece of paper identifying Marlene as Wilson's mother and confirming that she's dead two years after she supposedly died. She explains that she took Ben to the care facility where Marlene is staying, and believes that Wilson killed his father when he was 12. Matt warns that it won't be enough to bring Wilson down, but Karen points out that it's more than Matt and Foggy have come up with. Matt tells her to go to the office and tell Foggy what she's learned, and warns Karen to be careful.

A hungover Foggy is in Marci's bed, naked, when Karen calls. Marci is getting ready for work. He says that he may not go to work with Matt ever again, and she says that she doesn't want to get sucked into the drama.

Wilson waits in the ER while Wesley and Leland discusses the situation. Leland worries that Wilson is in no condition to run things, and figures that whoever poisoned the drinks was after Wilson. Wesley wonders if Gao was planning an attack, but Leland figures that it was the Japanese seeking revenge on Wilson for setting Nobu up. The assistant tells Leland to keep an eye on their Japanese allies' accounts and let him know if there are any sudden shifts. One of the bodyguards, Francis, comes over and tells Wesley that three of the others at the charity ball have died. Wesley insists that Vanessa will recover--because she has to--and tells Leland to reach out to Gao and get her support.

Matt calls Claire in to stitch him up. He explains that he cut Wilson at the docks and the man had some kind of lightweight armor. Matt offers Claire a drink and she turns him down, and then says that she's going to leave the city for a while. He wonders how long and Claire asks if she's going to miss him. Claire admits that she didn't think that she'd him again alive. She figures that Matt will always be fighting someone to protect the city, and says that she'll always be there for him... but just to patch him up. Before she goes, Claire reminds Matt that the martyrs always died bloody and alone.

Karen meets Ben on the docks and apologizes for taking him to Marlene's care facility. He insists that Doris is the one who needs him, and she admits that she didn't tell him because she was afraid that he would say no. Karen insists that they have what they need to expose Wilson, but Ben warns that Wilson will spin it to make it seem that he was protecting his mother from an abusive husband. The reporter points out that maybe they don't have to do anything, because his contacts have confirmed that someone poisoned the drinks at the benefit. Ben figures that the people Wilson is allied with aren't as happy to be out of the shadows.

At the waiting room, Wilson tells Wesley that he blames himself for failing to protect Vanessa when she was at his side. He remembers what Gao told him about Fate choosing a path for him, and says that he wants to find the people who poisoned Vanessa and kill them. Wilson tells Wesley to make the arrangements himself to have Vanessa sent somewhere far away from him. Rosenberg comes in and tells Wilson that Vanessa will pull through, and Wesley starts making the arrangements.

Matt goes to church and Lathom asks if he killed the man Matt mentioned the last time. When Matt says that he didn't, the priest wonders if he's disappointed that he didn't succeed... or relieved. Lathom admits that he's worked out that Matt is Daredevil, and Matt wonders why God put the devil in him. The priest says that he figures God created the Devil to drive people to the path of righteousness.

Later, Matt goes home and meditates: to help with his healing, and to find peace of mind. He remembers first Nobu and then Wilson beating him, and then goes to get his Daredevil costume.

Daredevil soon chases down Turk and demands the name of the man who made Fisk's body armor. When the vigilante threatens to throw him off the roof, Turk says that he'll find a name for him.

At the hospital, Wilson gets a call from his mother but ignores it. He kisses the comatose Vanessa and then goes out to the hallway. Wilson asks Wesley to see what Marlene wants. Leland storms in and asks how Vanessa is doing, and then asks for a moment with Wilson. Wilson ignores him and goes back into Vanessa's room, and Leland tells Wesley that he thinks that they can trust Gao to stand by them. The financier insists that Wilson needs to get back to business, and warns that whoever tried to poison Wilson will keep coming. Wesley tells him to go home and get some rest, and then calls Marlene. She tells him that someone came to visit her.

Daredevil breaks into Melvin's tailor shop and finds samples of the armor cloth. Melvin comes in and quickly realizes that Daredevil is there, says that he shouldn't be there, and attacks him.

Wesley tells Marlene that he'll see with it, and then asks Francis for his gun. If Francis asks if he wants to take anyone with him, Wesley insists that they stay to guard Wilson and Vanessa.

After a vicious fight, Daredevil manages to subdue Melvin with a sleeper hold. Crying, the tailor says that Wilson is going to be mad and hurt Betsy. Daredevil says that he knows what it means to protect someone that they love, and asks Melvin to make a suit out of the same armored material. In return he promises to make sure Wilson never hurts Betsy.

Karen finds Foggy drinking at Josie's. He says that he listened to her messages but doesn't think exposing Wilson's murder of his father will do any good. Karen says that she talked to Matt and he said the same thing, but Foggy refuses to talk about it, saying that it's personal. She tells Foggy that they started tearing down Elena's tenement building, and tells him and Matt to resolve their issues before there's nothing left in Hell's Kitchen to fight for. As Karen goes outside, she leaves a message for Matt that she saw Foggy at Josie's.

Ben is working late in his office when Karen calls. He's working on the story and tells Karen that she just has to keep trudging along. Karen thanks him for his support even if he doesn't write the story. Once she hangs up, Ben brings up a photo of the tenement where Wilson lived as a child and notices a poster for Bill Fisk.

Karen returns home and a man grabs her from behind.

At the hospital, Wilson tells his comatose love that he doesn't know how to pray and never learned. However, he promises to make the people who poisoned her pay for what they did.

Karen wakes up and discovers that Wesley has taken her to an empty restaurant. He figures that they were destined to end up where they are, together, and admits that he doesn't love the city. Wesley draws his gun and sets it on the table and then explains that he's there because Wilson loves the city, and he needs Wesley. He admits that he's surprised that Marlene remembered Karen, and figures that Ben was there as well. Karen tells him to kill her if he's going to do it, and Wesley offers her a job.

Wilson leaves Vanessa's room and notices that Wesley isn't there.

Karen wonders what Wesley wants her to do, and he explains that he wants her to convince Ben to drop the story. She refuses, saying that she'd rather die first, and Wesley promises that she won't: Ben will die, then Matt and Foggy, then the rest of her friends and family. His phone rings and Wesley glances at it, and Karen grabs the gun.

Wilson waits for Wesley to answer but gets no response.

Wesley tells Karen that he wouldn't have put a loaded gun where she could reach it. Karen asks if he thinks that it's the first time that she's shot someone. Wesley starts to get up, and Karen shoots him in the chest over and over. The phone continues ringing and Karen wipes off the table and then runs out.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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