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The Legion of Doom Recap

Star City – 8 Months Ago

Malcolm is watching a news report about Arrow killing Damien. He turns off the TV and pours himself a drink, and Eobard speeds in with Damien. Eobard says that Malcolm has fallen on hard times, and explains that he's from the future. He asks if Malcolm wants to undo his own present and says that they can use something much better than time travel.

Present Day

Malcolm and Damien rejoin Eobard and tell him that Rip isn't fully in possession of his memories. He can't tell them where the Spear is, and Eobard complains that they lost the Medallion. When Malcolm points out that Eobard keeps ducking out on them, Eobard speeds over and grabs Malcolm by the throat, and advises him to keep it to himself. Malcolm asks if he's supposed to be afraid of Eobard, and points out that if Eobard kills him then he won't get what he wants. He says that they can get the information from Rip via hypnosis, and Eobard tells him to be quick about it. Damien wonders what happens if the Legends find the Spear before they do, and Eobard says that the workings of the Medallion are lost to history and they'll have trouble unlocking its secrets.

On Waverider, Mick complains that his teammates are idiots. He suggests that they trade the Medallion for Rip, and Amaya points out that their priority has to be identifying Eobard. Sara agrees that they should unlock the Medallion, and Martin says that he has a colleague in Central City that can help. While they set course for Central City, Sara tells the team to try and identify Eobard.

Malcolm returns and says that Rip's memories are gone so hypnosis is useless. Damien is happy to continue with torture, and an exasperated Eobard speeds off. Back in Rip's chamber, Damien sharpens his knife and admits that he doesn't like the situation. He's unhappy that Eobard is treating him like a henchman when they all end up dead. Damien ungags Rip and tells him that he needs Rip's cooperation to end Eobard's threats. Rip insists that he doesn't know anything, but Damien says that he can't take his word and asks which eye he should take first.

Later, Damien shows Eobard and Malcolm Rip's tooth that he pulled out. There's a barcode on it, and Damien says that it's an account information for a security deposit box in Switzerland. He figures that the box holds the rest of the Spear, and it was last accessed in January 2025. Eobard's wrist bracelet goes off, and he tells Damien and Malcolm to go to 2025 and secure the Spear, and then speeds off.

In 2017, Martin and Jax go to Jitters and Martin suggests that Jax go back to Waverider. Lily comes in and Martin introduces her to Jax. They sit down and they suggest that Lily help them with their project. Martin shows her the Medallion, and she uses a device to confirm that it's giving off ionic radiation. She feeds it a radiation pulse and it generates map coordinates. Martin and Jax take Lily to Waverider and Martin claims that he kept his private life private. Sara says that she knows all about it.

Damien goes to the armory and tells Malcolm that they can storm into the bank and take the box. Malcolm objects, saying that they can use Rip to get the box. Damien agrees, but warns that if the plan fails then Malcolm with Damien. Amused, Malcolm tells Damien that he doesn't find him threatening... and holds a knife behind his back.

On Waverider, Sara tells the team that Lily is a time aberration. Now Martin showing her Waverider could cause more aberrations. Martin figures that Gideon would have detected any temporal issues, and Jax says that Lily is going to hook up the Medallion to Gideon. Martin asks them not to reveal to Lily that she's an aberration. Meanwhile, the team confirms that every speedster associated with Flash is believed dead. Sara says that they'll keep working on it while Martin and Lilian work with the Medallion.

Malcolm has Rip put on a suit and wonders out loud if Eobard will kill them. He then tells Rip that they're both dealing with unstable individuals, and tells Rip to do as ordered.

Malcolm and Damien take the time sphere to Zurich 2025 and have him put an earbud in so that they can monitor him. They then tell him to access the box and bring the contents to them. Rip goes in and asks the receptionist for the box. Damien and Malcolm wait and Malcolm figures that Eobard is hiding something. Damien figures that Malcolm is trying to turn him against Eobard, but Malcolm warns that their survival depends on it.

In the study, Nate, Sara, and Amaya go over the historical files and try to work out who Eobard is. They wonder what Eobard is trying to change, and Sara figures that he's trying to fix something.

The receptionist takes Malcolm to the vault and tells him to submit to a retinal scan. Malcolm tells Rip what it is, and Rip does so. Voice ID is next, and rip has no idea what the access code is. Malcolm tells Rip to leave, but Damien tells him to stay and points out that Malcolm's plan failed. As the receptionist starts to call security, Malcolm kills him and Damien prepares to kill Rip. The alarms go off as Malcolm says that Rip is more useful, and tells Damien to deal with the guards. The guards come in and the two assassins take them out. they then grab Rip and walk out.

Ray works with Lily so that Gideon can access the Medallion's data. Lily admits that they could override Gideon, and Ray activates the medallion. Gideon's projection disappears briefly and the AI says that she's producing the output. Ray and Lily high-five each other and Ray gets a bottle of champagne. Mick comes in to get a beer, and Ray and Lily share a toast. When Ray explains about the synthetic food, Mick says that she's a fake person. Lily wonders why everyone has been looking at her strangely, and Mick tells Lily that she's a time aberration. Once he leaves, Lily asks Ray to explain and he says that she should talk to Martin.

Back in their lair, Damien and Malcolm tie up Rip. Damien and Malcolm argue about who is to blame, and Malcolm says that they should settle disputes the same way that they do in the League: by combat.

Lily confronts Martin and demands to know what a time aberration is. Once he explains the basics, Lily realizes that she is one and Martin admits that when they first met, he didn't know that she existed. Martin explains what happened and finds the whole thing fascinating, but Lily tells him that it's a nightmare. She figures that Martin didn't originally want kids, but now he has her.

Malcolm and Damien fight with swords, and they manage to disarm each other and draw knives. Rip finally tells them to stop, and says that Eobard wants his underlings to fight among themselves. Malcolm agrees and even Damien is forced to admit that Rip has a point. Damien is intrigued by the idea of two former members of the League going up against a speedster.

Jax finds Martin sitting alone in his quarters after sensing that Martin is drinking. Martin finally admits that he made a terrible mistake by bring Lily aboard Waverider, and Jax tells him to tell her that he loves her. The professor says that he didn't have children the first time because he was afraid he'd be the same type of father as his father. Jax tells him that changing history is what they do.

Sara and the others still work on what Eobard's theory is. Nate finally realizes that Eobard is a temporal aberration, just as Martin comes in and interrupts to ask if they've seen Lily. Undeterred, Nate suggests that Eobard somehow erased himself from history, which is why they can't find any records of him. Martin realizes that they're talking about Eobard and explains that Eddie Thawne committed suicide to eliminate Eobard's timeline. However, Eobard was predicted by the Speed Force.

In 2025, Malcolm and Damien break into the bank after hours and kill the guards. Malcolm then enters the bank manager's security override so they can enter the vault.

Rip manages to break his bonds and starts to escape. Eobard arrives and ties him back down, and Rip says that martin and Damien left him there. He quickly says that they went to the bank, and begs Eobard to let him go. Eobard speeds off without a response.

Malcolm and Damien get the box and find an electronic disc. Eobard speeds in, grabs it, and explains that it's a mnemonic archive... and contains rip's memories.

Nate figures that Eobard is running from Time. He has to keep moving to avoid his own non-existence. Martin figures that the only way to prove it is to trap Eobard in one place and see what happens.

Malcolm locks the vault door and says that they're renegotiating their partnership. Eobard tells them that if they don't open the door then he'll kill them. Malcolm points out that he's the only one who knows the code to open the door. Damien sides with Malcolm, curious to see how it plays out, and they ask why Eobard needed their help to enter the vault. Eobard's bracelet goes off and he insists that they don't have time for discussion. The speedster finally admits that he needs them as much as they need him, and if they don't open the door then "it" will kill him. Eobard tells them that something pursued him after he escaped captivity. He warns that whatever is hunting him is far worse than a time wraith. It can sense the Speed Force and it's trying to kill him.

Something roars outside the vault, and Eobard says that they're all equally dead. Malcolm and Damien say that they'll get Eobard out as long as he stops treating them as lackeys. H agrees, sure that they can't succeed, and Malcolm tells Eobard to stop running.

A few minutes later, Eobard walks out of the bank acting as bait. The creature, a decaying Flash-like figure, speeds up and Malcolm tells Eobard that as long as he stands still, he's safe. The creature speeds around Eobard but can't sense him even when it's inches away from him. Malcolm and Damien attack it, and Eobard shoves it into the vault and locks the creature in. The speedster says that they have to go, and admits that they're now partners.

On Waverider, Gideon tells Lily that Martin has ordered it to prevent Lily from leaving the ship. Martin comes in and says that she's truly his daughter. He assures Lily that she's not a mistake, and apologizes for not telling her the truth. Martin admits that he didn't want children, but in his travels he's learned that time gives them what they need... and he needed Lily in his life. Lily says that she doesn't want any more secrets between them, and Martin explains that he's Firestorm. His daughter assumes that he's joking, and says that she should be getting home. They say their goodbyes and Lily kisses Martin on the cheek.

Back at their lair, Eobard explains that he's adjusting some of Rip's memories before uploading it into his archive.

New Jersey, 1776: Christmas Day

Rip enters the tent of George Washington and fires a gun at him.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

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