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We Can Be Heroes Recap

Supergirl and Mon-El train in the DEO room and Supergirl destroys the drone. Another one comes out and Mon-El destroys it. Supergirl ends the simulation and says that Mon-El is ready, but points out that he destroyed one cutout representing an innocent citizen. She reviews that they're supposed to protect innocents over everything, and tells Mon-El that it's time for him to go out.

Maggie and her partner find several crooks that guardian captured and take them in. Guardian goes back to the van and finds Winn dozing. Winn notices a bullet hole in the Guardian suit and immediately says that they should tell Kara. He explains that he has to make Mon-El a suit as well, much to James' surprise. James warns that Supergirl won't like it that James is fighting crime, but reluctantly agrees to talk to her. Until then, he plans to hit the streets again.

In her cell, Megan hears telepathic voices and clutches at her head in pain. The alarms go off and Hank heads to the cell. Meanwhile, Megan gets telepathic impressions of White Martians. Hank runs in and Megan shatters the cell window before collapsing. They take her to the medbay and Alex is unable to discover anything wrong with her. She has confirmed that there was no one in the cell, visible or invisible, and Hank is sure that Megan isn't faking. When Alex tells him not to worry, Hank says that he doesn't worry about war criminals.

A prison psychiatrist, Dr. Hampton, meets with Leslie. Leslie insists that her name is Livewire, and Hampton tries to talk about Supergirl. Livewire says that once she gets out of prison and frees herself from the dampener cuffs, she plans to burn Supergirl from the inside out... after she kills Hampton. Hampton points out that Livewire's feet are immersed in water, and Livewire says that there'd be no point in killing Hampton.

In the hallway, a guard knocks out another one and enters a cell. The female prisoner, Lisa Gold, says that it's about time.

Livewire says that her power makes her a god. When Hampton pints out that she doesn't look like a god in prison, Livewire says that she won't be in there for long. Lisa and the guard come in and Lisa tasers Hampton unconscious.

The next day, Maggie checks the prison crime scene and Alex helps her. Kara gets in past the guards and worries that Livewire has killed her rescuers already. Alex tells her foster sister to get a grip, but Kara insists that they have to find Livewire before she hurts someone else.

At the DEO, Winn briefs the agents about Livewire. Mon-El is ready to take her on, but Supergirl comes in and insists that it's serious. She complains that Livewire should have been confined at the DEO, and accidentally breaks a piece of equipment with her super-strength. Hank then goes to the medbay and Alex says that Megan's brain is dying. Hank angrily insists that he isn't attacking Megan, and Alex suggests that he mind-meld with Megan and determine what is happening to her. He refuses to give Megan his family's memories and says that Megan deserves to die for what her people did to his.

That night at the police parking garage, the lights flicker and then burn out. Livewire comes in and takes out the officers.

James summons Kara to his office and Kara sys that she's losing her mind because Livewire is on the loose. He tries to talk about his guise as Guardian, and Kara gets the wrong idea. She figures that Mon-el can help her, and James wonders if bringing him out to fight crime is a good idea. James says that there's more to being a superhero than having powers, and warns that Mon-El thinks about himself first. Kara wonders if James has something against Mon-El, and James says that he's a nice guy but no hero. Before James can explain, video footage of Livewire attacking the officers come up and Kara excuses herself. Meanwhile, James calls Winn and tells him to meet him.

Livewire continues attacking the officers. Supergirl and Mon-el arrive and Supergirl advises Livewire to surrender before she gets defeated. A man appears in a burst of electricity and Supergirl goes after Leslie while Mon-El protects the officers. The electrical man and Livewire double-team Supergirl, and Mon-El tells her to let him help her. Supergirl tells him to stay with the officers, and the two villains throw Supergirl across the garage. Ignoring orders, Mon-El goes to Supergirl's aid. Meanwhile, Guardian rides in on his bike and gets the officers out. He then shields Mon-El, but an electrical blast knocks them both back. Supergirl uses her heat vision on the water pipes, and the villains teleport away before the water can hurt them. They check on the injured Guardian and remove his helmet... and Supergirl realizes that it's James.

Later at the DEO, Alex examines James while Mon-El and Winn look on. Supergirl comes in and realizes that Winn and Alex both knew that James was Guardian. She has everyone but James clear the room, and then tells James that she demands to know why. James says that he feels the need to make things better that she does, and being Guardian is enough. He insists that he was never meant to be in anyone's shadow, but Supergirl says that he's a human and will get himself killed. James points out that Mon-El left civilians unprotected, but Supergirl says that Mon-El can change and James will never be strong enough. Angry, James says that she doesn't get to decide who is a hero. Supergirl promises to stop James if he doesn't stop himself, and James invites her to try before leaving.

Alex finds Hank looking at the unconscious Megan. She points out that when they needed Megan, she opened up a vein for Hank and revealed that she was a White Martian. Hank says that he doesn't want to forgive Megan because hate became his reason for living after the White Martians wiped out his race. Alex tells him that forgiveness is something a person gives to themselves.

Kara approaches Mon-El and says that he was reckless. She needs a partner that listens to her, and wonders why Mon-El can't listen to her. Kara wonders why he's working with her, and asks if he's working with her because he likes her. Mon-El says that he doesn't know why, and Kara goes off to find Livewire and tells Mon-El to stay behind.

Lisa's scientist Xxx is working on Livewire, who is strapped to a chair. She screams for someone to help her.

The next day, Mon-El arrives at the DEO and Hank plays a security tape from the prison. It shows that Lisa abducted Livewire, and Supergirl admits that she's wrong. Winn can't delineate her power from other wavelengths, and Hank puts them on standby. As he goes, Winn calls James and says that he knows where Livewire and suggests that they capture her and show Supergirl what they can do. Mon-El secretly listens in.

Hank and Supergirl go to the medbay and Hank says that he's going to bond with Megan and try to bring her back. He asks them to stay with him no matter what he experiences, and begins the bond. Hank sees the Martian landscape in ruins, Megan is kneeling next to him, staring about her in horror, and tells Hank to run before they find and kill him. Hank tells her that she's reliving a memory, but Megan says that she set the fire and the guards will kill her. They wanted her to kill a little boy, but Megan spared his life. The boy appears in the memory and runs, and Megan explains that she went back and killed her people. Hank tells her that she survived and came to Earth, and saved him as well. Megan says that she wanted to be Hank's friend and make him feel less alone, and apologizes. Hank assures her that she is his friend and forgives her and says that it's time to go. Hank and Megan both regain consciousness.

Xxx continues to drain the power from Livewire. He tells her to keep fighting and expel energy, and Livewire suggests that they team up so he can have the real deal. Xxx says that every military on Earth will want his super-soldiers, and Livewire threatens to sue him and then murder him. An intruder alert goes off and Guardian flies in, taking out the two super-soldiers. He frees Livewire and says that Supergirl is busy. The super-soldiers recover but Mon-El flies in and takes them out. He tells Guardian that he's there to do the same thing as them. Xxx says that most scientists experiment on themselves first and blasts them unconscious.

Winn calls Supergirl at the DEO and tells her that they have problems.

Livewire complains that the captive Guardian and Mon-El are just pretending to be superheroes. The cuffs are electrified, and Xxx explains that he needs upgraded models for his new prototypes. He warns that Livewire might definitely die and starts draining her power. Supergirl flies in and throws Xxx across the room. She then frees Mon-el and Guardian, and frees Livewire while the two men take on the super-soldiers. The backblast knocks out Livewire, who regains her powers. She tells Supergirl that she was stupid to free her and prepares to kill her, but Supergirl tells her that Livewire is what she is because of Supergirl... and Xxx tried to take her powers from her. Supergirl says that she'll punish Xxx for her, and Livewire attacks the sup-soldier and helps Supergirl up.

The two women join the fight, and Livewire snares Xxx when he tries tor n. The three heroes take out the super-soldiers, and then Supergirl runs over and says that Xxx will go to jail. Livewire says that she'll release Xxx if Supergirl lets her go. Supergirl says that if Livewire spares her then she'll wait to chase Livewire until Xxx is in jail. After a moment, Livewire releases Xxx and teleports away. When the men want to go after Livewire, Supergirl says that she'll recapture her... someday.

The next day, Hank dresses Winn down. However, he admits that Winn and James make a good team.

Supergirl tells Maggie and Alex what happened, and figures that there is still some good in Livewire. She hopes that Livewire might come looking for help, and goes over to talk to James and Winn. Supergirl points out that they could be a team again, and they say that they don't want to be the guys in the office anymore. They'd love to work with Supergirl but will do it without her if she has to. Supergirl says that it's not the way to help, but will neither support nor help them. James and Winn walk off.

Hank visits Megan in the medbay and she thanks him for what he did. He says that Megan is free, figuring that she's paid her debt, and they both have a right to move on. Megan tells Hank that she knows what happened to her: the White Martians launched a psychic attack on her, and they're coming.

That night, Kara returns home and finds Mon-El waiting for her. He admits that he remembers kissing her when he was sick, and that she was the most stunning person he's ever seen. Mon-El says that he saved her at the station because he cares about her, and realizes that Supergirl doesn't care about him the same way. They agree to put it behind them and work as partners, and Kara thanks Mon-El for being honest.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 1, 2017

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