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Fish Scaler Recap

In a dark room, a terrorist is tied to a chair with a bag over his head. Mac tells him that things don't look good for him and explains that he has a new boss, and she doesn't like terrorists. Wilt frees himself and grabs Mac, who easily pins him. Mac says that Matty won't care about Wilt's field skills, but Wilt wants to be ready for anything. He tells Mac that they're going again.

Later, Jack meets with Matty in her new office and she just stares at him without speaking. Jack asks if they're col, and she points out that they just stared each other down or three minutes late. They both refuse to apologize, and Matty says that they're going to work things out like rational adults. Mac, riley, and Wilt wait out in the hallway and Mac tells his friends to relax. He reminds them that Jack and Matty have some kind of history, but Mac has no idea what it is. Riley figures that it was Jack's fault, and points out that Mac's performance review has been postponed twice after mysterious technical "accidents". Wilt figures that Mac is just as nervous, just as they get texts from Matty telling her to get into her office.

The trio goes in and Jack says that everything is fine. Matty has Riley report on a program she coded, FR-1507, and Riley reports that it's a facial recognition program she set up looking for Most Wanted faces on YouTube., Matty says that they found a real criminal and brings up a video of a woman in a supermarket breaking a bottle over a shoplifter's head. The man in the background is a 17-point match for a fugitive named Douglas Fisher, a top lieutenant in the Philly mob. Douglas gunned down a special agent, Eva Santos, and escaped, and Matty doesn't trust the FBI when it comes to Douglas. He's escaped every time that they've got something on him, and she suspects he has someone on the inside. Until they know the truth, they can't trust anyone at the FBI. Matty tells Jack and Mac to track down while Riley runs surveillance from Phoenix. She wants wilt there so she can do evaluations for him and Riley, and tells them to show her what they've got.

Jack and Mac travel to the supermarket in Atlanta They talk to the attendant, Ilene Preskin, who assumes that they're "Hollywood types" trying to represent her. The agents play along but claim that they're looking for Douglas. Ilene knows him as Charlie and says that he comes in once a day, gets a box of Gooey Pies, and they chat. She claims that Douglas has been flirting with her, and points out all the sketches of him that she's made and she's taped up on the counter glass. Mac thanks her and Jack agrees . They go out and Mac checks a map. He explains that one of the sketches is a view out of a window, and they can identify his location from the buildings in the view.

Wilt is working on masks in the lab and finally realizes that Matty was standing behind him for the last 18 and a half minutes. She reminds him that his evaluation is the next day and glares at him, and Wilt nervously thanks her for coming by. Matty says that she came to work him work, and Wilt nervously goes back to his project.

Mac tracks down an apartment from the view, and he and Jack break in. There's art supplies on the table but no sign of Douglas. The coffee pot is still warm, and Mac figures that he was there recently. The doorknob rattles and Jack aims his gun. FBI agents break in, guns drawn, and orders Jack and Mac to put their hands in the air. They quickly do so.

The agents demand to know who they are, and jack claims that they're door-to-door Bible salesman. They say that they were caught in the apartment of a wanted felon, but refuse to say why they're being held and toss them in the back of their cars. Mac points out that the agents have Philly accents, and suspect that they might be on Douglas' payroll. When Jack wonders if Mac has a plan, Mac kicks the drive shaft into neutral and they roll backward. He gets his handcuffed hands in front of him and gets into the driver's seat, and locks the doors so that the pursuing agents can't get in. Mac then hotwires the car as they go backward down the street. Once Mc swerves the car to miss an oncoming car, he starts the car up and swings it around just in time, and they drive off.

Later, Mac and Jack call in. Matty already knows what happened from the FBI agents' field report. She says that the two agents, Brooks and Cho, are their top suspects. Riley reports that the FBI are watching all match transit, and they found Douglas' car parked in front of a train station. Mac figures that Douglas wouldn't have made a rookie mistake like that, and figures that he might know where Douglas is. He has Riley check Atlanta bus schedules for a number that he found in Douglas' apartment, and Riley gets a match. Jack quickly hangs up, just as Andie tells Matty that she has a call from FBI regional director Martin Dryer. He asks if she has fields in Atlanta, and points out that no other government agencies are claiming that Mac or Jack work with them. Dryer asks if she saw the video with Douglas, and figures that he has an agent on the FBI payroll. He explains that Brooks and Cho are operating without authorization, but Matty refuses to confirm or deny that Jack and Mac works for her. Martin says that he can't trust anyone, and Matty says that she'll do what she can and wishes him luck.

Jack and Mac go to the bus station and Mac asks how long Jack is going to avoid telling him what happened between him and Matty. He figures that Jack will tell him eventually, but Jack refuses to say. They spot Douglas and go after him, and he runs. Mac grabs two bottles of chemicals from a cart and ties them together with string to make a bolo. He brings Douglas down with them, and Jack tells Douglas to relax. He begs them not to turn him over to the FBI, and explains that an agent has been forcing him to do his dirty work for him... and will kill Douglas if he finds him.

The agents take Douglas to his car, and Douglas admits that he doesn't know the dirty agent's name. The agent only talked to him on the phone, and promised to kill Douglas if he didn't cooperate. As for Eva, Douglas says that he was trying to confess to Eva because he thought he could trust her. The night they were supposed to meet so she could take Douglas into protective custody, someone killed her. Douglas claims that the dirty agent killed Eva and is coming after him. Riley has been listening in and tells Mac that she tracked Brooks and Cho's phones... and they just pulled up at the depot. As they go inside, Jack and Mac drive away with Douglas. Riley realizes that Matty has been watching her, and Matty says that it's time for Riley's evaluation even though she's in the middle of surveillance. She then reviews Riley's history of how she was in prison until Jack got her out. Matty isn't impressed, and points out that Riley hacked the NSA twice. She knows that Riley hacked the Pentagon earlier, despite Riley's denials, and didn't steal any files. Matty asked why, and Riley admits that she's made some bad decisions. However, she figures her new job is a second chance and begs Matty not to take it away from her. Matty believes her but asks why again. When Riley doesn't respond, Matty figures that she did it to see if she could. She wants to aim Riley at the right target, so she'll keep riley on the team on a provisional basis. Riley accepts and Matty tells her to help figure out if Douglas is lying to them.

Mac and Jack take Douglas to a motel room, and Mac rigs a makeshift alarm to the railing. When Jack returns with food from the vending machines, the alarm goes off. Mac lets him in and says that Riley is still combing through old FBI case files. Jack has checked the perimeter and there's no sign of the agents. He figures that Douglas went to the grocery store to see Ilene, and Douglas kept visiting her because she was the first one to show him any kindness. He kept asking for Gooey Pies because he couldn't figure out anything to say to her. Mac assures Douglas that he's safe with them, and Douglas says that he'd rather testify and go to prison but stay on the run. Jack and Mac say that they can relate, and Jack says that the woman he had a few minutes was with Sara.

Matty calls and says that the FBI's key evidence of Eva's murder is a security video. Riley has run analysis on the video, and there are signs that it was tampered with. Riley says that she's cleaned it up and runs the true video... and it shows a second man on the scene shooting Eva. The alarm goes off and Riley says that they've intercepted an anonymous FBI bulletin to the police saying that the three of them are armed and dangerous. Mac spots a SWAT team moving in and uses Mac's hotel room key to make a bump key to get into the adjoining room and the Bible for additional weight. Once he gets the connecting door open, they sneak out and emerge behind the FBI agents. There's a little girl on the bed, and Jack motions her to be quiet.

Once the SWAT agents burst into their hotel room, the agents sneak out with Douglas. They drive down the highway in a stolen car, and Mac assures Matty that it's not a Federal car. Wilt enters Matty's office, and Matty tells the field team that Riley matched the anonymous call to Brooks' pone. They took Brooks into custody ten minutes ago, but they're still checking to see if Cho or any other agents were involved. She'll send them a rendezvous spot once she finds an agent she can trust. Wilt quickly leaves, claiming he was looking for the lab.

The next day, Wilt goes to Matty's office and she asks him why he's there when his evaluation isn't until the afternoon. Wilt says that he had to come talk to her. He went through Brooks' file and says that Matty got it wrong. Brooks is still on street detail, which means he'd be higher up the ladder if he was running Douglas. Wilt insists that Brooks is no boss.

Mac and the others arrive at the rendezvous spot. Matty calls and confirms that they're meeting with Dryer, not the person she arranged. Jack takes Douglas over and Douglas recognizes Dryer's voice. Mac yells a warning but Dryer draws a gun and takes Douglas as a shield.

Matty tells her people to get every Phoenix agent near Atlanta heading for Mac's location, and another agent to get all of the police there. The FBI deputy director calls and Matty tells him that they found Douglas and a FBI agent is going to murder him.

Mac tries to talk Dryer down, but he points out that he has the gun. Jack points out that Dryer can't shoot them all, but Dryer figures that he only has to kill Douglas and starts backing away. Mac and Jack follow him and Mac tells Dryer that Matty has proof. Meanwhile, Mac spots the emergency lighting shorts it out. As the overhead lights explode, Jack disarms the distracted Dryer.

As the police take Dryer away, Jack apologizes to Brooks and Cho. They say that they're even, and Brooks figures that he'll get a promotion out of Dryer's bust. Meanwhile, Douglas calls Ilene. Once he's done, he tells Mac that he told Ilene everything and they have a date next week. Mac points out that he's going to prison, and Douglas explains that Ilene is going to visit him in prison. He thanks Mac for setting him free.

Later, Jack and Mac return to Phoenix. Wilt comes out of his performance review, chuckling with Matty. She's impressed that Wilt questioned her, and figures that he can speak truth to powers despite his lack of tradecraft. Mac figures that Matty isn't as hard to get along with as Mac claims, and he and Riley ask Jack what happened between him and Matty. Jack says that it's personal, and they were friends before an undercover mission. As he starts to explain, Matty calls Mac in.

Matty tells Mac that she respects him, but she's not a big fan of improvising. She says that Jack is a hell of an agent and she knows how he thinks so she knows how to use him. Matty warns that Patricia ran a loose ship and that things will be different. She figures that Mac has been really lucky so far, and doesn't want to be watching when his luck runs out. Mac insists that it's not luck and Matty tells him to prove it. She tells him that if he proves her wrong the she'll back off, but otherwise the first time he messes up he'll be on a strict regimen. Mac asks if he's up for the challenge, and Mac says that he looks forward to it.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 4, 2017

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