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Trapped Recap

Laurie Tabor tells her partner Brett Hudson to help her pack. As she checks her gun, Matt Beaudine knocks at the door and they tell him to come in. He points out that Brett got lucky, and says that he saw him dealing seconds. Matt threatens to expose them to the townspeople unless they hand over all of the money they made. Laurie tells Brett not to do it, and Matt draws a gun on them. He figures Brett doesn't have the courage to put up a fight, and Brett tosses it on the bed. As Matt goes to get it, Laurie shoots him dead.

Soon, Laurie and Brett are wanted for murder. They get directions to head to Porter if they want to get supplies, and the rancher apologizes for not having any spare food to shoot him. Laurie shoots him and as Brett goes to get his supplies, the rancher manages to shoot Brett before Laurie kills the man.

A snowstorm blows in and Hoby, heading back to Porter, has to take shelter. His horse goes lame and Hoby takes his supplies and continues on foot. The norther rolls in and Hoby sees a cabin up ahead.

Brett is unconscious on the cabin bed and Laurie is going through their supplies when she hears Hoby walk up. She grabs her rifle and tells him to drop his guns, and he obliges. Hoby greets her by name and says that everyone in Texas knows her, and advises her to get out of the state. He goes over to the fireplace to warm up, and Laurie says that Brett got shot. She finds Hoby's handcuffs as Brett wakes up and calls to her. She puts the handcuffs back and Brett begs Laurie not leave him. Laurie assures him that she won't, and dismisses Hoby as a drifter. She promises that Hoby won't turn them into the law and tells Brett to get some sleep.

Laurie goes over to Hoby and he introduces himself. He says that he wasn't looking for them but just searching for cover. Laurie says that now she has to kill him, but asks him to take care of Brett. Hoby checks the man and then starts to head outside. Laurie fires a warning shot, and Hoby says that he's getting some snow to bring Brett's fever down. Once Hoby comes in and puts the poke bag of snow on Brett's head, he offers to check the wound and has Laurie get him some bandages from his pack.

Hoby checks the gunshot wound and warns that taking it out wouldn't do any good. Jackie points out that Hoby will take Brett away from him if she lets Hoby leave, and Hoby says that Brett is going to die unless they get him to a doctor. Hoby wonders what she'll get from all the killing, and Laurie says that all she ever wanted was Brett. She insists that she won't lose Brett, and Hoby points out that if she hadn't killed a gambler in Laredo then she wouldn't be in the bar. The Ranger goes to get some wood while it's still light. Once Hoby is outside, he turns the horses loose.

When Hoby comes back with wood, he says that he was looking after the horses. Laurie wishes that he had made a run for it, and warns him that he doesn't have a chance there. As he takes the wood to the fire, Hoby stumbles and throws the wood at her, but she stops him. As Laurie prepares to take Hoby outside to kill him, Brett tells her to keep him alive as a hostage. Laurie agrees and has Hoby put on the handcuffs and a pair of horse tethers on his feet.

Once Hoby is secure, Laurie offers him part of their $15,000 if he rides along with them. He figures that she'd double-cross him, but says that she can't buy him regardless. Hoby suggests that she's letting Brett die so she doesn't have to split the money, and Laurie comes at him. The ranger kicks her down, but Laurie recovers and knocks Hoby out.

When Hoby wakes up, he's handcuffed to Brett's bed. Laurie is asleep on the bed, and he tells the dying man that the storm has died down and they can leave the next day. Brett insists that he didn't want Laurie to kill anyone and doesn't care about the money, and doesn't even own a gun. Hoby warns that Brett has gangrene and he'll be dead in a day unless he sees a doctor. Brett figures that Hoby is bluffing, and Hoby tells him to call because he's got nothing to lose.

Brett calls to Laurie and says that they can leave now. He says that he needs to get to a doctor, and begs Laurie to listen to Hoby. Hoby advises her to kill Brett now and put him out of his misery. Laurie goes outside to confirm the storm is over, and then says that she'll bring the wagon around. Hoby tells her that he turned the horses loose, and prepares to shoot him. The Ranger says he can walk to Porter, get a doctor, and be back that afternoon. Laurie considers and says that she won't be back there when Hoby gets back, and makes him promise to take care of Brett.

Laurie takes the handcuffs off of Hoby and prepares to head out. She tells Hoby that Brett never shot anyone, and Hoby says that he knows and tells her goodbye. Once he's gone, Laurie tells Brett that everything is going to be all right and he'll meet her later on, and kisses hm.

That afternoon, Hoby returns with the doctor. As the doctor confirms that Brett is dead, Hoby sees Laurie dying nearby. She wakes up and is surprised that Hoby came back. Laurie admits that Hoby was right and Brett is all she ever had, and asks Hoby with her dying breath to make sure they're buried together. Hoby agrees as she dies.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 5, 2017

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