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Daredevil Recap

Matt and Karen attend Ben's funeral along with Doris and many of Ben's friends. Afterward, Karen talks to Doris privately and offers her condolences. Karen blames herself for Ben's death, but Doris assures her that if they had a child, Ben would have wanted one like Karen. She tells Karen that Ben never got pushed into anything he didn't want to do, and he died doing what he loved... and what he had to do. Meanwhile, Lantom approaches Matt and asks how he's doing. Matt blames himself for not stopping what's happening to the city, and the priest assures him that he's done everything that he can.

Once Karen and Matt go back to the office, Karen wonders if Ellison was in Wilson's pay as Ben suspected. She complains that Foggy didn't come, and figures that he had something better to do. Matt blames himself for what has happened with his friend, but Karen insists that everyone shares the blame in a relationship. She worries that Wilson will come after her when he finds out she was at Saint Benezet with Ben to see Marlene, and Matt promises that he will protect her and Wilson and his allies will get what's coming to them.

At Wilson's apartment, Vanessa leaves her bedroom and asks what Wilson is doing. He says that he's referring the fund transfer that Wesley arranged to get Vanessa out of the country, and tells Vanessa that she's going whether she wants to or not.

Later, Wilson meets with Leland. The financier assures him that Cherryh has cleared the last of the zoning hurdles. As for Gao, Leland has no idea where she's gone but warns that they'll need a replacement for the money the heroin brought in. Wilson asks him to look at some finances and points out some irregularities that Wesley found. Leland insists that there's nothing but Wilson realizes that he's lying and demands the truth. The financier insists that he didn't kill Wesley, and that he and Gao arranged to poison Vanessa because of how she's been distracting Wilson.

Leland says that he's leaving with half of Wilson's assets. He explains that he has Hoffman on ice and is paying him $10 million to testify against Wilson if Leland doesn't report in once every 24 hours. Leland figures that Wilson will kill Hoffman eventually, but by then the damage will have been done. As for his involvement, Leland will simply disappear with his son. Wilson comes at him anyway and keeps coming after Leland tasers him, screaming that Leland hurt Vanessa. The crime lord throws Leland down an elevator shaft and then tells Francis to find Hoffman and kill him.

Matt is working a bag at his father's old gym when Foggy finds him. He explains that he wasn't at the funeral because he was working with Marci to copy files from Landman and Zack. Matt says that he tried to pick up Ellison for questioning but the editor was with his wife and child. He then tells Foggy that he took the blame for the rift in their relationship Matt warns his friend that they can't risk anyone else and says that it has to stop and he has to stop it. Foggy says that they have to use the law to bring Wilson down, and they agree that there isn't a way back to where they were. Matt suggests that there might be a way to move forward.

Later, Foggy and Matt meet with Mahoney. He says that he met with Daredevil at Gao's warehouse and he's not so sure the vigilante is a killer. Matt and Foggy claim that they know about him because they were working with Ben, Mahoney says that Ben's apartment was clean and Marlene has disappeared, As they talk, Matt hears two cops on Wilson's payrolls getting orders to find Hoffman. Mahoney admits that he's considering an early retirement. Once he leaves, Matt tells Foggy what he heard and they figure that they have to get to Hoffman first.

At the office, Matt and Foggy go over the legal files with Karen. The two men joke back and forth and Karen says that it's the way it should be. They focus on Leland's properties to see where he might be holding Hoffman. Karen asks how they found out about Leland, and Foggy says that Daredevil told him. She's eager to hear more details, and figures that she was right that he's a good guy. Karen finds a property that was apparently sold but there's no record of it, and they figure the property in Hell's Kitchen is where Leland has Hoffman stashed. Matt claims that he's going to go tell Mahoney in person in case Wilson has the phone lines tapped, while Foggy and Karen keep working the records.

Foggy goes after Matt and confirms that he's going to the property as Daredevil. Matt says that Mahoney can't handle it himself, and no matter how Foggy feels, it's at the point where either Matt puts on the mask or Wilson wins.

Wilson is heading across the city with his escort when he gets word of Hoffman's location. He tells his people to send the closest team to kill the detective.

At the safe house, Hoffman's guards are just bringing in food when several cops come in shooting and kill all of Leland's men. They prepare to shoot Hoffman, and the detective closes his eyes. When he opens them, he finds Daredevil standing over the unconscious cops. Daredevil sits down and tells Hoffman that he can set things right by turning evidence on Wilson. Hoffman warns that Wilson owns the cops, but Daredevil tells him to go to Mahoney and there are two honest lawyers who will defend him. When Hoffman tries to leave, Daredevil punches him and if he does anything other than go to Mahoney then he'll wish he was dead.

Soon, Hoffman arrives at the station and turns himself in. Once Matt, Foggy, and Karen arrive, they record Hoffman's statement for the DA. Hoffman admits that he's taken money for Wilson and can name the cops, lawyers, judges, and at least one senator who did the same thing.

FBI agents are soon picking up Turk and all of Wilson's other men. Some of them pick up Ellison's assistant, Caldwell.

More FBI agents arrest Parish Landman in his parking garage. Marci watches from her car and smiles in triumphant.

As agents take Cherryh out of his office, the press question him about his guilt. The senator insists that he's innocent At Wilson's apartment, Vanessa watches the newscast as Wilson makes arrangements. He warns her that they're coming for him and there's nothing they can do, and instructs her in what to do. As the FBI pound at the door, Wilson gives Vanessa an engagement ring. As they kiss, the agents break in, read Wilson his rights, and take him out past the press.

At the office, Matt, Foggy, and Karen are watching the news and drinking to celebrate. Matt says that what they have in their office right that moment is what it's about, and they share a toast to Ben, and Elena, and everyone else that Wilson has hurt.

As FBI agents tale Wilson to be tried, he talks about how he thought he was the Good Samaritan, but his true nature betrayed him and he is the ill intent that set upon travelers. Outside, a van blocks the road and armed men open fire on the FBI.

The news reports about the attack and Matt tells Foggy to get Karen home. He claims that he's going back to his place to make some calls, and Foggy goes with him to get him a cab. Foggy realizes what his friend plans to do, and Matt asks Foggy to trust him and then gets into the cab.

Wilson's men finish off the FBI agents and police officers and move on the van. When one of the TAC agents threatens to kill Wilson, the other one shoots his partner dead and then frees Wilson. They escort Wilson to an escape vehicle, and he tells them to kill anyone who tries to follow him.

Daredevil goes to Melvin's tailor shop and the man gives him the new bulletproof costume that he's created. The vigilante assures Melvin that Betsy will be fine. Outside, Matt dons his new costume and listens across the city, trying to pinpoint Wilson's location.

Wilson's men transfer him to another truck and then give him a phone to talk to Vanessa, who is waiting at a helipad. Vanessa says that all that matters is that they're together, but she refuses to let them take her away from him. Wilson insists that she leaves if he doesn't get there in 20 minutes, and assures her that it won't be the end.

As the truck drives through Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil throws his baton through the windshield. The driver loses control and crashes, and Wilson staggers out. Daredevil, wearing his new red costume, drops onto the truck and repeats Wilson's words that not everyone deserves a happy ending.

The guards open fire while Wilson runs off. Daredevil takes them out, while Wilson runs into a dead-end alley and tries to find a way out. The vigilante drops in and Wilson insists that he wanted to make the city better, but it deserves to drown in filth. Daredevil holsters his batons and tells Wilson to take his shot. The two men fight and Wilson tackles his opponent, who comes back to his feet punching and kicking. Wilson grabs a pipe and swings, and Daredevil's new armor protects him long enough to draw his batons and fight back. The vigilante manages to disarm him, but Wilson slams him to the ground and then beats him with his own baton. Daredevil manages to grab his arm, knock him away, then recover his batons and beat Wilson down. Gasping, Wilson warns that one man in a costume can't change anything. Screaming, Daredevil punches him unconscious.

Mahoney pulls up and recognizes Daredevil, who asks if they're good. Mahoney calls in that he has Wilson.

Vanessa waits at the helipad but Wilson never comes. Francis finally tells her that they have to go, and she looks at the engagement ring and then boards the helicopter.

As Mahoney handcuffs Wilson, Daredevil thanks him. The sergeant wonders what he should call him in his report, but the vigilante scales a nearby fire escape and leaves.

The next day, Karen is reading a news article about the new "Daredevil" of Hell's Kitchen. She shows it to Matt and Foggy, who are putting their new sign on the front of their building. Foggy goes to help find Marci a new job, since most of the partners at her firm are under indictment. He admits that he doesn't know if he's getting back together with her, and Matt asks Foggy to thank her for her help. Foggy warns that they still have to get Wilson to trial, but Matt insists that the important thing is that Wilson is where he belongs.

Once Foggy leaves, Matt asks Karen if she's feeling better now that Wilson has been put away. He realizes that it isn't, and Karen says that what they've done won't bring back Ben or Elena, or help the other people who were hurt. Matt says that all they can do is keeping moving forward... together. He offers his hand and, after a moment, Karen takes it.

Wilson sits in his cell, alone and stares at the blank wall.

That night, Daredevil stands on a building rooftop, listening. When he hears a woman's screams, he jumps off into the night.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 28, 2015

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