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The Lost Generation Recap

Benjamin admits that Lucy is taking it better than he did when is father told him about Rittenhouse. He says that Lucy's grandfather Ethan Cahill is still alive, and is sure that Lucy will come around eventually. Lucy angrily says that Benjamin never tried to reach her, and Benjamin apologizes about. She says that she met Rittenhouse, but Benjamin insists that they've evolved since then. When Lucy vows that she'll Lucy storms out and Benjamin says that he'll be there when she returns.

Denise takes Wyatt to a black site, and he has already worked out where they are. The agent says that she put a call into a JAG defense lawyer, but Wyatt says that he doesn't want a defense because he deserves it. Denise wishes him luck and lives.

Back at home, Lucy asks Carol about Benjamin. She says that he was opinionated and stubborn, and she only met Benjamin's parents once. Carol tells her that the best thing about Benjamin is that she gave her Lucy.

Later, Lucy secretly meets with Denise and Rufus. Rufus is shocked to learn that her father is with Rittenhouse. Denise confirms that Benjamin's record is clean and he's a pediatric surgeon. Rufus asks how Lucy is doing and says that they'll figure it out. Denise warns that they don't have time because Flynn jumped to Paris on May 21, 1927. Lucy says that it's the date that Charles Lindbergh landed after his first transatlantic flight. Denise warns that Wyatt won't be going with them, and Lucy considers letting Flynn take Rittenhouse out. Rufus says that he's going to go and stop Flynn from hurting people. If they don't stop him then it's on them. After a moment, Lucy goes to go with him. Denise says that they'll be taking someone with them.

At Mason Industries, Denise introduces Lucy and Rufus to Master Sergeant David Baumgardner. Wyatt mentioned to them before, and he'll be taking Wyatt's place. As they enter the lifeboat, Lucy reminds David that she's in charge.

Flynn, Emma, and Karl arrive in 1927, and Karl sets up an anti-aircraft gun, Flynn checks Lucy's journal but refuses to explain to Emma. The Spirit of Saint Louis flies in, and Flynn tells Emma that Charles will be fine and he's just going to force the pilot to land early. He fires the missiles and the airplane goes down. Flynn, Karl, and Emma go over as Charls staggers out of the plane, and Flynn welcomes him to Paris.

The lifeboat lands and David admits that he isn't nauseous from the trip. They go to where Charles is supposed to touch down, and they come to some bicyclists heading to where Charles crashed. When the team gets there, they find the plane wreckage but no sign of Charles. David confirms that the plane landed after a rocket hit the tail rudder, He works out where Flynn fired the rocket , and a reporter overhears him and asks if he thinks Charles is still alive. The reporter introduces himself as Ernest Hemingway, and Lucy says that she's read all of his books, and quickly corrects herself to say only the one book that Ernest has written so far. David finds a cigarette and Ernest recognizes the smell, and says that there's only one place in Paris that sells it. If they agree to let him tag along, he'll show them where it is.

Once the team agrees, Ernest takes the trio to the Dingo Bar. He says that Josephine can find Flynnn, and Rufus realizes that the singer is Josephine Baker. David has no idea who she is, and Lucy explains that she's the biggest entertainer in France as well as a spy for the Allies. Once Josephine finishes her set, Ernest introduces them to her.

At Mason Industries, men in suits move in and says that they're in charge. Denise has no idea who they are, and Jiya gestures to where Mason is meeting with the head agent, Jake Neville. Mason leaves and Neville presents his credentials as a NSA agent. He explains that the NSA took over command of the project after Wyatt went on his "joyride". An agent escort comes in and Jake tells Denise that it wasn't her fault but she's getting the blame, and Homeland Security is reassigning her. As Denise goes, Jake asks for her badge and she hands it over.

At the Paris club, Josephine says that she's never seen Flynn or Karl. Rufus introduces himself and Josephine flirts with him briefly. She takes the photos and goes to ask around.

Flynn checks on the locked-up Charles and Emma says that his shoulder is dislocated. She tells Karl to get some absinthe for Charles' pain, and Emma says that she's going to the Dingo Bar to meet some famous people.

Josephine tells the trio that she hasn't come up with anything. Lucy is watching Picasso sitting with F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, and figures that they're confused and lost after having seen too much violence. Josephine figures that she's speaking from experience, and Lucy talks about how she thought facts were solid. The singer tells Lucy that they're battered and broke down, but getting ready to get back up.

Denise meets with Wyatt, who apologizes when he hears what happened. He warns that takeovers don't have to be hostile, and figures that the takeover is a coup.

Ernest is drinking when Rufus and Lucy come over. Josephine joins them and says that her friend saw Flynn alk into an old chateau. David points out Emmat at the bar. When they go after her, Flynn's men open fire. David has a period gun and Lucy tells him that he's supposed to ignore the rules about bringing 2017 items back. He manages to take down one terrorist but is shot and killed in the process.

Lucy and Rufus go up to Josephine's apartment, figuring that they can't stay with David's body. Lucy wonders how they'll find Charles now, and Rufus figures that Wyatt would pull it all together. Ernest comes out of the bathroom and asks if they need a soldier, and reminds them that he served in the Great War. Lucy points out that he was an ambulance driver and drunk, but Ernest refuses to take no for an answer.

The trio goes to the chateau and ernest tells them that he's going to be ill. Rufus finally takes him out, and Lucy continues searching.

Mason shows Benjamin how the time machine works, and is surprised to see Benjamin there. He asks why Benjamin is fixated on Lucy, and Benjamin admits that she's his daughter.

Rufus and Ernest return but Lucy has disappeared.

Karl drags Flynn to the catacombs beneath Paris and she explains that David is the dead man. She figures that Flynn knew who her real father was, and Flynn says that she needed to learn it for herself. He explains that Charles is part of Rittenhouse, and in a decade he becomes a hatemonger. Lucy says that she'll talk to Charles and convince him not to be a part of Rittenhouse. Flynn agrees to spare Charles if Lucy can find a better way, and locks her in the room with Charles.

Lucy claims that she's part of the Rittenhouse family, and Charles recognizes the Cahills as a pureblood family. She tends to his dislocated shoulder, and Charles explains that his father is a Congressman and told him what they really were. He admits that it's hard to take in, and Lucy understands. Charles tells her that Rittenhouse wants him to say terrible things about people as a distraction. When Lucy tells him that he doesn't have to do it, Charles wonders what else he's supposed to do. She explains that she was offered her dream job but her mother said that Lucy couldn't leave her. Amy told her to go for it and stand up to Carol, but Lucy turned down the job. Her sister was disappointed in her, and Lucy figures that she'd tell both of them that nobody gets to decide their futures except themselves.

Ernest and Rufus search the chateau but find nothing. Rufus complains about everything that he's been through in the last two days, and now he has no idea what to do. Ernest takes a drink and then says that losing all of his friends in the war almost broke him. He offers Rufus a drink, and says that his choices are to give up or live. Ernest tells Rufus that he can stand there like a corpse or fight, and Rufus yells that he's fought. Ernest congratulates him, and Rufus drops the bottle. He figures that Flynn is in the catacombs and they look for a way down.

As he and Lucy drink a bottle of wine, Charles says that he can't go against his father. Lucy tells him that their fathers don't care about them, and suggests that he let people think that he's dead. Charles warns that he was supposed to call Julian Charvel when he landed and Rittenhouse would handle the rest. Flynn and Emma are listening, and Emma recognizes Charvel as a major car manufacturer in Europe. Flynn tells Emma to keep listening and he'll be back. Meanwhile, Lucy tells Charles that he can choose the life that he wants.

Denise shows Wyatt a photo of Benjamin and they realizes that Rittenhous is in control of Mason Industries. She says that Benjamin is Lucy's father and they have to do something, and says that she is supposed to get Wyatt to confess. If Wyatt signs it then he disappears for a couple of years... or he can fight. Wyatt figures that Flynn either lied to him about who killed Jessica, or Fate wanted her dead anyway. Denise suggests that Fate is trying to tell him there's something else he has to do first. The guards come in and Denise says that she doesn't know how he can help his friends. Once she leaves, Wyatt discovers that she's left a lockpck for him.

Flynn goes to Charvet's house and asks if he's a Rittenhouse leader. He then draws a gun and says that they have a lot to talk about.

Rufus and Ernest search the catacombs for Lucy. Karl hears them calling for her and goes after them. He finds Rufus, and Ernest jumps him and punches him unconscious. They find Lucy and Charles, but Emma comes in behind them. Rufus says that either she's coming with them or she's letting them pass. After a moment, Emma steps aside and the group leaves. Before he goes, Rufus tells Emma to be careful.

Wyatt frees himself from the manacles and then shorts out the power.

Back at Josephine's apartment, Josephine says that she'll find some place for Charles to quietly retire. Rufus tells Ernest that he has to keep the whole thing a secret, and Ernest says that he did it for the fun of it. He tells Rufus to live for everyone that can't, and Rufus agrees.

A guard comes in and Wyatt knocks him out.

The lifeboat returns to the present, and Lucy and Rufus wonder if they changed history when they see the NSA agents. Jake says that Denise has been reassigned and introduces himself, and they tell him that David died. The agent debriefs them and then says that they're free to go, and they'll call when there are more developments.

That night at home, Lucy checks the history books and discovers that nothing has changed. Carol joins her and Lucy says that Charles did the same thing he did originally. Her mother says that Charles was an ambitious man and it would be hard to walk away from a family like that. Lucy gets a call and says that she has to go, and Carol suggests that Lucy write down her thoughts. She hands Lucy a journal: the same one that Flynn has.

The next day at the warehouse, Wyatt arrives and finds the others waiting. Lucy hugs him and Denise assures that she's swept the place for bugs. She says that the agents in control of Mason Industries are Rittenhouse. Rufus is unhappy that Jiya is still there, and Wyatt tells them to go to work like nothing has happened. When Lucy wonders why he's so calm, Wyatt says that he's meant to protect the both of them and he will. Rufus wonders what they're going to do about Rittenhouse, and Wyatt says that they'll fight.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 7, 2017

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