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The Martian Chronicles Recap

Kara arrives at the bar and sees Mon-El behind the bar. He gets her a club soda and she tries to talk about their conversation. Kara tells him that it's nice that he was honest, but he was right: she's not sure that they're a good match. She tells Mon-El that it's the way he is, and Mon-El excuses himself. Alex comes over and Kara tells her about her problems, and then suggests that for her 13th anniversary since she landed on Earth, they go line-dancing. Alex tells her foster sister that Maggie surprised her with concert tickets for the same time. She was hoping that they could celebrate another night.

Before Kara can respond, Maggie comes in and tells Alex that she got their tickets upgraded to VIP. She realizes that things are tense, but Kara tells Alex to go have fun. Once they leave, Megan comes over and Kara asks for what Mon-El is drinking. She says that he's been drinking club soda, and Kara sticks with what she has.

Megan takes the garbage to the back and senses someone, and calls to them to come out. A homeless man emerges from the shadow and Megan says that she saw Hank in different forms, following her. Hank says that he trusts her and he has a duty to protect Earth from the White Martians coming for Megan. As she tells Hank to stop, a White Martian drops down and knocks Hank away. Megan transforms and J'onn leaps back into battle. The White Martian knocks them both away, but Supergirl arrives and heat-visions it. It flies off and Supergirl goes after it, dropping it down to the rooftop. However, by the time she recovers, it's gone.

Later at the DEO, Winn is going over satellite surveillance of the White Martian. Supergirl says that she's surprised to see him there, and points out that he could have been killed. Winn tells her that he might have a calling just like James, just as Hank comes over and Winn tells him that he's monitoring probable attack sites. Supergirl tells Hank that he should stay there at the DEO, but Megan explains that they're there for her. Hank tells her to stay at the DEO but Megan refuses to endanger anyone else.

Later at the bar, the White Martian--Armek--comes in wearing a human form. Megan knows who he is and Armek notes that she was his mate. He wonders how Megan lives with herself impersonating a Green, and says that Megan came closer to kill him than anyone ever did. Armek is going to take her back to Mars to die for her treasury and kill her himself. Megan refuses to go back, but Armek says that Mars is a paradise now that they've wiped out the Greens. She says that she isn't afraid of him, and Armek knows that J'onn and Supergirl are her friends. Megan tells him to leave them alone, and Armek tells her that if she turns herself in then he might live them live. If not then he'll kill them.

After the bar closes, Megan leaves carrying her bag. Hank steps out and warns that they'll find her no matter where she goes. He explains that he refused to see the people who were willing to take a chance on him, and insists that Megan is kind and generous. Megan refuses to let the Whites hurt Hank and his friends, and Hank tells her that her friends want to protect her. He offers his hand and asks Megan to trust them, and she accepts.

At Alex's apartment, Maggie notices that Alex isn't very excited about the concert. Alex worries that she hurt Kara's feelings but says that she's going to forget about it. Maggie tells her to go to talk to her sister and she'll meet Alex at the concert.

Alex goes to the DEO and apologies to bail on Supergirl's Earth birthday. Supergirl says that she just made the plans that morning and got a little excited, and assures Alex that she's not mad at her. She admits that she was immature and asks Winn if he's found anything out. She and Alex are surprised to see Megan there, and Alex promises that they'll keep her safe. As Hank and Winn take Megan to the briefing room, another Megan comes in. She sees the fake Megan, and Armek tries to run. Hank grabs him and Armek attacks him. The White finally knocks Hank out and the electricity cuts off. By the time Winn restores it, Armek is gone. Hank locks down the building to trap Armek in with them... and it could be any of them.

Everyone inside of the DEO meets and Hank points out that Armek could read minds and pretend to be anyone. Vasquez glares at Agent Demos, who takes offense. They both draw their guns and Demos says that any of them could be Armek. Supergirl asks Hank to scan them, and he explains that there's some psychic interference. Megan offers to turn herself over to Armek, but the others refuse. She explains that Armek was her mate and the worst of their kinds. Alex says that she's going to collect everybody's sidearms, and Demos objects.

Hank says that there's one way to determine who the White is. They go to the lab and Hank lights a torch, and Megan demonstrates how she's unable to maintain our shapeshifted form when exposed to flame. Vasquez goes first and nothing happens. Demos goes next and he passes. Hank hesitates to go next, and Megan tells him that she's with him. After a moment, Hank holds his hand up and his hand reverts to its Green form.

Supergirl points out that Winn is next, and he changes, then sprays the fire around to drive the others back. He grabs Hank and prepares to kill him with the fire, and Supergirl freezes the torch . Armek runs out and Supergirl goes after him, just missing with her heat vision. Alex confirms that the motion sensors are off-line, just as the reactor starts overloading. They realize that Armek sabotaged it, and when it explodes it will take ten city blocks with it.

Megan explains that Armek would give his life to complete his mission. Armek took Winn's intelligence with his form and has recoded the system to lock them out. Megan tells them that Armek would have to be close to Winn to keep the telepathic link. The walls are lined with lead, negating Supergirl's x-ray vision. Vasquez and Demos, and Alex and Supergirl, split up to search the building.

As Supergirl and Alex search the hallways, Supergirl admits that she was at Alex for bailing on her. She assures Alex that her spending time with Maggie is a good thing, but doesn't know what life is like without Alex at her side. Supergirl doesn't want to be abandoned again, and Alex says that she never will. They hear someone moving and go on to investigate.

Hank and Megan search for Winn, and Hank tells her that she's become dear to him like his family once was. He tells Megan that her spirit is beautiful and blade, and he can't imagine his life with her. Hank promises to protect her forever, and Megan spots an alien substance on the walls. They look up and find Winn cocooned from the ceiling. More of the substance is nearby, and they realize that there's someone else inside. Hank calls Supergirl and says that there are two Whites in the building... and the second one has taken on Alex's form.

Supergirl turns to "Alex," who smashes her down. Supergirl tackles the White into the reactor room as the computer warns that there is five minutes until overload. The White points out that Supergirl's heat vision might set off the reactor, and they charge at each other again.

Hank wakes Winn up and tells him that he has to shut down the reactor. Winn says that he has to do it in the reactor room, and Megan tells them to go while she watches over Alex.

Supergirl and the White continue fighting, and the White says that it's hard pretending to care about Supergirl's feelings. The White reverts to its natural form and Supergirl charges at it.

Hank and Winn reach the reactor room and Hank joins Supergirl and tells Winn to shut down the reactor. With three minutes left, Winn goes to work. Meanwhile, Armek knocks Hank down, but Megan arrives and she takes on the Greens form. Armek and Hank revert as well, and M'gann and J'onn attack Armek. Meanwhile, the other White fights Supergirl, who manages to knock out her opponent.

As Armek chokes J'onn, M'gann jams a metal pipe into his skull. Winn stops the meltdown and Hank reverts to normal. Armek gets up and Alex arrives and shoots him 8unconscious with her new gun.

Later, Hank terminates the lockdown and Alex goes to call Maggie. Supergirl congratulates Winn on his work, and he goes to see if James needs his help. He asks if Supergirl objects, and she tells him to be safe. Meanwhile, Megan approaches Hank and explains that her mother cared for her. She'd forgotten the feeling of having a family, and tells Hank that she's going back to Mars. Megan figures that other Whites wanted to change and need a push to do the right thing. Hank warns that the Whites could kill her, but Megan now knows what it is to stand up and fight. She asks Hank if he understands, but he can't say that he does and Megan walks away.

Later, Kara is at home watching TV when there's a knock at her door. It's Alex, who has a birthday cupcake with her. She explains that Maggie understood, and Kara talks about how the White did a good impression of Alex. Alex asks if Kara talked to it because she remembers snippets of the conversation from the telepathic link. She tells her foster sister that she isn't going anywhere, and Kara explains that she made plans because she wanted the day to be special and she felt that Alex was slipping away. Alex wonders if Kara was trying not to think about Mon-El. Kara finally says that it's about her as well as Mon-El, and it always backfires when she puts herself out there. Alex says that taking the risk pays off and maybe Mon-El is worth a shot.

Hank joins Megan on the balcony as she prepares to transmat up to Armek's ship. He tells her that he shouldn't have said anything earlier, and Megan says that she felt it as well but didn't know what it was. She tells Hank that he's changed her forever and says goodbye. With that, she transmits away.

The next day at CatCo, Kara comes in to work and finds Mon-El with Eve. Mon-El says that they're going to lunch together, and Eve goes to get her cellphone. Kara says that everyone is fine at the DEO, and asks if Mon-El and Eve are on a date. He figures that since Kara rejected him, it's time to move on. Eve come back before they can talk further, and Kara tells them to have a good date.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 7, 2017

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