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Final Recap

Tonight viewers will see fifteen would be ninja’s compete in the final of Ninja Warrior UK 2017.

Each week viewers have seen contestants take on the demands of the Ninja Warrior UK course as they attempted to earn their place in the final.

Hosts Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara will be overseeing all the action course-side as the competitors push themselves to the limits one final time and try and complete the ultimate challenge – the Ninja Warrior UK final course.

So far no-one has been able to reach the final hurdle and climb Mount Midoriyama. Does one of this year’s finalists have what it takes to be the first ever Ninja Warrior UK?

The final course will challenge our contestants over 17 different obstacles. If they complete all of them in the time limit, they will then have scale Mount Midoriyama, a 20 metre high climb against the clock. Only if they complete this, will they be crowned Ninja Warrior UK

Tonight, viewers will see our fearless finalists attempt, the Quad Steps, Rolling Log, Coin Flip, followed by Ring Jump, Wind Chimes, Warped Wall. They will then face a brand new element named, ‘Kammy’s Corner’ comprising the Big Dipper and the Three Logs, this is followed by Chimney Climb. If they can make it that far, it’s on to Spider Climb, Spin Cycle, Salmon Ladder, Monkey Peg and Wall Lift. Then it’s the final leg, made up of Crazy Cliff Hanger, Floating Boards and Flying Bars, before they can take on the mighty Mount Midoriyama?

Can anyone make it all the way and be crowned the UK’s first Ninja Warrior?

Written by TomSouthwell on Feb 7, 2017

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