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Turncoat Recap

In New Jersey 1776 on Christmas Day, Rip rallies the Redcoats and says that George Washington is dead. He says that they don't have to fight fair and has two soldiers bring in a crate filled with 21st century rifles. He tells the Redcoats to grab the guns and open fire. Eobard is watching as the soldiers practice with the rifles. Rip tells him that he's created an aberration and the Legends will come to investigate, and then he'll kill them. Once Eobard is satisfied that Rip will kilt hem, he tells Rip to bring him the fragment of the Spear to him and speeds off.

On Waverider, Gideon tries to locate the next fragment of the Spear. Meanwhile, Ray tells Mick and complains that Mick doesn't clean up after himself. When he pushes Mick in the chest with a finger to make his point, Mick twists his wrist. Nate and Amaya make breakfast and they wish that they could get off of Waverider occasionally. He gets some pancake patter on his nose, and asks Amaya to scrape it off. She does and they stare at each other for a moment. An earthquake shakes Waverider, knocking them into each other. Gideon confirms the date of origin and tells the Legends that George was murdered on Christmas Day.

The Legends assemble on the bridge and Sara figures that it's a trap. Mick dismisses George as a punk, but Nate points out that if George remains dead then he won't lead the battles against the Redcoats and the Americans will fail in their revolution. Nate knows that George was in William Keith's home in Pennsylvania the night before George crossed the Delaware, and Sara tells Mick that he'll pose as a private. Nate and Amaya will pose as wealthy newlyweds, and Martin and Jax will coordinate from the ship. Meanwhile, Ray will head out in his Atom suit and perform recon.

At the Keith house on Christmas Eve, Sara, Nate, and Amaya arrive. Mick is dressed as a private and Atom is hiding in his head. Nate tells William that they support the Sons of Liberty, and William surprised to see that Amaya is a black woman. Meanwhile, George approaches Sara and offers her a drink. She soon realizes who he is and Martin tells her over the earbud that she should get him out. Redcoats barge in firing the automatic rifles, and Mick returns fire. George refuses to retreat, and Sara and Mick both aim guns at him and order him out. Nate turns to steel to protect Amaya, and atom takes them Redcoats out.

Outside, Rory triggers a device which fire an energy wave out in all directions. It knocks out the Atom suit and all of the power on Waverider. Atom finally manages to get Nate's attention.

Mick and Sara take George out, and Mick realizes that his flame-gun is fried. Rip steps out with Redcoats and shoots Sara in the chest. He tells Mick that he and Sara are more alike now, and has the Redcoats take Mick and George away... leaving Sara to die in the snow.

Martin and Jax find Sara and take her to the Waverider medbay. Jax suggests that they merge and use the firestorm power to bring the ship back online. However, they discover that the Quantum Stabilizer was fried with all of the other electronics. Sara tells Jax that Rip shot her, and Martin says that they still have to save George and complete their mission. She puts Jax in charge and then passes out from blood loss. Jax tells Martin that he doesn't know how to be a captain, and Martin assures him that he does.

Jax finds the others and explains that Sara put him in charge. He tells Nate and Amaya to rescue George while he and the miniaturized ray will work on restoring Gideon, and emphasizes that they have to bring Rip back alive.

As the Redcoats lead George away, Mick tells George to take half of them and he'll take the other half. George points out that if Rip wanted them dead, they'd be dead. He offers to negotiate a prisoner exchange with the commanding officer, but Mick isn't impressed.

Amaya tracks Mick's trail of trash and Nate points out that they're outside like she wanted. They talk about The Wizard of Oz and Amaya says that she saw it with a boyfriend before Rex, but then Hitler invaded Poland the JSA left for Europe.

On Waverider, Atom prepares to go through the main duct to the Time Core and flip the breaker. Martin comes in and says that they need to remove the bullet from Sara. Rip brings a squad of Redcoats to try and break the door open, and Jax says that he'll handle Rip while Martin operates on Sara.

Amaya asks Nate what dating is like in 2017. He explains that people date for fun and describes the sexual revolution. Amaya hears someone and realizes that they're being watched. They leave the path and approach a waterfall, and two Hessians charge them. Amaya subdues one and the other one hits Nate. Nate steels up but is knocked into the waterfall, and Amaya dives after him taking on seal powers.

Once Amaya gets Nate out of the cold water, they find the nearby Hessian camp and Amaya tries to warm Nate up to ward off hypothermia. She says that he needs skin-on-skin contact and takes off her blouse, then removes his shirt and holds him.

Martin prepares to operate by candlelight and remove the bullet.

Atom enters the duct and approaches the Time Corp.

Rip and his men get the hatch open and split up to search the timeship. Jax blinds one Redcoat with a makeshift smoke bomb and knocks him out. Meanwhile, the second Redcoat finds a present waiting for him. Jax jumps him and the two men fight.

Rip searches the study for the Spear fragment. He hears the struggle and goes to investigate, and finds the Redcoat unconscious. Rip deduces that Jax is responsible and yells that he taught Jax everything he knows about Waverider.

The Redcoats take George and Mick to their camp. Cornwallis is waiting and explains that his new colonel helped him. He has the Redcoats take the prisoners to his tent for a meal before they are executed. George objects, demanding appropriate treatment as a prisoner of war. Cornwallis says that it's a rebellion and George will be hung for treason. When George says that Mick was only following orders, Cornwallis tells him that Mick will be returned to his regiment in the morning.

Nate wakes up and realizes that he's naked. Amaya coma in and says that once their clothe are dry, they'll track George and Mick. He invites her to stay in the tent with him. Amaya agrees and they kiss.

Jax goes to the cargo bay with Rip in hot pursuit. He hides but then runs out, taunting Rip as he goes. Rip tries to bribe him and then offers Jax offers to use the Spear to bring Jax's father back. He catches up to Jax as Jax refuses the offer, and Jax pries open a door and goes through as Rip shoots at him.

Mick tells George that he's going to bust them out when the Redcoats change shift, and he's taking George with him. George refuses and asks him to take a letter to Martha. Disgusted, Mick says that George is a pansy, and George insists that they must prove to the world that they don't need a title to be gentlemen. Mick says that Americans are misfits and outcasts, and proud of it. They raid, ambush, fight dirty, and never give up. Mick asks George what he's going to do.

Nate and Amaya wake up and Amaya says that they have to go after Mick and George. When Nate suggests that they stay a little longer, Amaya reminds him that they have a job to do.

Jax manages to turn on the auxiliary power, and Rip finds him. As Jax takes cover, he tries to get through to Rip. Rip dismisses his former self as a self-righteous idiot and his new allies freed him. He corners Jax and prepares to shoot, and Jax says that he knows where the fragment is.

Atom approaches the Time Core but a rat attacks him, forcing him to run.

Jax still tries to get through to Rip as he takes him to the study. He tells Rip that the fragment is wear Rip left it, just as Atom yells from the ducts. Jax sets off one of his improvised bombs and cusk into the shadows, but Rip spots a blood trail leading out of the room.

After the surgery, Sara wakes up and Martin realizes that he succeeded... and Rip comes in. Jax hears Sara choking and runs to the medbay. Rip aims his gun at Jax and demands the fragment, but Jax refuses to give it up. He ducks out of the way when Rip shoots, and Jax says that it's inside Rip's telescope. Rip hesitates and Jax begs him to let Sara go. He says that her name means nothing to her and walks out, and Jax goes to the unconscious Sara, sobbing.

Rip gets the fragment.

Martin wakes up and Jax tells him what happened. He goes to find Rip and kill him, and Martin calls to Ray through the ducts, saying that without power Sara will die.

The rat chases Ray to the reactor room and out of the duct. He then dives onto the breaker switch, turning the power back on. Gideon comes online and Martin tells the AI to restore Sara.

Come morning, Cornwallis prepares to hang George. Mick grabs a gun and shoots at a barrel of explosives, and then tackles a group of Redcoats. George head-butts Cornwallis and the two men fight back-to-back. One Redcoat prepares to shoot Mick, but Steel deflects the shot. He and Amaya take out the remaining Redcoats, and George suggests that as American, they run.

Jax catches up to Rip, gun ready. Rip figures that Jax can't pull the trigger, and says that there's no point in history so they might as well burn it all down. he tells Jax to shoot him and get it over with, and holds out his arms. Jax is unable to shoot, and Rip tells him that he's weak. As Rip walks away, Jax prepares to shoot him anyway. Sara arrives and tells him to stop, but Jax insists that the Rip they knew is gone. She reminds Jax that it's Christmas when they remember to be their better selves, and says that she's protecting Jax, not Rip. The British shout in the distance and Rip walks off.

The Legends take George back to William's house. Mick and George share a toast, and Nate and Amaya tells George that his troops are waiting outside. They've gathered the automatic rifles, and Mick tells George that it's been a pleasure. They hug and Mick gives George the letter he wrote. George explains that it's a battle strategy, not a love letter to Martha, and tells Mick that he represents the best of what their new nation can be.

As Waverider leaves, Gideon tells Sara that history is back on track. The only change is a statue in DC that looks like Mick. Jax comes in and says that it's good to have Sara bac. He figures that he's done being in charge, but Sara tells him that he did a good job. Jax wonders how she makes the right choice when there isn't one, and Sara says that she remembers the mission and what she's fighting for... and try to hold onto her humanity. The two of them share a toast.

In the messroom, the Legends celebrate Christmas and Martin has Sara cut the turkey. Ray gives Mick a rat for as a Christmas present. Meanwhile, Nate gives Amaya a present. She says that their night together was fun but still doesn't think teammates should fraternize. Nate agrees and walks off. Amaya opens the box and finds a pair of ruby slippers.

Sara calls for a toast and points out that they lost America. She promises to save Rip and get the rest of the Spear back, because the Legion isn't a family like they are... and nobody fights like family.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 8, 2017