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S.O.S.: Part 2 Recap

One of the Aishas escorts the prisoners to their cells. Another one stands guard on Skye, after putting on her suppressant gloves. Mack knocks out the Aisha guarding Skye, frees Skye, and tells her what is going on. Skye explains that Jiaying is manipulating the Inhumans, but Mack doesn't care if they're killing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He gives her a laptop and tells her that he needs her to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. computer.

Jiaying identifies the fan room and tells Kebo to take a case of the crystals there and load up the rest. Lincoln runs in and says that a hard-wired emergency beacon went off and warned Coulson. They can't override it without the code, and Jiaying tells Weaver and Oliver that she wants to expand the beacon and summon all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. forces. Oliver refuses to cooperate and the Inhumans drag him off to one side, and then seal him and several agents in with a shattered crystal. The men are all petrified, and Lincoln stares in horror as he realizes what Jiaying is capable of. Jiaying tells Weaver to expand the beacon or there'll be more, and Weaver obeys.

Mack and Skye watch and Mack warns that the beacon is hard-wired and on the opposite side of the ship. However, they're still going to try and stop it.

At the Playground, Jemma confirms that Cal's physical condition has improved. Fitz determines that the beacon signal has expanded to all channels, and admits that Lance and Melinda's team has gone dark.

Lance and Melinda take a team into the abandoned warehouse and search for Grant and Kara. They're watching on the monitors as Lance approaches Bobbi's room where the bobby trap is set. Grant says that they'll take out the rest of the assault team so that Lance and Bobbi can have their reunion, and he'll take care of Melinda personally.

Bobbi hears Lance calling and tries to free herself before he sets off the automatic weapon.

Grant and Kara take out the other S.H.I.E.L.D. TAC agents. Melinda spots Kara and the two women exchange shots, and then Kara disappears into the shadows. Realizing that Kara grabbed one of the radios, she calls to everyone to converge on Lance's location and to only trust her. The remaining TAC agent points out that Lance is the only other agent left, and Melinda points out that Kara doesn't know that.

Lance reaches the door to Bobbi's room and sees the blood on the walls outside. He opens the door, and Bobbi gets in front of the automatic weapon and takes the shot meant for Lance. He frees her and lowers her to the floor.

Grant grabs Melinda and shoots her repeatedly in the chest. However, he realizes that it's Kara as her holomask shuts down.

Melinda finds Lance and Bobbi, and they take Bobbi to the Quinjet.

In the helicarrier cargo hold, Gordon and Lincoln admire the Kree stone. Gordon warns that it's lethal to their people in the wrong hands, and Lincoln points out that Jiaying committed murder. The teleporter insists that Jiaying will do whatever is necessary to protect their people, and reminds Lincoln of his life before they found him... and how far Jiaying went to save him. Gordon insists that S.H.I.E.L.D. has turned Skye against her own people, and warns that it could get worse.

As Skye and Mack head for the beacon, Skye blames herself for falling for Jiaying's deception. Mack assures her that she made the best choice she could. He sends her to hack the beacon while he looks for a power saw in case Skye can't pull it off.

At the Playground, Fitz tells Coulson that he's found a way to shut down Gordon's ability. Coulson confirms that they're flying in with Bobbi and should arrive any moment. They go to the improvised lab that Jemma has set up since Cal destroyed the infirmary, just as Lance and Melinda bring Bobbi in. Jemma and her team begin surgery, as Lance looks on nervously.

Skye enters the sat room and start working on the beacon. Lincoln arrives and blasts her against the wall. She insists that he's got it wrong and Jiaying murdered Gonzales and framed S.H.I.E.L.D.. Skye points out that Raina isn't there because she had a vision of what's going to happen, and Jiaying killed her. She asks Lincoln why she wants the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. there and says that they can stop it if they get the crystals. After a moment, Lincoln tells her that the crystals are in the fan room... and Mack knocks him out from behind. He tells Skye to stop the beacon while he gets the crystals.

After the surgery, Lance takes Bobbi's hand. Meanwhile, Melinda calls Andrew and says that she just wanted to hear his voice. He realizes that it isn't good and Melinda says that it won't end well. They both admit that there's a lot they wanted to say but didn't, and Andrew tells her to do good and get home.

Fitz is gearing up for the helicarrier mission when Jemma comes in and tells him to watch his back. She says that they never spoke about what Fitz told her when they were trapped at the bottom of the ocean. Jemma suggests that they talk about it when he gets back, but Fitz says that there's nothing to discuss. She says that there is, just as Coulson comes in and tells Fitz that they're heading out.

The Quinjets head for the helicarrier, and Melinda formally objects to bringing Cal on the mission. Coulson says that Cal is familiar with the Inhumans, and they can rely on his concern for Skye. Fitz reports that the SOS has changed and is now sending a Morse code message that it's a trap. Coulson orders everyone else to fall back and tells Melinda that they're going in alone to finish it.

On the helicarrier, Jiaying realizes that someone warned S.H.I.E.L.D. and tells Kebo to check Skye's cell. She then orders Gordon to break the crystals and release the mist.

Coulson's Quinjet lands on the helicarrier and tells Melinda to head to the bridge and regain control of the ship. Fitz translates Skye's last message, warning that the Terrigen crystals are in the fan room. Cal speaks up and says that it's a family matter, and he'll deal with Jiaying. Coulson reluctantly agrees and the TAC squad heads out.

Gordon teleports to the fan room and finds Mack waiting for him, sitting on the case of Terrigen crystals. When Mack says that he's going to kill him, Gordon teleports behind Mack and attacks him.

Skye arrives on the bridge as Jiaying and her people pack up the Terrigen crystals. Jiaying says that there are descendants everywhere, and she's going to find them and build them a better world. She walks out while Aisha generates more clones to cover her escape. Despite the lack of her powers, Skye takes them on.

Gordon teleports back and tells Mack that he can tell he encountered something Kree. He advises Mack to surrender, but Mack tells him to come at him if he wants the crystals. Gordon teleports over and knocks him aside, but Mack throws his axe at him and Gordon teleports away again.

Cal finds Jiaying and Kebo, and tells his wife that they need to stop it before Skye is hurt. Jiaying insists that she's trying to protect Skye and reminds Cal that he swore to do the same. Cal says that they can turn it around, but Gordon teleports in, grabs Cal, and teleports him into a locked room. Screaming, Cal asks where Skye is.

Coulson and Fitz arrive in the fan room and Fitz sticks the quantum field disruptors on the walls.

On the bridge, Skye takes on the five Aisha clones.

Melinda takes down one of the Inhumans just as Lincoln finds her.

The Aishas finally overwhelm Skye and start beating her. Lincoln and Melinda arrive and take them out, and Lincoln removes the suppressant gloves. Skye says that she's going after Jiaying, and promises Melinda that she won't hesitate. More Aishas arrive and Skye takes off.

Gordon arrives and teleports in, and Fitz activates the disruptors. Gordon tries to flicker out and Coulson, Mack, and Fitz move in on him.

Skye finds Jiaying heading for one of the Quinjets on the flight desk. Jiaying tells her men to put the crystals on the Quinjet, and then tells Skye that her plan is the only way to protect the Inhumans. She says that S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded decades ago to protect people from the Inhumans, but her and Skye could launch a revolution together. Skye refuses, saying that her mother has been consumed by hate. Jiaying strokes her cheek and then starts draining her life. She admits that she withstood the torture for Skye's sake, but has realized that her power is her true gift.

Jiaying tells Skye that she's made her choice, and Skye manages to summon her power and blast the Quinjet with the crystals into the ocean.

Lincoln tells Melinda that they have to take out the prime Aisha. He shocks her unconscious and the clones pass out.

When the disruptors short out, Gordon manages to teleport and tries to get to the case of crystals. However, he teleports directly onto the pipe that Fitz is holding. However, Gordon manages to grab one of the Terrigen crystals. It falls out of his hand, and Coulson manages to grab it just before it hits the fall. However, his hand starts to petrify... and Mack cuts it off at the wrist.

Furious, Jiaying grabs Skye and tries to drain her. Skye grabs her and unleashes her powers, and Cal arrives and tells Jiaying to stop. He tells his wife that she won't have to live with the pain of killing Skye... but he will. Cal breaks Jiaying's neck and tells her that he's keeping his promise to protect Skye. He snaps her spine and lowers her to the deck, crying.

Later, Andrew arrives to talk to Coulson. Coulson says that he's exploring some options to replace his hand, and asks Andrew for his evaluation of the team.

Bobbi wakes up and finds Lance at her bedside. He tells her to hang in because she has more surgery, and Bobbi says that she can't do it anymore.

Andrew points out that Coulson convinced Mack to stay, but warns him that Mack doesn't trust the alien artifacts. Coulson says that he's why he put Mack in charge of them.

In the lab, Jemma suggests that they drop a probe into the case with the Kree stone. Mack tells her that they're never opening the case.

Coulson tells Andrew that Melinda asked for some time off for the first time. Andrew merely says that it's time Melinda rediscover the world outside of S.H.I.E.L.D..

Melinda packs her clothing and starts to leave, but then goes back and takes her gun with her.

Andrew says that he has recommendations for the new program. Coulson says that he's slowly bringing other people in, and he has Fitz working on the designs for their new mobile plan. As he goes, Andrew tells Coulson that Skye is ready for anything.

As S.H.I.E.L.D. agents escort Cal away, he tells Skye that it's it for the two of them for now. He tells her that she's better then he imagined, and he imagined her perfect. Cal asks if Skye will come visit him once in a while, and Skye promises that she will. She hugs her father and they both cry.

Grant goes to a bar and looks at a photo of Kara as he drinks. Four Hydra agents come in and give Grant a list of the surviving Hydra members, but admit that the organization is almost entirely gone. Grant demands more names and the head mercenary warns that there is no leadership. When the mercenary gets in his face, Grant breaks his glass and slams the man's face down in the glass, and tells the others that he wants a team around him. The other agents ask what he wants, and Grant tells them that he wants closure.

Cal opens up his veterinary clinic and Skye comes over. Thanks to the TAHITI amnesia wipe, Cal has no idea who she is. She says that her name is Daisy, and Cal says that it's a lovely name. Skye goes back to the waiting Coulson and thanks him, and figures that Cal can now do something great. Coulson gives her Andrew's recommendations, and says that Skye is the only one on the list for a team with powers. Skye says that people like her need to be kept a secret, and Coulson assures her that they'll be anonymous. They get into Lola and Coulson says that they have to do it, because he'll never forget the consequences of what they've set in motion.

At the bottom of the ocean, the Terrigen crystals shatter and leak into the surrounding water... and the fish.

At the Playground, Fitz tries to invite Jemma to dinner on a date. She finally realizes what he means and Fitz leaves. Once she's alone, Jemma checks the case with the Kree stone. It bursts out, pulls her in, and resolidifies.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 29, 2015

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