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Public Enemy No. 1 Recap

Flynn is at a church and a priest comes over and asks Flynn what he is unhappy about. The terrorist explains that his wife was a practicing Catholic and dragged him to Mass. He explains that he had a job and thought it could bring his wife back to him, but it only seems to be making things worse. The priest tells Flynn that he has to trust that God has a plan, and Flynn wonders if someone had the power to change the course of history. He wonders if God would stop him, and asks for absolution.

At Mason Industries, Jiya notices the NSA agents guarding the place. Rufus joins her and tells her to do whatever they say, and kisses her on the cheek. As Lucy arrives, Jake comes over and says that he's sick of responding to Flynn's actions. They're going to go to Houston in 1962 and eliminate Flynn's mother, Marie Thompkins, when she's a junior in high school. Jake then introduces their new tactical leader, Sgt. Major Caleb Sullivan. Mason agrees with Jake, saying that Marie raised a monster. Rufus and Lucy refuse, and Jake says that the President has greenlit the operation. If they refuse then they'll be charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist.

As Lucy prepares her gear, Benjamin comes in and apologizes for Jake's abrupt manner. He insists that Flynn is out of control and cares nothing about history. Benjamin says that they need Lucy on the trip, and tells her that he's proud of her. He just asks that she do the one mission and then the next mission will be to save Amy.

The team enters the lifeboat and departs. They arrive on May 3, 1962, in Houston, and Rufus shoots Caleb with a tranq dart. Lucy yanks his gun away as Caleb passes out, and Rufus reconfigures the coordinates. He confirms that he sabotaged the computers so that Mason can't track them.

Jiya tells the others that the lifeboat has jumped, just as the computers shut down from the virus that Rufus planted. Mason orders Jiya away from the controls, and says that she is sleeping with Rufus. He tells Jake and Benjamin that he'll handle it himself and orders her out.

The lifeboat returns to the present at the warehouse where Wyatt and Denise are waiting. Rufus warns that Mason will counteract the worm, and the lifeboat only has enough energy for two jumps and they'll need four hours to recharge. Wyatt tells Lucy that their first step is to get Lucy back, overriding Denise. Lucy hugs him and says that they go to 1979 and make sure that her mother and Henry Wallace meet. An alarm goes off and Rufus tells them that Flynn has jumped.

In 1931 Chicago, Flynn goes to the building owned by Al Capone and claims that he has something of vital interest to him. Flynn shows him tax papers with key evidence of the case the government is building against Al. Al isn't impressed, but Flynn also has a letter from Al's accounting Mattingly. The accountant makes some serious accusations against Al. Flynn warns that Al will go to prison with the evidence he has. Al tells his henchman Frank to dispose of Mattingly and admits that he owes Flynn a favor.

Denise, Rufus, and Wyatt wonder if they should stop Flynn. Denise points out that they are the only ones who can stop Flynn, but Lucy warns that if Rittenhouse tracks them down then Amy will be gone as well. Wyatt says that they can't let Flynn go murdering through time, and they're the only ones who can stop him.

Rufus calls Jiya from a burner and asks if she's okay. She warns that Mason is pissed, and Rufus asks her to run interference however she can to keep the SA off of their backs as long as they can. He apologizes for putting Jiya on the spot, and says that he will explain everything later. When Rufus says that he needs her, Jiya agrees but makes Rufus promise to come back to her. Once Jiya hangs up, she goes out and Jake asks who she was talking to. She says that she was talking to herself, and Jake searches her. He realizes that she hid the phone nearby and has an agent lock Jiya up.

Rufus, Wyatt, and Lucy travel to 1931 without any period clothing. Lucy figures that there's only one place Flynn can go to. Al is talking to the press, saying that the government never had any evidence against him. Lucy explains that the people of Chicago love Al, while Al says that the case was dropped against him because of a lack of evidence. The trio spots Flynn with Al and watch him get into the car with Al. Once they drive off, Lucy explains that Al was supposed to go to prison for tax evasion. A man comes out of the courthouse and Lucy spots him. A reporter asks the man, Eliot Ness, if he wants to comment. Eliot slugs him and walks off, and the trio goes after him.

The team catches up to Eliot and they claim that they're private investigators. They ask about Flynn, and Eliot says that he hasn't seen him before. Wyatt claims that Flynn is a dangerous gangster in San Francisco teaming up with Al, and William Randolph Hearst hired them.

Jake and Mason visit Jiya and say that they couldn't trace the burner. Mason demands the trio's location, and Jiya says that she doesn't know. He advises her to be smart, and Jiya chuckles. She explains that she was intimidated by Mason and in awe of him, but she's realized that he's a coward. Mason tells her that it's the real world and advises her to either help them or be arrested.

The team goes to Eliot's apartment and he explains that he moved there once Al learned where he originally lived. Rufus wonders how he copes with his loved ones being threatened, and Eliot says that he couldn't face himself or his family if he gave up. Someone knocks at the door and Eliot assumes that it's his agent, Billy. A hitman fires through the door, gunning Eliot down. When the hitman comes in, Wyatt kills him and Lucy realizes that Eliot is dead. Wyatt says that there's nothing they can do and they have to leave before the police arrive.

The trio sneaks out and Wyatt steals a car, and says that they're going to find Al first. As he hotwires the car, Wyatt explains about how they have to focus on one problem at a time. First they stop Al and then they deal with Flynn. Lucy says that she knows who they can ask to help them deal with Al.

That night, the trio goes to the home of Jimmy Capone. Lucy explains that they need his help with his brother Al. jimmy lets them inside and Lucy says that he left Brooklyn, changed his name, and became a Prohibition agent. Jimmy says that his family doesn't know his real name, and insists that he's not like Al. Jimmy's wife and sons come in, and Jimmy claims the trio are lost and escorts them into the next room. Wyatt explains that Al had Eliot killed They need Jimmy to take them to Al and then arrest him, and Jimmy figures that they're crazy.

Later, Al has Mayor William Hale Thompson brought to his office. In return for helping Al, Flynn wanted to talk to Thompson. Flynn punches Thompson in the stomach and says that he knows he's a member of Rittenhouse... and has some questions.

Lucy asks Jimmy to help them bring Al in before he kills any more people. Jimmy says that he hasn't seen Al in 20 years and he's no G-Man, and he doesn't want to be the one who puts his younger brother in prison. Lucy asks if Jimmy knows that Al has been trying to find Jimmy for years because he misses him, and says that she had to give up family as well. She hopes that Jimmy can save Al, and figures that he became a cop because he wanted to set right what Al has set wrong. Lucy tells Jimmy that he's the only one who can help him.

Flynn beats Thompson and demands to know about the meeting Julian Charvet told him about four years ago. Thompson knows that Charvet was killed four years ago, and Flynn says that Charvet told him about a meeting where all of the Rittenhouse members get together but didn't know the details. Al offers Flynn his bat, and Thompson says that the meeting was two years ago in DC. They only meet once every 25 years, and the next meeting is in 1954. Satisfied, Flynn prepares to shoot Thompson. Al says that he doesn't want the mess and tells his men to take Thompson to the docks. Flynn thanks Al, and Al figures that he still owes him one. His new ally says that he knows a way to make it even.

Jimmy goes to the lobby of Al's hotel penthouse with the trio and spots Frank, one of his friends from the Brooklyn days. Frank recognizes him and they hug, and Jimmy says that the trio are his friends.

Jiya goes through the supply closet in the room where she's locked up and uses the equipment to hack into the base computer. She hacks into the computer as Mason counteracts the virus and determines the team is in March 1931. He can track their general area when they return, and Jake prepares to move in. Jiya cuts the power, and Mason realizes who is responsible. He goes back to Jiya with Jake, but she refuses to say what she did.

Frank escorts the group into Al, and after a minute he hugs Jimmy. Al asks who the trio are, and Jimmy claims that they're friends. Jimmy asks what the real story is about Al's facial scars. Al explains that Frank cut his face over Frank's sister, and their bosses made them make peace. Jimmy says that he's a Prohibition agent but not a very good one, and shares a drink with Al.

Al figures that Jimmy has a reason for being there, and Lucy admits that they asked Jimmy to come there. They describe Flynn, and Al says that Flynn did a couple of favors for him and mentioned Rittenhouse's meeting in 1954. Jimmy looks at the team and then says that he's there to arrest Al. Al bursts into laughter, figuring that his brother is kidding. He realizes that Jimmy is serious, and Jimmy says that someone has to stop him because he's out of control. Al says that their father and brother died, and Jimmy never came to the funerals. He tells them that Flynn said that they might come for him, and Al draws a gun and says that he made a deal to kill Rufus so that they couldn't follow Flynn.

Jimmy draws his gun on Al and tells him to lower his weapon. Al says that their father must be turning over in his grave to see what Jimmy has become, and Jimmy says that he disappeared because he didn't want to end up like Al. When Jimmy tells his brother that they're nothing alike, Al agrees but says that they're family and family is more important than anything so Jimmy won't shoot. Wyatt shoves Rufus out of the way but Rufus takes a bullet in the stomach, and Jimmy shoots Al. When Frank goes for his guns, Wyatt kills him. Jimmy kneels by his dead brother and strokes his face.

Benjamin visits Mason, who says that they'll need time to locate the lifeboat once it returns. However, Mason suggests that he needs access to the NSA's raw data. He can use it to tap into any surveillance system anywhere and find anyone they want.

Wyatt says that they have to get Rufus to a hospital, but Lucy warns that there's no hospital in 1931 that can treat him. Jimmy says that the police are on the way, and they get Rufus up. Lucy thanks Jimmy for his help and says that they'll take it from there. They drive to the lifeboat and get in, and the badly wounded Rufus manages to start the activation... and collapses.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2017

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