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An Old Friend for Dinner Recap

Big-boned Julie Conklin, the only child of Edgar and Effie, leaves her home and goes jogging. She sees a man with a broken arm trying to move a table into his van, and goes over to offer her help. Julie gets into the back to pull, and the man--Meyer the Freyer--shoves her in and describes how she'd look good on a platter. He then licks her lips and locks her in.

Searcher soon arrives at Edgar and Effie's quiet suburban home. After getting run over by the milkman, Searcher goes to the couple's door and knocks. They escort him in and show him a baby photo of Julie. Eddie explains that the police think a copycat serial killer, Meyer the Fryer, who emulates Andre the Gourmet, abducted Julie. Searcher has no idea who either of them are, and Eddie explains that Andre is the most renowned cannibal serial killer of all time. Time is running out so the couple called Searcher. He promises to get Julie back and says that he was raised by parents just like the Conklins, and the only thing missing is dog. The Conklins call in their dog Butchie, who knocks Searcher over.

Later, Searcher goes to Sedgwick Insane Prison to get into Andre's mind so that he can track down Meyer. Dr. Amy Beachy takes Searcher to Andre's isolated cell and tells him not to let Andre into his mind. A hypnotized Searcher is soon telling Andre everything about his childhood but soon demands that Andre start talking. Andre dismisses Meyer as a parasite and says that he knows where the copy cat is, but refuses to say where. He vows that when he gets out he will eat Meyer.

Soon, a helmeted Andre walks out of Sedgwick, wearing Searcher's leathers. In Andre's cell, Searcher sits and stares off into space. Amy finally snaps him out of Andre's hypnotic spell.

Andre goes to Meyer's home. When Meyer answers the door, Andre takes him prisoner and promises to eat his liver.

Searcher tells Amy that he keeps seeing the same address, and Amy points out that it's the prison's address. He concentrates and sees Andre in a two-car garage, waving around a basting dish, and realizes where it is.

In the garage, Andre has set up his cooking utensils and Meyer continues praising him. The master criminal is furious that Meyer tried to copy him, and is looking forward to eating Julie before stuffing an apple in her mouth.

Searcher puts on his spare leathers and follows Andre's trial through a car wash to the house. He drives through the garage door and the teenagers playing ping-pong inside tell him that he has the wrong street.

Andre sharpens his knife and Meyer provides cooking tips for himself. He insists that it's an honor for Andre to eat him.

Searcher drives through another garage door and gets the wrong number because the 6 has fallen over and looks like a 9.

Andre prepares to barbecue Julie.

Searcher finds the house and confirms with a mailman that he has the right address. This time Searcher tries to open the garage door but discovers that it's padlocked shut. He hears Julie screaming and tries to work out a way inside.

Andre ties Julie to his chopping block and garnishes her, and they hear Searcher on the roof. Searcher has found a chainsaw and cuts a hole... around his feet. He falls into the garage and challenges Andre, and Meyer tells Andre to eat Searcher. Andre says that he's still inside of Searcher's mind and hypnotizes him, but Searcher resists him and says that Andre is finished. The killer refuses to go back to Sedgwick and Searcher punches him unconscious.

Later, Searcher takes Julie back to her parents. He collects a check to pay for the damages, and tells Julie to stay away from strangers. As he leaves, Searcher sees an injured man trying to get a cello into his van and goes over to help. The man rips off his fake bandages and hopes that Searcher likes show tunes.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 14, 2017

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