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Dead Stranger in Paradise Recap

A plane lands at the Oahu airport and Vince Haas, a Mob bagman goes into the lavatory. A metal head, Metal Head, comes in and stabs Vince, killing him and then taking his briefcase full of $10 million.

Later, Tropical Punch respond to a tip. They arrive at the airport and wait for Vince to get off, but there's no sign of him after all the passengers leave. Mike figures that Vince is still on the plane and they go in to check. There's no sign of Vince in the overhead luggage racks, but Mike draws his gun and orders Vince to come out of the lavatory. The stewardess, Dixie, opens the door and Vince's corpse falls out. Tom figures that the killer works for the Tuma mob. Mike interrupts his rant to tell Tom to include him and Hamoki, and then asks Dixie if she's seen anyone suspicious. She finally remembers a rock and roll guy with big hair, and Mike has Tom and Hamoki leap into action.

As Tom seals the exits, Metal Head ducks into the airport restroom. Tom spots him and goes in, gun drawn. He checks the stalls and discovers that Metal Head has left his shoes and pants in one stall as a distraction. Metal Head grabs Tom and holds a knife to his throat.

Hamoki finds Mike and tells him that Metal Head has Tom, and wants to see Mike. The officers go to the restroom and Metal Head demands a fueled-up pilot. Mike refuges to negotiate and figures that Metal Head is bluffing. Tom disagrees and Hamoki agrees with him. Mike dares Metal Head to shoot, just as a tourist comes out of a stall. Metal Head loses the gun, grabs the briefcase, and runs. Tropical Punch chases after him and out to the airfield.

Metal Head orders a pilot out of a small prop plane and Tom prepares to shoot him. Mike says that he wants Metal Head alive and tells Hamoki to stop the plane. Hamoki grabs the tail and holds the plane in place, but loses his grip due to sweaty palms. The plane crashes into a nearby hanger, and Hamoki pulls Metal Head out and goes outside. Metal Head says that he's a musician, and Tom takes him away. Mike and Hamoki head off and Mike takes a detour to hit on Dixie.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 15, 2017

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