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Supply and Demand Recap

Edsel brings Faber alarming news: a captured Polish fighter has revealed there's a mole working among them at the Nazi HQ in Pruszko, and two Allied agents working with the local Resistance. Schmidt urgently needs Faber to capture the two agents: it's critical to know whether or not the Allies are aware of his top-secret project, Operation Marigold. Aurora survives the Nazi investigation into the leaked intelligence. But when the Jewish office workers are blamed, Aurora must walk the terrible line between keeping her own cover and keeping them safe.

Meanwhile, Faber brings Neil, Alfred and two new recruits closer to the heart of Operation Marigold, only, it seems, to betray them. The new recruits are captured and Neil is furious when Camp X orders him to stand down from rescuing them. Alfred discovers that Operation Marigold isn't about a refinery – it's about a scientist who holds the key to Nazi victory.

Sinclair has his hands full managing secret communications with Faber while coping with the loss of two new agents, a mutinous team and Krystina's request for a transfer.

Written by cerberus40 on Feb 16, 2017

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