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Chapter 2 Recap

David and the team go to Summerland, while The Eye leads the Division 3 soldiers after them. When they get there, Melanie explains to David that the human race is starting to evolve. She says that David is a powerful telepath and telekinetic, and the government created the Divisions to study and control the mutants... and kill the ones that they can't control. David writhes in pain, and Melanie says that the power is making him sick. She tells him to focus on the voices, assuring him that he's safe there. David closes his eyes and focuses on a single voice calling his name. Melanie has him dial out all of the other voices so he only hears the one voice. David does so and Melanie tells him to get some sleep, and memory work begins the next day. Syd is in the next bunk, and comes over to ask if David is feeling better. He asks what "memory work" is.

The next day, Melanie takes David into the forest and tells him that every memory he has of mental illness is just her power. She offers to help him rewrite the story of his life, and says that they'll make time for him because he's very important to them. They go into a shelter with Syd and Ptonomy are waiting, and Melanie tells David that they'll make him whole. She explains that Ptonomy is a memory artist, and Ptonomy makes David relive his memories.

A young David and Amy chase after their dog King. Melanie, Ptonomy, and David watch from the side, The woman says that they are going to focus on moment in David's past when he first felt his supposed illness coming on. The children in the memory head for home, and Ptonomy tells David that he can go wherever he wants.

David finds himself at his childhood home seeing memories of his childhood. He tells Melanie that they live in the country, and his father is an astronomer who died. They're unable to see the father's face as he reads The World's Angriest Boy in the World to a young David. Ptonomy says that David can see the face if he looks up, but David can't and the memory-room shakes. David leaves the memories and panics, and Syd assures him that she did the first thing at once.

In the past, David meets with a psychiatrist Dr. Poole and insists that he's not twitchy. :Poole asks about David's girlfriend Philly, and David says that he's not an easy guy to get along with. The psychiatrist points out that Philly left, and warns that a breakup can be very disruptive for someone with David's condition. David figures that Philly will come back, but the psychiatrist warns that the dynamic isn't healthy. When David mentions "the vapor," Poole asks what he means but David doesn't remember saying it. He says that David needs a more settled environment.

David leaves and finds Lenny waiting for him outside. She's sitting on a stove on a cart, and offers to cook for David. They push the stove into an alleyway and Lenny explains that she stole the stove from some girl that she finger-banged.

David wakes up and finds himself in an stuffed-animal exhibit at a museum. Ptonomy is with him and offers a glass of milk, saying that it will help. As David drinks, Ptonomy says that the first time is worst and that Melanie figures that David is the key to winning the war. The memory artist says that his father lost his memory due to a war injury, but he remembers everything going back to before his birth. Ptonomy asks about the World's Angriest Boy book, and David says that he doesn't remember it.

The Eye and the soldiers continue searching for Summerland.

That night, David goes out to the swings and Syd joins him. David wonders how the memory work is helping, and Syd says that she went through the same thing when she arrived at Summerland. She talks about their minds changed places when they kissed at the dayroom, and describes the voices that she heard when she experienced David's telepathy... and how she saw the Devil. Syd apologizes for killing Lenny with David's telekinesis, and David assures her that it wasn't her fault. He remembers what Lenny said and repeats it. Syd explains that Melanie and the others heard her use David's power came, and Division 3 came as well. Melanie's people grabbed Syd thinking that she was David. David wants to hug Syd, but she says that it's uncomfortable touching anyone, even when she wears gloves. He tells her not to be sorry because they're having a romance of the mind.

The next day, Cary Loudermilk administers a MRI to David. As Cary works, he talks to Kerry even though she isn't there. As the scan starts, Cary tells David to think of someone he loves. David remembers Amy telling him that Ben is going to propose to her when he gets back, and David tells her "good job." His sister is less than enthused at his response, and admits that she doesn't know for sure if Ben is right for her. Amy says that maybe things will work out for David and Philly, and figures he can have what everyone else has. David says that he's sick.

David finds himself with Lenny as she tries to get the stove to work so that they can trade it to the Greek for drugs. A dog barks at David, who hears the voices in his head. The Greek finally agrees and Lenny shows David the drugs that she scored. They go to their apartment and Lenny puts the blue in a vapor dispenser. She suggests that they break into Poole's place and steal some drugs, and the vapor emerges from the dispenser. David and Lenny go over to inhale it, and afterward David sees Lenny turn into the Devil.

Ptonomy freezes the memory and Melanie asks what David saw. David says that it's his brain, and Melanie insists that he's not schizophrenic and what he sees is real. Ptonomy returns to David talking to Poole earlier, and freezes it to point out a time jump. David insists that he's remembering everything. Ptonomy rewinds the memories and they see a flash of David in a kitchen six years earlier using his telekinesis. David insists that he doesn't remember, and Ptonomy takes them back to the memory.

They jump past the memory and find themselves in the 8-year-old David's room. Ptonomy warns that David is too strong, and Melanie tells David to trust them. The bedroom door slams shut and David backs away as the room shakes.

Later, David is remembering his childhood as Syd finds him. She asks what was in his memory, and David dismisses it as kid stuff. Syd asks if it was okay that she brought him to Summerland, and David assures her that it's fine. He asks if they're safe here, and Syd figures that they are but warns that Division 3 is coming from them. David hears her think that she'll protect him, and asks if she thought it. Syd doesn't know, and David says that he can't control his telepathy yet. However, she "thinks" that he's cute and David hears her.

Cary continues the MRI to map David's neural network. He tells David to think about what happened next.

Poole asks David when he started thinking that he could see another world out of the corner of his eye. David starts hearing Lenny talking, and Poole asks if he's using the new drug. His patient insists that he's clean, and David talks about the constellations he remembers from his childhood. He explains that his father was an astronomer and took him out to see them in the sky, and the stars would talk to him. When Poole asks what the stars said, the closet door opens on its own and David says that he's not supposed to talk about it.

As David remembers, Cary notices the network lighting up.

Poole closes the closet door and assures David that there's nothing to worry about.

In the MRI, David hears a woman whispering to him. Cary says that he didn't say anything. Kerry is in the lab and says that she didn't say anything either. The woman's voice asks where David is, and he realizes that it's Amy. David tunes out the other voices to focus on Amy.

Amy is at the psychiatric hospital. The receptionist tells her that they never had a David Haller there, but Amy insists that she's been there hundreds of times to visit her brother. The receptionist suggests that Amy should be admitted for her paranoid delusions.

Cary detects the enhanced activity from David's telepathy.

David telepathically calls to Amy, who hears him. The Eye and two soldiers arrive, and Amy screams.

The lights in the lab flicker and David tells Cary what happened. Cary goes to get someone, leaving David in the MRI chamber. The equipment shuts down and David hears a girl giggling and then something growling. The Devil appears at the end of the chamber... and the MRI machine disappears, leaving David lying alone in a room.

Melanie hears the staff talking and goes to investigate. A MRI chamber is sitting outside the main building.

Later, David tells Melanie that Division 3 has Amy. Melanie warns that David can't help his sister, but he says that he has to go. As he takes the elevator down, Syd joins him and asks if he's leaving because of her. David explains that he "heard" Amy and Division 3 found her. Syd tells him to stay and do the work so he can learn what they can do together, and then they'll rescue Amy. She assures David that they won't kill Amy because she's bait. David reluctantly gets back in the elevator and Syd goes with him.

Amy sits in a room and The Eye finally comes in carrying a case. He opens it, revealing a tank of small eel-like creatures inside. The Eye then asks Amy if they should begin.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 16, 2017

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