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Sinking Day Recap

Emily, Teddy, Ron, and Wendy are watching a newscast about an attack on Atlantis a week before Sinking Day, commemorating the sinking of Atlantis.

Later, Van calls Emily into his office and says that he just got the latest sales report. It says that sales have gone up, and Van admits that he's not a big chart guy. Van says that he's telling his father that it's time he get promoted to the Gotham office. Emily points out that sales went up the month that she started, but Van doesn't get it. Van Sr. is on the board of Wayne Industries and Van is going to fly to Gotham and talk to him.

A worker, Alex, comes in and calls Teddy "boss." Teddy complains that it's condescending, and they figure that there's something off about Alex. The news runs a story about a school bus going off a bridge, and Alex excuses himself. On the news, Marv Wolfman reports that a superhero, Olympian, has flown down and is lifting the bus to safety. The hero flies off and Ron suggests that Alex might be Olympian.

In the lab, Emily says that the greatest generator of supervillains is people falling into chemicals. She says that she wants things perfect for Ace Chemicals, their biggest client. Van comes in with Royce Kane, and Emily explains that they've changed the material on the vat grates. Royce says that he sent an email saying that they want to upgrade to force fields, and the email went to Van. Van denies receiving it, but Royce points out that he responded that it sounds good. Royce says that he has a company to run and they're going to LexCorp.

The team removes all of the Ace Chemicals equipment. Van is shocked to learn that the account was $75 million yearly. Emily points out that they don't have a rich daddy to protect them, just as Van Sr.'s helicopter lands on the roof. When Van Sr. comes down, Van pretends that he's on a phone call. His father is less than thrilled that Van lost their first client. Van points out that Van Sr. hates the Kanes, but Van Sr. tells Van that it's time to face the consequences of his actions. He says that Van has lost the last shred of respect that he had for him, and walks out.

Later, Van calls Emily in and says that her father is poor so it doesn't matter if she has his respect. Emily says that her father kept his flower shop open through thick and thin. Van wants her to help him regain his father's mistake. She doesn't know how to do it, and Van calls for Teddy to tell him. Emily echoes Van's early words about her not having any vision of her own, and wants to be promoted to SVP and get his "I'm the Boss" Van agrees and starts making calls.

The team compares a photo of Olympian to Alex across the room and figure that he's the superhero. Teddy drops Jackie's mug in front of Alex and he jumps over it. However, Ron points out that Alex wouldn't have given himself away by catching it.

That night, Van is in his office playing guitar when Emily comes in. He says that making calls hard so he took a break. Emily explains that she called Atlantis and they want to hear their pitch. They can supply security products to Atlantis, and it's bigger than Ace Chemicals.

The next day, a team from Atlantis--Lars, Albert, and Anthony-- arrives to see the presentation. Emily shows them the presentations, and the three Atlanteans say that they'll give them an answer in a couple of weeks, and they have to go back for Sinking Day. Van jumps in and claims that he throws a big party for Sinking Day, and he knows Aquaman. The Atlanteans are impressed and ask if they can attend the party. Van has no choice but to agree and promise that Aquaman will be there.

Back in Van's office, Van orders himself a gift basket. Emily points out that he doesn't know Aquaman, and they'll lose the deal when they don't see Aquaman. Van insists that they had to get a "yes" from them before they left, and says that they'll figure it out after they wow the party. Emily points out that they don’t know what Sinking Day is, and Van says that she has to make his vision a reality. She says that she hoped to work for someone inspiring but ended up with Van. Emily says that she's starting to get where Van Sr. is coming from.

Jackie orders the gift basket, and Ron calls her and Teddy over. He says that he's been tracking Alex's bathroom habits and figures that's when he changes into his Olympian costume. Ron is putting "Fake Lady Getting Mugged" into effect, and yells that he's seeing someone on the street getting mugged. As everyone gathers, Ron tells Jackie and Teddy that he put a camera in the bathroom so they could watch Alex change. Ted insists that Alex isn't a superhero, and Jackie points out that Alex has disappeared just as Olympian flies past the window.

The Atlanteans arrive for the Sinking Day party that Emily has set up. They point out that it's a lot better than any party they've ever been to. The caterers quickly take away the tuna dinner, and the Atlanteans ask where Aquaman is. Van comes out and says that Aquaman can't make it, but he sent presents for each of them. Lars admits that they were going to go with a local company, and Van sends them to a conference room. Emily admits that there are some things she can learn from Van, just as Van Sr. comes in and says that he'll handle it rather than let Van handle it.

Van goes to his office and plays the guitar. Emily comes in and tells Van that he put in the work and did something great, and her dad would have respected that. She tells van to go and be the boss if he wants his father's respect.

Van Sr. is telling the Atlanteans how he started his business when Van comes in and says that his mother has found out about Van Sr.'s mistress. Outside, Van Sr. confronts Van and tells him to stop playing games. Van takes control and says that he set everything up, and it's his account to close. Van Sr. tells him that the Atlanteans tell him that they only want to deal with van and Emily, and that for the first time of his life he was almost proud of him... but the moment has passed.

Jackie chats up Alex while Teddy, Ron, and Wendy review the video. There's no sign of Alex changing into his costume, and Teddy tells Ron to drop it. When Jackie goes to get drinks, Wendy hits Alex with a chair and he goes down. As she figures that Alex isn't a superhero, Van and Emily bring in the Atlanteans and say that they have a new customer.

That night, Emily sings along to Van playing the guitar and singing a song about their fathers.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 17, 2017

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