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Searcher in the Mist Recap

Dr. Karen Kreiger is working later at Techtadyne developing new and unusual weaponry for the Department of Defense. She hears glass break and calls, asking if it's Billy. Karen goes to investigate and finds a cage broken open from the inside. An orangutan, Cookie, runs past her and out into the night.

Later, Searcher arrives at Techtadyne and promptly has a dumpster dumped on him. He goes to Karen's lab and takes out a rabbit, Brucie. Karen comes in and warns Searcher not to touch Brucie. Brucie bites Searcher's hand, and Searcher is busy staring at Karen in a bikini. Once he frees his hand, Karen introduces herself and explains that she was in the tank working with the dolphins. She tells Searcher that Techtadyne has a government with the government to do research in animal behavior modification. They train animals to be assassins, and Cookie escaped. They were training Cookie to assassinate Saddam Hussein but they only got as far as the mustache. Karen figures that Cookie is still on the grounds and gives Searcher a receiver for the collar that Cookie is wearing. Searcher knocks over a bottle of sulfuric acid and leaves.

Searcher goes to the grounds behind Techtadyne and tracks Cookie, wearing a fake mustache. He discovers that Cookie has strapped the collar to a beehive and runs in terror. Cookie trips him with a branch and moves in for the kill. Searcher rips off the fake mustache but Cookie hits him with a stick and runs off. When Searcher lassos Cookie, the orangutan keeps running and drags Searcher into some rocks.

Cookie ties Searcher up, and Searcher wakes up and realizes that Cookie is far more than a killing machine. He figures that Cookie is a caring creature and that she should find a mate and settle down. However, Searcher says that he doesn't get personally involved and he has to take Cookie back. Back at Techtadyne, Searcher sobs and begs Karen to let Cookie go free. She points out that Cookie is killed, and Searcher demonstrates otherwise by putting the fake mustache back and insisting that he's deprogrammed Cookie. Karen says that Searcher has an obligation to do the right thing, and Searcher takes Cookie with him.

Searcher and Cookie drive to the South American rain forest. Once they arrive, Searcher drops Cookie off so that the orangutan can live in the wild. To get the orangutan to leave, Searcher says that he hates her. As Searcher waves goodbye, a truck runs him over.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 17, 2017

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