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Blind Love Recap

Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.

At a hotel in the country, Monroe is holding Eve's hand and saying that he can feel the love.

On another balcony, Nick tells Rosalee that he loves her.

Adalind declares her love for Monroe.

Eve tells Nick that there's never been anyone else for her and kisses him.

36 Hours Earlier

At the loft, Eve wakes up and finds Diana standing over her. Diana asks if Eve's stomach hurts, and says that her stomach hurts when she feels sad. She asks if Eve feels sad, and if she wants Nick back. Eve says that it wouldn't be right because things are different, and Diana says that sometimes she misses Kelly. The girl asks where Kelly is, and Eve remembers Kelly being decapitated. Adalind comes in and tells Diana that it's time to get packed so she can stay at Renard's house.

Monroe comes down to the kitchen and Rosalee offers him a cup of coffee. He identifies it by scent and Rosalee tells him to close his eyes. She kisses him and then says that they're going to the Columbian Gorge Hotel for his birthday. All of their friends are coming, and Rosalee tells him to get dressed.

Nick goes in to check as Adalind helps Diana pack. Adalind tells Diana not to say anything to Renard about the symbols in the tunnels. Diana wonders why, and Adalind says that they don't know what it means yet and it could be dangerous. Once Diana agrees, they go out to the car.

Eve is taking a shower and then steps out and combs her hair in the mirror. A dark blue spot appears in the mirror, and spreads. Eve calls to Nick but gets no response. The blueness fills the mortal and becomes the portal to Hell that Eve saw when the Black Claw killer grabbed her hand. A demonic skull face looks out at her and she screams for Nick. Nick comes in and the demon looks at him. It and portal disappear, and Nick figures that they shouldn't tell Monroe and Rosalee until they know what they're dealing with.

Adalind arrives at Renard's house and Diana offers to make breakfast. Once she goes to the kitchen, Adalind says that she'll be back Sunday night to pick her up. Someone outside watches Diana and Renard.

Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the hotel and he thanks her for making it happen. They go to the lobby and see Nick, Eve, and Adalind. Wu and Hank arrive and they agree to have dinner that night at 8. The bellhop, Randy, helps Nick and Adalind into the elevator and says that he's worked there for a couple of years. After Randy comes back to the lobby, he calls his mother and tells her to get her husband to call him because Nick is at the hotel.

Diana makes chocolate chip cookies and then starts drawing symbols. Renard asks where she saw them, and Diana tells him that Adalind told her not to tell him what she saw in the tunnels. He takes a picture of them and figures that Adalind thought that they were important. Diana agrees and says that Adalind mentioned that the symbols might be dangerous.

The doorbell rings and Renard finds a deliveryman with a spruce. It has a note saying that it's a housewarming gift from the officers at the precinct. While Renard deals with the delivery, a man chloroforms Diana. When Renard goes back, he discovers that Diana is gone. There's a leaf on the floor, and Renard realizes that someone broke in and kidnapped the girl. He starts to make a call, and then shrugs and eats a cookie.

That night at the hotel dining room, Randy is setting the table when his father William calls from prison. Randy tells him that the cop that took William down is there for two nights. He promises to make Nick pay for what he did for them. William tells him to double the dose of the serum he's going to give to Nick and his friends, and Randy says that he'll triple them... and calls his father back when they're all dead. He then breaks into each friends' room and takes a hair to make his potion.

In the bar, Nick tells the group about how he and Monroe first met. The maitre d' tells them that their table is ready. In the kitchen, Randy pours champagne, woges, and releases some saliva into each drink, and then puts a hair in.

At the dining table, Monroe thanks his friends for coming.

In the kitchen, Randy bumps into a waitress, Holly, and she catches one of the champagne glasses as it falls. As she does, one of her hairs falls into the champagne.

Monroe describes how he fell in love with Rosalee and their first kiss. Randy arrives with the complimentary champagne and Hank takes Rosalee's glass because she's pregnant. They share a toast to Monroe and drink, while Randy mutters for Nick to enjoy it while he can.

Later, Adalind and Nick go to their room and go to bed. Nick says that Randy looked a little familiar but doesn't remember from where.

Renard is eating cookies and looking at the photos of Diana's drawings. Someone sends a photo of a sleeping Diana and then calls. It's Grossante, who says that Renard threatened to have him arrested. Renard says that he wasn't being himself, but Grossante demands that Renard makes him captain or Diana will die.

The next morning, Nick and Adalind wake up and move away from each other.

Rosalee wakes up and turns to the sleeping Monroe. As she kisses him, Monroe wakes up and looks at her, unsettled. He goes to get coffee and just says "Whatever" when she offers to meet him on the patio.

After he shares, Hank stares admiringly at himself in the mirror.

Diana wakes up and asks who Grossante. When he says that he's the man that Renard stabbed in the back, Diana says that it was Conrad and she wants to go home. Grossante woges and tells her that she isn't going anywhere. She points out that she said please, and Diana sends him flying back through the room with a magical gesture. As he stares at her in horror, Diana slams him back and forth through the room.

Nick and Monroe go down to the breakfast buffet, and Holly refills the dishes. Wu joins them and when he sees Holly, he stares at her and says that she's really beautiful. When Holly leaves, Wu goes after her.

Monroe goes out on the patio and Randy watches him. Meanwhile, Monroe sees Eve walking by and goes after her while Randy watches in satisfaction.

When Nick goes back to his room, Rosalee comes out and Nick stares at her enraptured. She goes downstairs and Nick goes after her.

Hank continues admiring himself in the mirror and says that he is one damned good-looking man.

Wu approaches Holly in the kitchen and asks if she believes in love at first sight. She humors him and takes the food to the buffet, and Wu continues staring at her, enraptured.

Monroe approaches Eve and starts reciting poetry. He takes her hand and says that it's love. Eve breaks away and goes back to the hotel.

Rosalee goes out to the patio and Nick joins her. He starts praising her eyes and says that they were meant to be together... and he loves her. Rosalee tells him to stop, but Nick says that she's the only one for him. As Rosalee walks off, Eve comes out. She sees Nick and says that there's never been anything else for her than him. With that, she kisses him.

As Monroe goes to Eve's room, Adalind sees him and falls in love. She says that she wants Monroe and kisses him, just as Rosalee comes over. Monroe says that it's real love and he can't live a lie. He tells his wife that he's in love with Eve, and Adalind slaps him. Nick comes out with Eve hanging on him, and they all start fighting. Rosalee realizes that something is wrong.

Hank sings to his reflection.

Kelly starts crying and Eve complains that Adalind stole Nick from her.

Hank hears them fighting and goes to investigate. Rosalee says that she needs his help, and Hank says that he's been interrupted while admiring himself. He sees his reflection in the mirror in the hall and starts singing to it. Rosalee recognizes the spell and realizes that Randy engineered the entire thin, and goes to find him.

Grossante calls Renard and begs him for help. Renard says that he'll be there as soon as he can, while Diana finds Grossante hiding. She starts throwing him around again, and Renard hangs up.

Wu begs Holly to listen to her heart. She tells him to leave her alone, while Randy watches from the patio. Meanwhile, Wu threatens to kill himself if Holly leaves. Desperate, she walks off.

Rosalee searches the hotel and finally locates Randy. She tells him to make the spell stop and slaps him, and Randy woges and tells her that they're all going to die. Rosalee woges and figures that if she kills Randy then it will end the spell.

Nick and the others keep fighting.

Wu runs after Holly and threatens to throw himself off the cliff. As he goes to the ledge to jump, Randy runs up and grabs Holly, and tells Rosalee that he'll kill her if she doesn't back off. He explains why he wants revenge, and Wu hears Holly screaming. He woges and, and then attacks Randy as Randy woges. While Holly faints at the sight, Randy falls over the edge of the cliff.

When Randy dies, the spell ends and everyone recovers. Rosalee returns and Monroe wonders what he's done. He says that he loves her, and Rosalee assures him that it wasn't anyone's fault. She admits that Randy died, ending the spell.

Later, the local police arrive and Nick claims that Randy just snapped. He tells the others that he arrest William before he was a Grimm, and they figure Randy wouldn't have tried anything if he knew Nick was a Grimm. Monroe assures everyone that it didn't ruin his party.

Grossante crawls across the floor and begs for death. Renard arrives and Diana runs to him. She says that she had a good time with Grossante, and Renard promises that she'll have another play date with Grossante real soon. Diana says that she'll see Grossante soon as Renard takes her away, and Grossante collapses in agony.

Everyone sings Happy Birthday to Monroe. Holly serves some complimentary champagne and everyone stares at it in horror.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 18, 2017

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