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Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk Recap

Mxyzptlk materializes candles, musicians, and flowers. He then offers Kara a ring and says that he loves her and wants her to be his wife. Mxyzptlk asks if she will marry him, and Mon-El grabs Mxyzptlk and says that Kara is with him. When Mon-el swings at Mxyzptlk, he teleports away, strips him down to his underwear, and teleports him to the DEO.

Kara demands answers from Mxyzptlk, asking where he is from. The imp says that he's an interdimensional man about town and conjures Kara into a dress. When Kara says that it's not okay, Mxyzptlk apologizes for coming on strong. He explains that he watched her across the dimensions and there's no one as brave and beautiful as her. Kara says that she's not going to marry him, and he admits that he can't make people fall in love or kill themselves. He figures that Kara is playing hard to get, and says that he chose Kara as her mate and will impress her with his feats and eventually she will fall in love with him. With that, he teleports away.

Kara flies to the DEO and tells the team what happened. Hank has heard of them on Mars but never encountered one. Mxyzptlk is a fifth-dimensional lifeform whose abilities appear to be magic. Mon-El says that they had a zero-tolerance ability for them on Daxam and warns that they're very dangerous. Hank has Winn scan for reports of previous encounters with fifth-dimensional beings, and Winn says that they're ready to send Hank's message to Mars. Hank explains that it was traditional on Mars to send messages so he's sending one to Megan. Once Hank leaves, Kara leads Mon-El off and points out that something was happening between them before Mxyzptlk showed up. She wants to get back to that once she deals with Mxyzptlk.

The next day at Alex's apartment, Alex shows Maggie a Valentine's Day from her mother. Maggie reads it out loud and says that she hates Valentine's Day. Alex hesitantly agrees.

Winn is drinking alone at the bar and complains about how Valentine's Day sucks. An alien snarls at him, but a woman , Lyra Strayd, comes over and tells him to put the alien down. She then attacks the alien and his friend, easily disposing of both of them. Once she's done, Lyra comes over and Winn introduces himself. Lyra says that she's from Starhaven and says that a blight came and destroyed thousands. Winn quotes from the one Starhaven book that he's translated, The Book of the Ten-Pointed Star, and Lyra tells him that her father read it to her when she was little. She asks Winn to have dinner with her, pointing out that he owes her, and it's Valentine's Day.

Robbers are fleeing a jewelry store when Supergirl flies down. They shoot at her without effect, and Mxyzptlk appears and turns the guns against them. When they try to run, he immobilizes them and fires the guns. Supergirl catches them and Mxyzptlk says that it's time to let the wooing begin.

Kara returns to the DEO and tells Hank that Mxyzptlk teleported away. Winn tells them reports of magical imp-like beings that have encountered humans for centuries. Mon-El says that on Daxam they crushed them, but Kara insists that she'll handle it without killing. Hank points out that they have some alien artifacts and one of them might deal with Mxyzptlk. Winn gets a text Lyra reminding him about their date.

Alex meets Kara at her apartment and suggests that Mon-El might be jealous. They go in and find hundreds of flowers that Mxyzptlk teleported in. When Kara suggests that Alex give some of them to Maggie, Alex asks for some advice. She explains that Maggie hates Valentine's Day, and she was excited to finally be in a relationship where she could celebrate all the cheesy stuff couples celebrate. Kara suggests that Alex and Maggie celebrate it their own way, and Alex lists the things that Maggie like. Her foster sister suggests that she create a tailor-made holiday for the two of them.

A car crashes outside and the two women go to the window. Parasite is roaming through the streets, and Supergirl flies down to fight him. She heat-visions Parasite but he knocks her back and prepares to feed on her. Mon-El arrives and attacks Parasite, who throws him down the street. As he recovers, a familiar red-and-blue-clad figure flies down and puts out a burning tanker before it can explode. However, he turns to reveal that it's Mxyzptlk. He dismisses Mon-El as a fraud and a thug, and says that Kara requires someone with wit and power.

Mxyzptlk admits that he created a magical construct to pose as Parasite, and Mon-El tells him to say his name backward and return home. Supergirl tells Mon-el to go, reminding him that she said she would handle it. Once Mon-El leaves, Supergirl asks Mxyzptlk what it will take to get him off the planet. Mxyzptlk tells her that all she has to do is marry him... or things will go badly for Earth.

Mon-El meets Kara back at the DEO and complains that she sided with Mxyzptlk. She explains that she sent Mon-El away so that Mxyzptlk wouldn't destroy him, and she doesn't need Mon-El to defend her. Mon-El says that she's not a good judge of what she can handle, and Kara figures that's why he didn't tell her about Mxyzptlk's weakness. The Daxamite warns that it never works, and complains that Kara is hard on him. Kara figures that he's jealous, and Mon-el says that she's full of herself and has an unfair double standard. She tells Mon-El that she expects better from him, and figures that he's the same macho egotistical Daxamite he's always been. They agree that they shouldn't be together and Kara walks off.

When Mon-El finds Winn, Winn admits that he's having a girl issue. He asks Mon-El for advice on women, and Mon-El says that he was better off objectifying women. Winn shows him the artifacts that he's found, including an amulet that radiates fifth-dimensional energy. While the sensors analyze it, Winn goes to dinner with Lyra. Once he leaves, Mon-El takes the amulet.

Maggie returns to Alex's apartment and finds the table set with her favorite things. Alex comes in and Maggie angrily reminds her that she said she hated Valentine's Day. The one thing she hates is not being heard, and starts to walk out. Alex tells her that they're in a relationship and reminds Maggie that she said not to hold back her feelings. Maggie admits that she lied about her parents being supportive of her coming out. On Valentine's Day Maggie shared her feelings with the first girl she loved, and the girl told her parents and they called Maggie's parents. Maggie's father kicked her out and Maggie had to live with an aunt for three years. She wanted it to be better for Alex, and leaves.

Winn meets Lyra at the bar and he apologizes for being late. He says that he got reservations for them at a restaurant, but Lyra just kisses him and says that she wants him.

At the DEO, Kara is trying out how to say "Mxyzptlk" backwards. Hank comes in and looks for the amulet, and they realize that Mon-El took it.

Mon-El flies to the alleyway outside the bar and calls out Mxyzptlk. Mxyzptlk accepts his challenge to the death, and teleports Mon-El to the stage. They're wearing the costumes of Hamilton and Burr, and Mxyzptlk offers Mon-El one of two dueling pistols. The imp warns that Mon-El will only get one shot, and Mon-El immediately shoots him. Mxyzptlk laughs and shrugs off the wound, and says that he would never give someone a gun who could hurt him. Mon-El uses the amulet on Mxyzptlk, negating his powers, and then punches him into the air. Mxyzptlk gets up and the two men fight. Mxyzptlk says that he is a god and Mon-el is a loser, and reveals that that he grabbed the amulet from Mon-El. He destroys it, chains up Mon-El, and prepares to shoot him with a lead bullet.

Supergirl arrives and agrees to marry Mxyzptlk. Mxyzptlk immediately agrees and Mxyzptlk frees Mon-El. Supergirl says that she wants to get married in the Fortress of Solitude per her people's tradition, and that she'll meet Mxyzptlk there at noon the next day.

The next morning-Mon-El visits Kara at her apartment and admits that he's jealous of Mxyzptlk. He begs her not to marry Mxyzptlk, but Kara insists that she'll handle it and marry Mxyzptlk to stop him from hurting other people and killing Mon-El. She says that they'll make a new team, and Mon-El says that he thought they were going to do that. Kara tells Mon-El that they're too different and tells him to go.

Later at the DEO, Kara looks for Alex and runs into Maggie. Maggie says that she was going to apologize to Alex for walking out, and Kara suggests that Maggie might make some changes for Alex because Alex likes Valentine's Day.

Mxyzptlk arrives at the Fortress and says that it's time. Supergirl flies in and says that she's not going to marry him because it won't work between them. She says that love is about putting someone else's needs above their own, and Mxyzptlk animates the statue of Jor-El and sends it to attack Supergirl. The statue finally knocks Supergirl down, and flies back to the attack and shatters the statue. Mxyzptlk warns that he'll hound Supergirl across the stars until she marries him.

Supergirl seals the Fortress and sets the Atomic Cauldron to self-destruct. She explains that the Fortress will contain the blast, and points out that Mxyzptlk said earlier that he can't stop someone from killing themselves. Supergirl says that she'd rather die than be with him, but Mxyzptlk figures that she's bluffing. However, he quickly gives in but Supergirl refuses to give him the cancellation code. Mxyzptlk begs Supergirl to stop it and spare herself, and she shows him the keys to enter the code. The self-destruct shuts down... and Mxyzptlk realizes that he spelled out K L T P Z Y X M: his name, backwards. Supergirl points out that she played by the rules, and Mxyzptlk prepares to blast her... but a portal opens. He says that he just wanted someone to love him, and Supergirl says that he has to let love find him as he disappears.

Later, Lyra arrives at the restaurant and goes to the waiting Winn. She says that everyone is staring at him, but Winn assures her that she's beautiful. Lyra is surprised that Winn called her and she's never met an alien that is up to dating. Winn tells her that now she has, and admits that what scares him is falling for anyone after having his heart trampled on a few times. Lyra says that she's been through the same thing, and Winn assures her that she's not just a one-time experience for him. He then suggests that they take it slow, and Lyra agrees... and tells Winn to take her to his apartment.

Alex returns home and finds a present on the table. It has a card inviting her to a gymnasium. Maggie is waiting and tells Alex that it's Alex's belated Valentine's Day prom. She apologizes for not considering Alex's feelings, and assures Alex that she's crazy about her. They kiss and then dance.

Mon-El visits Kara at her apartment and tells her that she's awesome for tricking Mxyzptlk. He apologizes for acting like an ass and says that Kara is his Kryptonite. He's never felt the way he does for anyone, and is glad that she's okay. They're both happy that Kara didn't marry Mxyzptlk. Kara asks Mon-El to stay, and Kara tells him that she didn't mean what she said earlier. She just pretended so that Mon-El would go and because Mxyzptlk might have been listening. Kara assures Mon-El that she thinks that they're a match, and Mon-El points out that nothing is stopping them now. They kiss and fall back onto the couch.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 21, 2017

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