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Attack on Gorilla City Recap

Harrison Wells runs through the jungle... and something leaps out and grabs him.

Jesse tells the team that her father disappeared two weeks ago when he went to Gorilla City on Earth-2.They sent Grodd there when he went after Caitlin, and they received a mathematical cryptogram from the gorillas to Harrison to meet with them. Harrison mounted an expedition with ten other people, but they failed multiple check-ins and a search party found the bodies of the other expedition members, beaten to death. Harrison wasn't there, and Barry figures that the gorillas took him captive. H.R. comes in and Jesse assumes that it's her father until the team explains. They tell H.R. that Harrison has been kidnapped and Jesse is his daughter, and H.R. apologizes.

Barry remembers one of the future headlines about Central City recovering from a gorilla attack. He figures that Grodd is planning to come back to their Earth, and that if they save Harrison then it will change the future. Barry insists on going to Earth-2 to rescue his friend, and Cisco and Caitlin both agree to go with him. Jesse insists on going as well, but Barry says that their Central City needs protecting while he's gone. Wally demonstrates his superspeed and Jesse unenthusiastically says that it's awesome.

At the police lab, Barry asks Julian to cover for him. He finally explains that a friend is lost on a parallel earth, When Barry says that Caitlin is going with him, Julian warns that Caitlin can't control her ice powers as it is. Julian is intrigued by the idea of sentient apes and agrees to cover for Barry.

That night, Barry talks to Iris about what to do while he's gone. She says that Barry doesn't have to do it for her, and Barry tells her that everything that he does is for her. Joe and Wally say goodbye to Barry, and Julian arrives in jungle gear. He says that Singh thinks that he's out of town at a conference, and Barry agrees. Caitlin says that Julian doesn't need to come, but he tells her that he wouldn't miss the chance to go to another dimension. He shows them the gun that he brought, and Barry assures Jesse that she'll see Harrison soon. Cisco opens a breach and the four travelers go through. They arrive in a jungle in Africa on Earth-2 and follow Harrison's GPS. As they go, Barry explains that Grodd will need Harrison to open a breach to their earth. If they rescue Harrison then they prevent the gorilla attack.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally finds Jesse and suggests that they go for a run. She puts him off and says that she's worried about her father. After Jesse leaves, Joe and Iris comes in and Wally points out that Jesse has been acting weird ever since she got there. They figure that Jesse is just worried about her father, and they get a warning about a bank robbery. Jesse comes back, and she and Wally speed to the bank. Kid Flash defeats them in a matter of seconds, and people come up to applaud Kid Flash.

As the group follows Harrison's GPS, Caitlin tells Julian that she meet her evil doppelganger on Earth-2. She explains that Killer frost is dead, and Julian assures her that it won't happen to her. Caitlin says that it's nice having Julian there, and they continue on ahead. They track Harrison's phone and find it on the ground, and Barry realizes that it's trap. Someone shoots them with tranq darts and they all go down in matter of seconds. Grodd drops down from the trees with his fellow gorillas and says that he knew that they would come.

When the team wakes up, they find themselves in cells in Gorilla City. Barry and Cisco realize that something is negating their powers, and Barry figures that Grodd is dampening them. Harrison comes in and Grodd speaks through Harrison's mouth. Grodd says that he needs Barry's help, and says that he is forced to serve under the rule of Solovar. Solovar is the ruler of Gorilla City, and he wants to rule the humans. Grodd claims that Solovar is afraid that the humans will attack, and now that Barry is there, Solovar will attack the humans. They will be sent to the arena to be executed, and Solovar will kill them himself. If Solovar is defeated then the gorillas would no longer follow him. Barry refuses to kill anyone, but Grodd says thatit is the only law gorillas understand. If Solovar falls then Grodd takes his place, and will keep the gorillas in Gorilla City. Grodd says that Earth-1 is still his home and there are those among them that he will never forget. Grodd drops his control of Harrison and comes in, and says that if they kill Solovar then Central City will be spared.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Wally approaches Jesse and asks why she's being so cold to him. She wonders why she never heard from him now that he has powers, and Wally asks her to stay. Jesse says that she can't, and wonders if Wally was attracted to speed and not her. She figures that he's complete now that he has speed, and walks away.

Caitlin asks Barry if he can take a life. Before he can respond,Solovar and Grodd come in. When Grodd claims that he was going to tell Solovar that humans were there, Solovar slaps him aside and demands toknow why they came there. Barry insists that he means them no harm, but Solovar speaks through Cisco and says that they will all die so that the gorillas can see Solovar's power. Barry offers to fight Solovar. If he beats him then Solovar lets his friends go and they promise to leave alone. Solovar promises that they will suffer and then he will kill them all.

Flash is taken to the arena and faces Solovar. He speeds forward but solovar knocks him across the arena and charges. Solovar smashes him down and Flash speeds around the arena walls. His teammates tell him to use a lightning throw, and Flash accelerates around the arena walls. Solovar leaps into the air and unleashes a shock wave when he hits, knocking Flash down. When Julian mentions that it's the rervesal of their fortunes, Cisco gets an idea and tells Flash to pull a Reverse Flash, and Flash slams a vibrating hand into Solovar, knocking the gorilla out. However, the hero says that he won't kill Solovar and yells at the gorillas, saying that the humans only want peace. Grodd has his men fire a tranq dart into Flash's leg, knocking him out.

Later, Flash wakes up back in his cell. Harrison is in a cell, catatonic, and Grodd speaks through him. He says that he is now the ruler of Gorilla City, and Barry realizes that Grodd is the one who wants war. Cisco wonders why Grodd doesn't kill them, and Grodd says that he needs Cisco to open a breach to Earth-1. Once his army goes through, they will destroy Central City. Barry says that Grodd can't do it because it's logical, but Grodd insists that he's a gorilla and it's kill or be killed. Grodd drops his control of Harrison, comes in, and says that Barry will die.

That night, Barry tries to phase through the cell bars without success. Harrison wakes up and Caitlin assures him that Jesse is fine. He thanks them for coming, and Julian worries that they'll never escape. Barry insists that when there's life there's hope. Cisco suggests that they kill him so that Grodd can't open a breach, and wants Caitlin to do it because Grodd doesn't know that she has cold powers. Julian warns Caitlin that she if kills someone then she'll be Killer Frost for the rest of her life. She wonders if Julian came to protect her, and he says that doesn't want to see her become something she's not. Caitlin insists that no one is going to kill Cisco, but Barry says that the only way is for one of them to die.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, H.R. finds Jesse and she explains ab out Wally wanting her to stay there. She wonders if it's the right thing, and H.R. tells her that she has to go for love or she'll have to live with regret. He wishes Jesse luck and leaves.

When Grodd returns to the cells, he finds Barry dead on the floor. Caitlin says that he started coughing violent and then collapsed, and says that the injury must have crushed one of his kidneys. Grodd enters the cell and confirms that Barry's corpse is cold, and says that Barry was of no use to him. The gorilla drags Barry out and tosses him aside, and then leaves. One Grodd is gone, Harrison whispers to Barry that their captor is gone. Barry vibrates his molecules to normal temperature, and assures Caitlin that she didn't freeze him too much. He frees his friends and they head out.

Barry speeds his teammates out into the jungle beyond Grodd's powers. They hear gorillas approaching and Cisco opens a breach. The team goes through and the breach sloses, and Grodd roars s he arrives.

The team arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs where their friends are waiting. Harrison thanks them for their help, and takes in his doppelganger H.R. H.R. admits that he's not a technical genius, but Cisco admits that they couldn't do it without him.

Later, Wally comes to see Jesse as she looks after her sleeping father. She apologizes for her earlier behavior, and Wally says that he understands. Jesse asks him what his reaction would be if she decides to stay on Earth-1, and Wally kisses her. H.R. comes in and is happy that Jesse took his advice, and Wally and Jesse quickly excuse themselves.

Julian goes after Caitlin and apologizes for overstepping earlier. She says that she likes him but is afraid of her powers and what they could do to anyone who gets close to him. Caitlin tells Julian to fear her, and Julian agrees… and suggests that they get dinner and be afraid together. She agrees and they walk off.

At the loft, Barry tells Iris that they changed the future without changing who they are. He figures that they can stop Savitar, and Iris wonders how he stays positive in the face of overwhelming odds. Barry tells her that he plans to live a long life with iris and nothing will take it from him, and they kiss.

On Earth-2, Grodd rules Gorilla city and tells Gypsy to open the breaches and then his army will march on Central City.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 22, 2017

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