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Indiana Johnson and the Nazi Granddaughters Recap

A TV reporter interviews Mr. Awesome about his Presidential bid, and the Awesomes are watching. Concierge thinks something strange is going on, but Prock is sure his father knows what he's doing. The team is sharing office space with Prankdudez, thanks to a loan Concierge obtained.

Deep in the jungles of South America, Vasquez makes his way through an ancient temple. In the central chamber is an altar containing the secret to immortality: the Weeping Angel Stone. However, Vasquez is shocked to see that it's gone. He drops his torch, setting off a trap that destroys the temple. The explorer gets out just in time and finds three teenage girls waiting for him. They explain that they followed him and demand the Weeping Angel Stone. Vasquez says that he doesn't have it, and the leader of the girls introduces herself as Mackenzie Hitler, granddaughter of Adolf Hitler. The other girls are Hailey Himmler and Taylor Goebbels, and together they are... the Nazi Granddaughters. They move in and attack Vasquez.

In deep space at the Alien Jam Band, the band returns to their bus and finds Malocchio waiting with pizza and tacos. The band really likes the food, and one of them suggests that Malocchio go into business for himself. Malocchio is soon running a food truck with Earth food.

On Earth, Perfect Man calls Prock and says that things are crazy at Awesome HQ since Mr. Awesome started his candidacy. Perfect Man flies over to deliver Prock's mail, smashing through the wall, and offers them money if they need it. Once he leaves, Prock discovers that he has a letter from Indiana Johnson, an old friend of the Awesomes. Indiana's partner Vasquez is missing and since the Awesomes are now for hire, he wants the team to help in the search. He's sending them a $50,000 advance to fly to Buenos Aires, and Prock books a flight through Priceline.

The team arrive at Indiana's estate and the explorer explains that his partner was looking for the Weeping Angel Stone: a jewel in an ancient tomb that can be used to bring the dead back to life. The explorer's last entry says he was heading to a volcano deep in the Selva de Fuego.

The Awesomes head into the jungle with Indiana and find the temple... and Vasquez's corpse. Indiana realizes that the stone was never there, and knows where to find it. After negotiating a new mission fee, the group heads to the Amazon.

In class, the Nazi Granddaughters are caught passing notes. The teacher Mr. Williams reads the note, revealing that Indiana and the Awesomes are looking for the stone. The Granddaughters plan to take it once the Awesomes recover it.

Indiana and the Awesomes come to the Temple of the Weeping Angel Stone and the team easily bypasses the maze with their powers while Prock calculates a way through. Muscleman drags Vasquez's corpse along with them, and they come to the River of Fire. Impresario easily creates a ski lift to pass over it, but they set off a trap that collapses the floor on the other side. Tim falls but Indiana pulls him to safety just in time. Muscleman punches a hole in the wall so they can bypass the next 17 trials, and Indiana grabs the stone. A giant ball rolls down, and the group runs out ahead of it. It turns out to be a giant water balloon prank set by Muscleman. Indiana uses the stone on Vasquez, bring him to "life" as a screaming corpse briefly before he becomes fully human again.

One week later, the Weeping Angel Stone is on display at a museum. Vasquez's memories are hazy after being brought back to life and he doesn't remember who killed him. The only people there are some schoolchildren on a field trip... including the Nazi Granddaughters. They sneak in the corpses of their grandfathers, and then Mackenzie flirts with Prock and gets him to tell her that the stone on display is a fake and the guards will change shift when the real one is brought out. Perfect Man calls Prock and admits that he's jealous being stuck on campaign duty while the Awesomes do real work. Prock says that he has to go and hangs up, just as Mr. Awesomes in to ask Perfect Man for his opinion on ties. He sees the newscast about the Awesomes and complains that they're vigilantes. Awesome warns that if anyone on his new team was caught associating with Prock's team, it would look bad for his candidacy.

At the museum, Indiana makes his presentation and warns that the stone is underneath a super-heavy dome. Muscleman accidentally lifts it and Taylor grabs the stone. She tosses it to Hillary when the Awesomes stop her, and Hillary brings the animal exhibits to life. The Granddaughters bring Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler to life.

Perfect Man sees the revived dinosaurs on the TV and wonders how to kill them. He mentions it to Awesome, who says that an asteroid killed the dinosaurs... so Perfect Man flies into space, grabs an asteroid, and spots Malocchio on the Moon. Malocchio doesn't recognize the hero due to his amnesia, and Perfect Man reminds him of who he is before he goes to throw the asteroid at the moon.

Hitler and his group ride through Buenos Aires on the dinosaurs, using the stone to resurrect Nazis from the cemeteries. Gadget Gal confronts Hitler and complains that he sold her a terrible painting when he was just a student.

Perfect Man throws the asteroid at Earth.

The Awesomes take out the dinosaurs and Nazis, but the Granddaughters drive around and bring them back to life with the stone. Prock tries to talk them out of it, but Mackenzie insists that her grandfather had a dream and will finally finish what he started. Taylor calls the Awesomes "queeros" and Mackenzie and Hillary take offense. Prock gets an idea and tells Taylor that her friends are trying to take credit for the plan. The other Awesomes join in and the Granddaughters are soon arguing among themselves. Frantic grabs the stone and Impresario imprisons the Granddaughters.

Muscleman destroys the stone and the Awesomes make quick work of the remaining dinosaurs. The team turns the girls over to Mr. Williams for six months' detention, and Prock is happy that they completed a real mission. Perfect Man arrives and explains that he threw an asteroid toward Earth, just as it rockets down from the sky. Everyone panics, but Awesome arrives and throws the asteroid back into space.

Back at their office, the Awesomes discover that Awesome's approval ratings are higher than ever. Ther'es nothing in the news about the team, but Prock is happy they defeated three of the world's great villains. The Nazi zombies they brought back as target dummies come back to life... and the Prankdudez workers remove their masks.

In space, the band talks about how awesome their mister was and how they should warn everybody. Malocchio starts to remember Mr. Awesome and how he was supposed to warn people he had turned evil. The former villain finally remembers his mission and says that he has to go.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 30, 2015

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