Camelot/3000 Recap

Detroit, 3000

Charles McNider is working in a lab when Rip arrives and greets Charles by name. Charles explains that he was able to regain his eyesight thanks to future technique, and Rip notices that Charles is working with a bio-morphic implant that can modify its host's neural impulses. Rip figures that it can amplify violent impulses, and tells Charles that a new threat is after the Spear fragments. He plans to take the shard under Charles' protection to the Vanishing Point, and Charles points out that Rip said that the Time Masters can' be trusted. Realizing that his pretense has failed, Rip shoots Charles. Charles promises that Rip will never find it, but Rip figures that Charles has hidden the fragment inside of him and takes out a knife.

On Waverider, Sara tells the team that Lily's algorithm has indicated a fragment in Detroit, 3000. They set course and when Hank worries about the future, Amaya suggests that he stay on the ship. As they arrive, hank insists that he's a time travel professional, and they argue until Sara tells them to shut up. She tells Nate to stay on the ship, and Gideon warns that the medallion isn't sensing the fragment.

Sara has it locate the last location of the fragment, and the Legends go to Charles' lab. There is blood on the floor and Sara finds Charles' corpse. Amaya explains that Charles is Dr. Mid-Nite of the Justice Society, and Mick points out that Charles wrote "RIP on the floor. The Legends realize that it's the name of Mid-Nite's killer: Rip.

Back on Waverider, the team figures that Rip remembers where the pieces of the Spear are. Amaya complains that Sara let Rip leave, and Sara says that they're not killers. As Amaya points out that Sara's sentiment might by why the team loses so often, Gideon reports that the algorithm has found another fragment of the Spear on Britannia in 507 AD

Nate and Ray suit up in armor and Ray looks forward to walking through the Age of Legends. He says that he was obsessed with Arthurian lore. Meanwhile, Mick visits Martin and confirms that he'll be skipping the mission as well. The former criminal realizes that Martin is up to something, and figures that he stole something. Martin finally shows him an implant that he took from Mid-Nite's lab.

As the team heads through the forest, Nate explains that the medieval era was a time of chaos. As he lectures them about disease, Sara realizes that they're being followed. Knights drop their camouflage and their armored leader rides out. Ray requests an audience with King Arthur, and the leader removes her helmet and identifies herself as Guinevere. She agrees to take them to Camelot.

When Guinevere and her men take the team to Camelot, Arthur and his knights are gathered around the Round Table. Guinevere explains that she came across the Legends as she tracked the Black Knight, and Arthur says that the Black Knight has been abducting his knights. He says that his wisest advisor will measure the truth of their words, and summons Merlin. A robed figure comes out and removes his hood... and reveals that she is Stargirl.

The Legends take Stargirl back to Waverider, and Stargirl explains that she adopted the identity of Merlin to fit into the era. Sara tells her about Charles' death, and Stargirl explains that the JSA's last mission was to recover the Spear and keep it from falling into enemy hands. They were joined by Rip, who said the Spear too powerful for anyone individual to possess. They broke the Spear into four pieces and Rip took them to three different pieces. To protect her piece of the Spear, Stargirl fashioned Camelot into the Camelot of legend.

Later at Camelot, the team feats with the knights. Stargirl assures Amaya that the Spear fragment is same. Meanwhile, Sara congratulates Guinevere on ambushing her, and Guinevere says that she was a warrior before she was a queen. She says that Arthur is on the hunt and the two women share a toast.

In the forest, Arthur fights the Black Knight. The Black Knight finally defeats Arthur, who tells his opponent to do his reverse. Damien lifts his visor, and Rip steps out to say that they have something worse than death in mind for Arthur.

Nate, Ray, and Jax drink and Ray spots Galahad seated at the Siege Perilous. He goes over to introduce himself, and Galahad invites him to sit. Ray fawns over him, saying that he's a big admirer, and Galahad says that he is but a servant who serves Arthur. Arthur comes in holding the Black Knight prisoner, but grabs Stargirl when she goes over to them. Damien and Rip remove their helmets and reveal that they have Arthur under a mind control device attached to his temple. Rip advises Stargirl to hand over the fragment or Arthur will kill her. Stargirl refuses to give it up, and Sara attacks the Legion's knights. The other Legends join in, and Arthur stabs Galahad and then threatens to kill himself under Rip's control. Damien tells them to give them the fragment by dawn or he'll return with an army of mind-controlled soldiers to bring Camelot down. Ray confirms that Galahad is dead and picks up his sword.

The next morning, Guinevere covers over Galahad's body. Sara tells her that she has to believe that Arthur can be saved, and Stargirl tells her that the Knights will look to Guinevere to be strong. When Guinevere says that Arthur is the queen, Stargirl tells her that she is a natural born commander and she can lead. Amaya tells Stargirl that they need to get the fragment out of Camelot. Stargirl points out that they couldn't protect Mid-Nite, and she's not taking the fragment anywhere.

Jax takes Rips' technology to Waverider, and Martin admits that he took an implant from Charles' lab. He says that the components appear to be a set, and they could be a transmitter and a receiver. Martin says that they need someone with a powerful brain to use the transmitter, and figures that his brain is powerful enough. All they need is a subject… and Jax and Martin look at Mick.

That night, Damien tells Arthur and his mind-controlled knights to prepare to march. Rip repeats the command, using the device, and Arthur obeys.

Martin hooks the receiver up to Mick's head and Martin commands him to stand up. Mick reports that he's hungry, and Martin realizes that it's not working. However, he notices that Rip is sending a signal to Arthur and his men.

Guinevere reviews her troops and tells them that evil draws close and hope is lost. However, she says that they must rise to the challenge as Arthur would have wanted, and they must remember who they are. The Knights cheer, and a scout reports that the dark army is approaching. The knights go to fight and Ray prepares to join them. Nate wonders if the dream is worth the risk, and Ray says that the dream meant the world to himself as a child and he still remembers. Nate checks his manuscript and finds a picture of Ray's funeral at Camelot.

In Camelot, Sara finds Amaya looking for the fragment. A light glows in Excalibur's handle as it rests in a stone at the center of the court. Sara asks if Amaya wants to go behind Stargirl's back, and Amaya says that there's no time for sentiment. With that, Amaya channels the strength of a gorilla and pulls Excalibur from the stone. The Spear tip is on the end of Excalibur. Stargirl comes in and orders Amaya to put the fragment down.

Rip and Damien approach Camelot with their troops, and Damien insists that they should meet on the battlefield rather than lay siege to Camelot. Rip points out that he's already received two fragments of the Spear, and Damien tells him to speak to him with respect.

Stargirl reminds Amaya that she left them, and Amaya insists that doing the right thing is more important. When Stargirl says that her heart belongs in Camelot, Amaya realizes that she's fallen in love with Stargirl. She warns that once the Legion get the fragment, the world as they know it is over. Stargirl tells Amaya to fulfill her oath and protect the Spear. The battle horns sound, and Sara and Amaya go out to join the knights.

Nate finds Ray arming himself with a light saber. When Nate tells him that Amaya has the fragment and there's no need to fight, Ray refuses to leave. He points out that the Knights are willing to die for an ideal: that they can all stand up for what is right. Ray refuses to walk away from that, and Nate warns him that if he doesn't leave then he's going to die. He explains about seeing Ray's funeral in the manuscript, but Ray figures that is the stuff that legends are made of.

Sara prepares Waverider for departure, and Jax objects to leaving people in trouble. As Nate realize, they realize that Ray isn't with him.

Guinevere knights Ray and declares him a defender of Camelot.

Nate finds the picture of Ray being knighted in the manuscript. Amaya says that they can't risk losing the Spear fragment, and Martin says that they just need a little more time to perfect the mind control transmitter. Mick refuses to let Ray fight alone, and Sara orders him to sit down. He tells her not to threaten him, and she prepares to fight him. Martin stands with Mick, and Amaya says that she won't lose a second team. She tells Sara to listen to her gut and let the team come before tactics. After a moment, Sara agrees and tells Martin, Jax, and Mick to take out the mind control device. Meanwhile, she, Amaya, and Nate will join the Knights.

In the lab, Jax gives the receiver to Martin and the transmitter to Mick. He suggests that it's about intensity, not brain power. Mick and Martin put on the devices, and Mick takes control of Martin's mind. They tell Mick to rest his brain until they're ready to take control of the Legion's army.

The two sides prepare to meet on the field of battle. They charge forward and Stargirl uses her star staff as a magic staff. Sara and her teammates leap into the battle, and Nate finds Ray and says that he came to fight for a friend.

Jax tells Mick to fill his mind with images of violence and overload the

On the battlefield, the mind control devices short out. Arthur charges toward Rip and cuts him down. Damien rides over to Rip and tells him that he doesn't do rescues, and rides off. Ray goes after Damien, and Sara goes to Rip. He figures that she's there to finish him off, just as Waverider arrives. Sara tells rip that she's saving his life.

Ray tracks down Damien, who steps out and tells him to give it up. Activating his light saber, Ray charges forward and the two men fight. Ray finally knocks Damien down and tells him to submit, but Damien shoots him in the chest with an energy gun. After Damien leaves, Nate finds Ray and runs to his friend. Ray is still alive, and reveals that he wore his Atom suit beneath his armor.

Later at Camelot, Arthur thanks Amaya for her services. Amaya approaches Stargirl afterward, and Stargirl says that she's staying. She's found a new home, just like Amaya has found a new home with the Legends. Once they hug, Nate tells Amaya that Ray is paying his respects to Guinevere.

Sara is saying goodbye to Guinevere, and Guinevere asks if she really has to leave. Ray comes in to say goodbye, and apologizes for interrupting. Guinevere assures Ray that there will always be a seat at the Round Table for him. As Ray and Sara go, Ray tells his teammate that every good legend ends with a kiss. Sara goes back and kisses Sara, and says goodbye.

Waverider departs and Nate admits to Ray that legends and histories aren't so different after all. He asks if Ray wants to know what the manuscript says, but Ray says that he'd rather make up his future as they go. The teammates leave... and the manuscript shows Ray being crowned king.

Jax visits Rip in his cell and says that he's glad Sara stopped him from killing Rip. However, he says that if Rip even thinks about hurting anyone on his team, he will end him. Rip isn't impressed, and Jax leaves. Once he's alone, Rip calls to Gideon and the AI responds.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 23, 2017

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