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Chapter 3 Recap

The Eye begins examining Amy's memories.

Melanie gets coffee from a machine, which shares with her the story of the poor woodcutter and his wife.

David sits at the docks.

Syd takes a shower.

Ptonomy sits in the memory cube.

Kerry exercises as Cary checks his equipment. After a moment, Kerry enters Cary's body.

David telepathically experiences what Amy is experiencing, as The Eye scans her memories.

After the coffee machine tells her the story of how the woodcutter and his wife adopted a daughter, discovered that she was a crane, and she flew off, Melanie dumps the coffee and asks for another cup. The machine begins telling the same story.

Brubaker tells Amy that she can see they're serious, and she insists that she doesn't know.

Syd finds David on the dock and asks if he's ready. They go to the veranda and Melanie tells David how they review his memories and discover what the triggers are for his powers. However, because of Amy's capture, they don't have the time to take that approach. They're going to focus on what scares David the most, and Ptonomy says that he's discovered a memory of the kitchen that they couldn't access previously. Syd assures David that she'll be there with him, and David concentrates. Ptonomy freezes the memory after Philly leaves the kitchen, and David explains that he and Philly fought a lot.

The objects in the kitchen shake and then shoot into the air, and Ptonomy freezes the memory. Melanie realizes that David is a telekinetic and tells him that he can learn control once they find his triggers. Ptonomy goes to the memory of David and Lenny taking Blue, and Philly coming in with cake and finding them. She says that Peter and Vanessa are on their way, and Lenny rips open the cake box. When Philly realizes that David is using, she yanks the container away. Lenny grabs her and Ptonomy freezes the memory, and Melanie figures that David felt trapped. They return to the kitchen but David resists Ptonomy's efforts.

The Devil emerges, laughing, but only David can see him. The kitchen door slams shut on Melanie, and David says that all he remembers is the fear. Ptonomy is unable to take them back, and David insists that he isn't fighting him. Suddenly they're out of the memories, in a room at Summerdale, and Melanie tells David that he teleported them out of the memory cube to the main building. Ptonomy wonders what David is, but David doesn't know.

Later, Syd finds David at the docks. He asks where she grew up, and Syd says that she was raised in the city. Her mother was famously smart, wrote essays, and had salons. David talks about how his family lived in the country, and talks about how he can still remember when he switched bodies with Syd. He talks about how he didn't look at anything inappropriate when they switched, and Syd says that it's fine because it's not her body if anyone can come and go. She tells David that it's not sad, and she has proof that of the soul. David says that he liked being her,

Amy tells Brubaker that David has to take his pills or he'll get in trouble. He says that David doesn't need the pills, much to Amy's surprise.

Cary hooks David up to equipment to monitor his brainwaves, and Kerry appears to give Cary a syringe to inject David with a dye to help him track things. Once Kerry leaves, Cary asks David not to break everything and goes to the monitors in the next room. Syd blows David a kiss and joins Cary, and Cary tells David to think of something stressful. David thinks of a Halloween when he and Amy were trick-or-treating. Their dog King ran into a yard and David followed him in. The Angry Boy was there and advanced on David...

David snaps out of his memories, and Lenny appears to him. She says that they think that they can say David, while Cary realizes that the speech center of David's brain is active but he's not talking. Meanwhile, Lenny tells David that he's not safe there. David insists that they're helping him and that he has powers, and Lenny reminds him that Division 3 has Amy. She warns that Melanie has secrets of her own, and Amy takes Lenny's place and says that they're hurting her.

The room starts shaking and the equipment short-circuits. Syd goes to David, who levitates into the air. Cary and Kerry run in as David and Syd disappear in a burst of light.

Brubaker tells Amy that she told Ben that when she grew up, strange things happened around David. She let them lock David up when she knew that her brother had psychic powers. Brubaker says that she was the one who let them turn David into a fool, and now he's running around with too much power and no self-control. He asks Amy to help them find him and turn him off. Psychic images of David and Syd appear in the corner, but David is unable to say anything. Amy says that David hasn't called and she'd tell them if she knew anything. The Eye senses David's presence and reaches for him, and David's psychic presence disappears.

David and Syd teleport outside to the nearby lake. They walk to shore and go inside. They tell Melanie, Ptonomy, and Cary what happened. Melanie tells David not to go back there, because the next time they'll be waiting for him and they'll either kill him or follow him back to Summerdale and kill them all. Syd realizes that Melanie knows The Eye, and Melanie explains that Summerdale used to be a horse ranch. Her husband Oliver inherited it, and built the place with Cary 30 years ago before anyone knew what was happening. They went looking for people to fill it and found Walter: The Eye. However, Walter wanted to hurt people.

When David insists that they have to get Amy back, Melanie tells him that his brain is defending himself. She can't do what she needs to do to train David, and is worried that she's making things worse. Melanie admits that they're at war and they're losing, and David may be the most powerful mutant alive. She admits that she wants to fix David so he can be happy... and so she can use him in the war. David says that all he cares about is Amy, and they agree that they should take a harder approach. Melanie wants to sedate David to lower his defenses Syd insists on going into the memories with Melanie, but David refuses and says that he'll be fine. Disgusted, Syd walks out.

That night, David lies in his bed and remembers his time with Lenny. When the Devil appears in his memories, Syd jerks awake and goes to check on David, and discovers that he's gone. She finds him in the shower room and David explains that he used to be a junkie and high all the time. He admits that he lied and stole, and warns that once Syd sees his memories then she won't feel the same about him. Syd insists that she can handle it, and asks if he loves her. David says that she knows he does, and Syd has nothing else to say. Considering, David wonders if everyone is wrong when they say he's sane.

The next day, Melanie gives David the sedative and Ptonomy scans his memories of how David arrived at Clockworks. They see Lenny wheeling David down an alleyway in a shopping cart, but there's no sign of their David. A child David is there and Melanie explains that it's David's subconscious while the sedative keeps his rational mind inactive. Syd's power doesn't work there without her physical body, and Young David wordlessly hugs her.

They follow the memory-David to where he breaks into Poole's office. David takes whatever he can find that's worth anything, and remembers talking to Poole earlier about the stars. As the room starts to shake, David grabs the tapes of his sessions with Poole. Syd warns Melanie and Ptonomy that something is coming, and she sees a brief flash of David eating the tapes. Young David hides, and a crack forms in the wall that only Syd and Young David can see. Something starts to come through, and Melanie tells Ptonomy to get them out. He can't, and Young David runs out of the room past the next room where David and Lenny are getting high.

Syd goes after Young David and finds herself in the kitchen when David and Philly are arguing. Young David runs into a bedroom where David and Lenny are having sex, and Syd quickly gets Young David out and barricades the door behind them. She then tells the boy that they're going to play Hide and Seek, and David leads Syd to his hiding place. The Angry Boy appears behind Syd, slamming the door and standing. Young David shows Syd a loose grille and they climb inside the duct. The Angry Boy comes towards them, and Syd climbs inside just in time. Young David climbs through the ducts and Syd sees the Devil behind her. Syd tells Young David to wake up.

In the real world, Syd wakes up and finds the others unconscious. She wakes up Ptonomy, but can't wake up Melanie or David.

In David's memories, Melanie goes upstairs in the house and hears King whimpering. She follows the noise to a bedroom closet and turns on the light, and finds a copy of The World's Angriest Boy in the World on the floor. In the book, the Angry Boy cuts off his mother's head and then sets the town on fire, and the book slams shut on her hand. It bites off her hands, and the Devil appears behind her...

... and Melanie wakes up from her trance. They confirm that her hand is okay, and Syd wonders if what they experienced were memories or something else. David is still unconscious, and in his mind he hears dozens of voices yelling at him.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 23, 2017

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