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Family Feud Recap

Andover, Massachusetts – Six Months Ago

As a woman brushes her teeth, someone moves in the shadows behind her. She goes to her room just after the closet door closes. She then opens the closet, turns on the light, and hangs up the dress. The woman then goes to bed, but then starts convulsing and blood explodes everywhere.

Present Day

At the bunker, Dean gets a call from Castiel confirming that he still hasn't found Kelly yet. Sam gets a hit on a case about a museum in Des Moines, Iowa. A teacher's body was found in the parking lot, his tongue ripped out and his internal organs crushed. He was seen giving a student a tour of the museum a few hours earlier, and Dean suspects a witch. He figures that Mary might join them on the case.

Mary is sparring with a rugaru using an English Men of Letters device that melts its brain. As Ketch finishes timing her, Mary's phone rings. It's Dean, and Mary says that she doesn't have any special plans. He tells her about the case, and Mary gives him a pass on it. Once she hangs up, Ketch compliments her on her lying. Mary says that she hasn't told her sons that she's working with the Men, and Ketch invites her for a drink.

Crowley tells Lucifer that eventually his utter helplessness will wear him down and he'll call Crowley "master." The King of Hell says that his minions replicated the metal from the cage to create chains to bind Lucifer. As for capturing Lucifer, Crowley perverted Rowena's cell to send his essence back to Lucifer's discarded body where it was bound. Lucifer finally thanks him, pointing out that Crowley could have put him in the cage instead of imprisoning him in Hell.

As Sam and Dean drive to Iowa, Sam turns up a report about Elizabeth's death in Andover. Dean says that he figures something is going on with Mary and she's not telling them, and Sam insists that she just needs a little time.

At a Shipwrecks of New England exhibit at the museum in Des Moines, a Scout leader goes to the restroom. The lights flicker ad the Scout leader washes his hands. The stall doors start banging and the temperature drops. The man turns and something lunges at him.

When the Winchesters arrive at the museum, they meet with Dr. Danny Ochoa. She explains about the second death, and tells them that three traveling exhibits have been uncrated. An assistant calls Ochoa away, and Dean scans for EMP. He picks up readings and suggests that they're dealing with a ghost.

Kelly is at a diner ordering some orange juice. The waitress notices that she's pregnant and warns her that once kids show up, her life is over. She assures Kelly that she'll love the little devil and walks away... her eyes glowing blue.

Dean and Sam check checking the artifacts to see if any of them are a ghost fetter. Sam finds a figurehead from a brigantine called the Star, which sank in a storm in 1723. It's on a loan from the Maritime Museum in Andover, and Dean remembers that Gavin MacLeod came to the New World on the ship.

Lucifer laughs and says that Crowley's plan won't work. Crowley shoves him to the floor and tells him to start scrubbing. Unimpressed, Lucifer says that Crowley won't even see it coming, and tells him that Kelly is still bearing his child. Dean calls Crowley, who tells them that they let Lucifer's child live. Crowley refuses to explain how he knows. Sam asks if he can put them in contact with Gavin. When Crowley refuses, Dean reminds him that they let Gavin live but Crowley tells him to fix the mess with Kelly and then they'll talk about Gavin. Once Crowley hangs up, Lucifer points out that they're both single fathers.

A teacher, Karen, gets her students onto the bus outside the museum. The ghost slips a locket into Karen's pocket.

Sam and Dean summon Rowena and say that they need intel on the ship. Rowena isn't interested until the Winchesters explain that if she helps them find the person who witnessed the storm then they'll give her something she really likes.

As Kelly walks home, she sees someone following her. she speeds up but the man comes after her and Kelly ducks out of sight. When she looks back, her follower has caught up to her ad moves in. the waitress steps out and both pursuers draw angel blades. However, a woman, Dagon, steps out and tells them to get away from Kelly. The first angel attacks Dagon while the second one goes after Kelly. Dagon disintegrates both of them with a gesture and tells Kelly to come with her if she wants to live.

Dagon takes Kelly to a warehouse and admits that she's a demon, and explains that Lucifer is an archangel. She says that it isn't all good versus evil, and angels were trying to kill Kelly. They want Kelly dead because she's carrying an innocent child, and Dagon says that the child could save them all. She warns Kelly that all of the "good guys" want Kelly dead, but she can protect Kelly's son.

With Rowena's help, Sam and Dean call Gavin and claim that Crowley is sick. Once Gavin arrives by bus, they admit that they exaggerated and show him a phot of the Star. Rowena gets out of a nearby car and says that Gavin looked just like her father. Sam introduces Gavin to her grandmother. They go to the museum and Gavin says that the other passengers were ordinary folk. One of them was a teacher, Mistress Alloway. He looks at the manifest and sees the locket, and explains that he bought it himself as a gift for his Fiona Duncan. The locket was added to the exhibit six months ago. Gavin tells them that Fiona insisted on coming to the New World with him. When he refused, Fiona smuggled herself aboard the ship and died when the Star went down. The brothers discover that the locket is gone from the exhibit.

After Ketch drives Mary home, he says that it would be best if she disengaged from her sons. He insists that the work comes first, and tells Mary that she's weaker when she talks to her sons. Ketch tells her that she's one of the best Hunters that he's ever seen, and figures that she knows it... and it scares her. Mary goes inside without a word.

The Winchesters find Ochoa and explain that one item is missing. Ochoa says that it's in a sealed case and couldn't have been taken, and gives them the address of the last student tour that came from the Pembroke Day School for Girls.

At the school, Karen and her fellow teacher Elizabeth are reviewing papers. The lights flicker and when Karen goes to check the panel, she sees the drapes blowing in a breeze even though the windows aren't open. Meanwhile, Elizabeth closes the drapes. The temperature drops and photos fly off the walls. Kathy turns and a hooded ghost confronts her. It kills her and Elizabeth barricades the door. It easily throws her aside, just as Sam, Dean, Gavin, and Rowena arrive. Dean shoots the ghost with rock salt, temporarily dissipating it.

Sam helps Elizabeth up and they explain that a ghost attacked her. Gavin casts a ritual to summon the ghost, and calls out to Fiona by name. Fiona's ghost appears and says that he abandoned her. She asks where he was, and Gavin says that he was sent somewhere else. Fiona explains that she hid on the Star, and the crew scorned and used her when they found her. The other passengers did nothing, and Alloway said that Fiona deserved it for throwing herself at Gavin. Furious, Fiona vows that other teachers will pay Alloway's debt.

Once Fiona disappears, Gavin tells the others what he learned. Sam says that there might be a way to ix everything by making sure Fiona isn't alone on the ship. Rowena objects but Dean points out that it's their only option. Gavin says that was thinking the same thing and can spare her the nightmare that Fiona is trapped in. Crowley appears and says that it will never happen, but Gavin says that he called him to say goodbye. Rowena tells Crowley to let Gavin go, saying that he's not like them because he believes in things. When Crowley ignores her and reaches for Gavin, Rowena immobilizes him with a spell. Gavin apologizes to his father and leaves with the others.

Sam and Dean drive Gavin to the bunker and prepare their grandfather's spell to send Gavin back. They thank Gavin for sacrificing himself, and Sam casts the spell. Fiona appears next to Gavin and the two of them take each other's hands... and disappear.

Later, Sam and Dean confirm that the events from the original timeline never happened. Mary comes in with burgers and beer, and says that she's been living a quiet life when not killing rugarus. She finally tells her sons that she's been working with the British Men of Letters. Sam points out that they have a history with them, but Mary insists that they do good work and they can learn from them. Dean wonders where that leaves them, and Mary insists that it's the same as always: family. She asks her sons to hear her out.

Rowena is sipping coffee and sitting with Crowley. He says that what she did wasn't right, and figures that there's an evil reason why Rowena sent his son to his death. Crowley asks what it is, and Rowena says that she knows Crowley cared for Gavin just as she cared for Oscar: the boy Crowley made her kill to remove the Mark. Crowley realizes that Rowena did it as payback, Satisfied, she walks off.

Lucifer sits in Hell.

Mary talks with her sons.

Crowley sits alone.

Dagon takes Kelly away.

Lucifer mutters Dagon's name.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 24, 2017

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