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Emily Dates a Henchman Recap

In the lab, Teddy and Ron are examining the Wayne Security safe, which Two Face managed to break in. His henchmen covered the security cameras with paper bags, and Batman captured them. Teddy fids a Batarang among the wreckage and they call dibs on it.

Later, Ron, Teddy, and Wendy show Emily the new indestructible cell phone case that they've developed. Emily is staring at an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding. Jackie tells the team that Emily isn't as comfortable with it as she claims, and Emily complains that the girl only does print. One day he told Emily that he couldn't do it anymore and broke it off with her. Ron suggests that Jackie go out and Wendy agrees to go with them.

Van is on the phone to his mother when a Batarang flies through the office. He figures that Batman is there and runs out, and finds it with Teddy and Ron. They realize that Van is a Batman fan as well, and Van explains that the Batmobile took off his sideview mirror while Batman was chasing after a semi full of warheads aimed at orphans. Batman never apologized and Van plans to get Batman to pay when he comes back. He knows that Batman puts a GPS on the Batarang to recover his technology and will eventually come for it.

Emily, Jackie, and Wendy go to the bar and Jackie spots a man smiling at Emily. She suggests that Emily go over and talk to him, but Emily says that there are no man for her and details what's wrong with all of them. She tells the others that she knows what she wants and isn't going to settle. Jackie quickly leaves, and Emily goes to the bar. When a man from Arizona State University hits on Emily, another man named Dan says that there's beer pong outside. Once the first man leaves, Dan introduces himself and says that he just got out of the ER and he's a doctor.

Emily and Dan sit down and Emily shows him the indestructible phone case. She asks to see his phone and Dan hands it over. Emily gives Dan her number and tells him to text her. After she leaves, Dan goes in the back where his fellow henchmen have a prisoner. He removes his jacket, revealing his question mark shirt, and punches the prisoner.

After several dates, Emily shows the team photos of her and Dan. She's posting them on Facebook to upset her ex-boyfriend, and introduces Dan when he comes in to pick up Emily. Emily notices that he has a cut on his face, and Teddy points out that it looks like Green Lantern's ring. As Dan goes, Ron hands him the skullcap that he dropped. The team all knows that Emily is dating a henchman, but Jackie figures that there's no reason to tell her because Dan is a low-level henchman.

That night, Teddy finds Ron out on the balcony. Ron has put out the Batarang with milk and cookies, and is wearing a Batman shirt. Teddy tells him that he has to play it cool, just as Van steps out with a hoarse voice. He gives Ron the same advice, and Teddy realizes that he's squeaking when he walks. There's a cape hanging out of the back of his pants, and his nipples protrude. Van quickly leaves, squeaking. Ron and Teddy figure that they need to get to the bottom of it.

The next day, Emily tells the team that Dan is taking her for the weekend to his boss' house. It's carved into the side of a mountain, and Ron wonders if she's ready for it. Teddy suggests that she stick to well-lit, public places, but Emily insists that everything is going great and shows them the bracelet that Dan gave her. Jackie finally tells Emily that she's dating a henchman. Emily doesn't believe it even though Dan has talked about his boss' house with a shark tank and a ruby laser that shoots to the moon. She finally realizes that she is dating a henchman.

That night, Jackie finds Emily out on the balcony for the third time. Emily is furious that Dan lied to her, and she just took the high road and did nothing when her last boyfriend got engaged. She plans to take the low road and get revenge on Dan... and she'll need Jackie's help.

Teddy and Ron stage an incident where Ron bumps into Van and feels up his chest. He realizes that they're onto him, and takes them with him. In his office, Ron removes his shirt to remove a Robin costume. He wants to be a superhero and be famous, and Teddy realizes that Van plans to be the new Boy wonder. Ron points out that two Robins have died on the job, and Van figures that the high turnover bodes well for him.

In the office, Emil and Jackie wait for Dan to show up. He finally comes in and Emily smiles.

Teddy takes Ron to an alleyway, figuring that they need to go where Batman is. Van is nearby in full Robin costume, and tells them to move away from him. The GPS on the Batarang goes off. A man emerges from the shadows: a mugger. Van throws coffee in his face, but realizes that it's iced coffee. They quickly hand over their money.

Dan apologizes for running late, and Emily says that she knows he's a henchman. He admits that he is and his real name is Reggie. The other henchmen come in and Dan says that he's not going to listen to Emily. They tie up Jackie and Emily and search the lab for the cell phone cases. Dan explains that Riddler is having them steal he cases so that he can make a tank and attack Arkham Asylum. He says that he likes Emily but he's focused on his career. Emily tells him that they're through.

The mugger walks off, but Batman lassos him from the shadows and hauls him off into the shadows. He then takes the Batarang and leaves $200, and the guys cheer that they met Batman.

Emily wonders why she keeps meeting guys who turn out to be lying pieces of garbage. She explains about her list, and Jackie advises her to burn the list because she can't avoid the dirt bags. Jackie tries to give her a backwards hug. Dan comes out and says that he asked Riddler what to do with them. Emily helps him solve the riddle, and they realize that Riddler wants him to throw them into the river. Van comes in, still earing hi robin costume, and the henchman run off in terror, figuring that Batman is there. Their boss tells Jackie to get a pair of scissors and cut him off, and Emily to leave work and find a boyfriend.

The next day, Ron, Teddy, and Van tell Emily what happened. Jackie comes over and says that she's returning the wedding present she got for her ex. Meanwhile, the guys exaggerate what happened and no one believes them.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 24, 2017

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