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Ruler Recap

In Cape Town, South Africa, Mac, Jack, and Riley are under fire in a warehouse. Riley is trying to reach Phoenix via satellite but a stray shot knocks the laptop out of her hands. Mac spots a bicycle tire and pulls the rubber off, and then fastens it to a crude tank of methane. He fires it at the bad guys, but runs out of propane. As the enemy prepares to shoot at him, a car spins in and knocks over a rack of barrels, knocking the shooters over. Wilt, wearing a tux, gets out of the car and says that he's arrested the boss and recovered the plutonium. The team starts chanting…


… and Wilt wakes up from his daydream as his boss comes in and asks how the work is progressing. Wilt says that he's just about done. Once the tech leaves, the robot points out that Wilt was dozing. Wilt tells it not to tell anyone and says that he's bored. He thought being a secret agent would be more exciting.

Matty briefs the team on Olivia Prior, a member of Dutch Parliament who champions children's issues and fights government corruption. According to the CIA, Olivia has been leaking state secrets to a terrorist group. The CIA can't verify the intel and won't notify Dutch intel until they do. Apparently Olivia will be meeting with her contact in Amsterdam the next day, and the team is going to record the meet to avoid the CIA being accused of spying on a Dutch citizen. Jack is happy that they're just doing surveillance, insisting that it's a vacation as far as he's concerned. Matty says that she's decided that it's a perfect first mission for Wilt, and Wilt is overly enthusiastic but reins it in. She tells him not to screw it up.

The team arrives in Amsterdam, and Mac warns Wilt that the airplane flight will probably be the most exciting part of the mission. They pull up to the café where Olivia is meeting her contact, and they park and relax. Mac and Wilt go out and Mac gives his friend tips on surveillance. He admits that he learned much of his tradecraft from Patricia. In the van, Riley points out that Wilt was sent on a mission earlier than she was, and Jack says that Mac feels responsible for Wilt's safety. He figures Mac is freaking out about wilt being with them.

Riley spots Olivia and Wilt points out that she's acting Olivia. Jack notes that she looks nervous, and they figure that someone in the square is her contact. However, Olivia gets a call on the restaurant landline and looks surprised, and Riley can't hack the landline. Mac borrows a set of headphone, taps into the nearby junction box, and listens in as a man tells Olivia that the clock is ticking. Olivia goes to a bag hidden in a nearby planted box, and Mac figures that it's an IED.

Mac tells Wilt to stay there, walks over, and Olivia spots him. She runs and Mac goes after her. Olivia drops the bag and mac finds a bomb inside, and tells Jack to give him a ride away from the square. Wilt insists on getting in the van with them, and Jack drives for the nearest open area away from people. Mac warns that the bomb is booby-trapped as if someone expected someone like him to try and disarm it. He tells Jack that he needs a space 200 feet wide. Riley directs Jack to a repaving project, Everyone gets out of the van and runs, and the van blows up behind them just as they get clear. Riley discovers that the bomb destroyed her laptop and the evidence that she recoded. The police pull up and Mac tells the team to run.

Once the team gets away, Wilt wonders why they can't tell the police who they are. Mac reminds him that they're there illegally and tells Wilt not to panic. Matty calls and demands an explanation, and isn't impressed with Jack's answer. She says that she's sending exfil coordinates, and tells them that Dutch Intel just launched a nationwide search for people matching their descriptions.

At Dutch Intel, director Harlan Wolff tells his people to identify who the team is and how they got into the country. A tech reports that there is no match for them in Interpol's database, and begins running facial surveillance checks. She soon picks up the team entering a park.

At the park, the police pull up and surround the park. The team ducks into bushes, and Jack grabs an officer, drags him into the bushes, and knocks him out. They take his radio and Jack tunes in, and confirms that Dutch Intel is using CCTVs to track them.

At Dutch Intel, a tech finds footage of the team entering Denmark at a private airport.

Matty tells her techs to find a pilot for exfil. Andie announces that the US national security advisor is video conferencing in with the other intelligence directors. Matty takes the call and the NSA director says that the operatives are apparently American. She reminds Matty and the other director that there will be severe consequences if American operatives are caught operating in a foreign country. The CIA, DIA, and NSA deny having any affiliation with them.

The team gets to the exfil point but there's no sign of the helicopter. Their comms and phones go dead, and Mac realizes that they've been disavowed. They're on their own in a country where everyone thinks that they're terrorists. The team hits the streets again and dumps their sim cards. Jack knows someone he thinks can help them and goes to an apartment. The French model who answers the door, Jenaveev, slaps him and then kisses him, and Jack tells the others that he was working there with the CIA eight years ago and Jenaveev was part of his cover. She demands an explanation and Jack convinces her to let them in off the street. He claims that they're a fashion photo crew and Jenaveev lets them in.

Inside, Jenaveev asks why Jack disappeared. He says that he was getting scare about how he was starting to feel for her so went out and kept walking. Meanwhile, Mac asks Riley how she's holding up. She says that she's fine but warns that Wilt isn't taking it so well. Mac goes over and tells his friend that they're safe for now. Wilt says that it isn't like the movies, and Mac tells him that if they stay calm and think then they'll find a way out. Jack and Riley join them, and Jack insists that his past is past. Riley figures that they should run and jack agrees.

Mac sees Olivia on the TV and says that they need to get her to admit that she did it. Jack wonders how they'll get near her with the CCTVs, and Mac puts a pair of sunglasses on him. They get Jack's old photo gear while Mac pulls the LEDs out of remotes and attaches them to sunglasses. He explains that the LEDs will blind the CCTVs, and Jack uses a camera to confirm that Mac's plan is working. Mac tells Wilt that he's not going with them. When Wilt objects, Mac makes him promise to stay there and stay safe.

Jack and Mac head down the street toward Parliament. As they wait for Olivia, Jack admits that he's embarrassed that his career is ending with a disavowal. Mac worries about Wilt, and Jack figures that Matty wouldn't have set Wilt in if she didn't think she could handle it. Riley spots Olivia coming and signals the others, and Jack wanders out in front of her car. Mac then jams open the car lock and the team gets in., and Mac tells her to drive.

Once they drive out to the country, Olivia tells the team that she didn't know there was a bomb until she got there. She insists that she only went there because of photos someone sent her of her and another man. Olivia shows them the photos and thought they were going to have her vote against the upcoming referendum. Riley points out that the CIA intel Matty received was wrong. Olivia says that she was told to drop the bomb when she saw someone following her. Mac realizes that the man on the phone knew that they were going to be there, and tells Jack and Riley that they were set up. Olivia says that a woman calling herself "Pop" called her first, and in Dutch "Pop" means "Chrysalis." They realize that Patricia made the call.

The team takes Olivia to Jenaveev's apartment and Riley discovers that the encryption key used to send the blackmail photos matched the key that Patricia used as Chrysalis. Jack figures that the whole thing was set up months in advance, and Patricia called from prison to activate her trap.

Andie tells Matty that they've destroyed all evidence tying the team to Phoenix. She says that Dutch Intel discovered that the team made a call right after the bombing, and there are fragments of Matty's voice. Matty tells Andie to leave immediately. Once Matty is alone, she calls someone and reminds them that she saved their ass and now it's their turn to return the favor.

Jack suggests that leak the source of the CIA's intel, and Wilt wants to march Olivia into a station. Someone drops an envelope for Mac into the mail slot. The deliver is gone by the time the team looks outside. Mac goes back inside and opens the envelope. There's a note and a flash drive inside. The note has a coded message from Matty, and the flash drive has a dossier on Harlan with information on the Dutch domestic surveillance system. The note tells them to help themselves, and Mac figures that it's significant. Riley discovers that all of the information is transmitted to a central source, and she explains that at the café she was disguising their signals as cell traffic through a local Dutch telecom. She was routing the video of Olivia the same way, and if they can get into Dutch Intel HQ then she can reconstruct the video that clears their name. Jack points out that their fugitives, and Mac figures that Wilt can help them make new faces. Wilt warns that it will have to be his best work, and warns that they could end up in jail if they trust him and he fails. He agrees to do it.

Jack records a cell phone message and riley makes up fake IDs. Mac tells Wilt to improvise, and they raid Jenaveev's kitchen for supplies. Mac admits that it's always crazy on field missions, but it's just the job. Wilt says that he'd do anything to be back at Phoenix, and Mac tells him that most people aren't meant for the job. If their plan works then Wilt will have to decode for himself.

Once Mac glues on the prosthetics, he and Riley go in posing as janitors. They pass by the internal surveillance cameras and no alarms go off. Mac plays Jack's message instructing him how to get to the Dutch Intel severs. They bypass the security keypad and enters the server room.

Jack and Wilt are outside, waiting to rescue their teammates if something goes wrong.

The prosthetics start dissolving in the excess heat from the servers. Riley warns that she needs ten minutes, and Mac rigs a radio and calls Jack. He tells him that Riley needs more time and tells Jack to get Wilt to safety. Wilt refuses to go and says over the radio that he'll buy them time. He runs inside and waves to a camera. The tech tells Harlan that Wilt is in their lobby. Security guards move in and capture Jack and Wilt.

Mac calls to the guards and leave them off, running down to the lobby. Jack attacks the guards and knock them out, but Harlan and more men arrive and arrest them. Jack tells Mac that Wilt decided to come back in. Riley comes on the loudspeaker and plays the video from the café on the monitors.

Later back in LA, the team returns to Phoenix and everyone applauds them. When they arrive in Matty's office, he tells them that Dutch Intelligence apprehended the Organization operative who left the bomb for Olivia. The man confessed to working for Patricia, and Matty gave Harlan the evidence on Patricia in return for his sweeping their involvement under the rug. Jack realizes that he ended up walking out on Jenaveev again. Mac tells Wilt that he did a good job and is looking forward to working with him again.

Wilt goes back to the lab and hugs the robot. He tells it that the job isn't boring and the lab is all of the excitement that he wants... for now.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2017

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