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The Son Also Rises Recap

No man chooses evil because it is evil, he only mistakes it for happiness.

At the spice shop, Nick, Monroe, Rosalee, and Eve figure that whatever event is coming is close to the spring equinox. Monroe finds a rendering of the constellations painted on a cathedral in 1575, and figures that the mythological characters drawn were representations of Wesen. Tired, Nick heads home and Eve says that she's not going to stay at the loft anymore. Rosalee offers to let Eve stay with them, but Eve figures that she's going to continue research on the symbols. They let her stay in the basement, and Nick leaves.

At a university lab, Dr. Deirdre Hampton is working when Dr. Victor Shelley comes in and says that he knows what went wrong. Deirdre isn't interested in helping him, but Victor warns her that she's already part of it. She calls security and Victor leaves. Deirdre calls Sanji Raju and says that Victor isn't giving up, and can get them all in trouble. Sani admits that they made a terrible mistake and will have to live with it, but Victor can't do it without them. Once she hangs up, Deirdre prepares to leave for the night... and something attacks her.

Eve sets aside her research and looks at a hand mirror. She wonders who she is now, and sees the black skull appear in the mirror. Eve smashes it but the glass reassembles itself. A black=skinned hand emerges and grabs Eve by the throat. She finally pulls free and bites it, and the hand retracts into the mirror as Eve falls backward, knocking herself out when she slams into the shelves.

The next morning, Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the spice shop and find Eve unconscious in the basement.

Nick and Hank get called to the lab, and Wu explains that Deirdre is a doctor of biochemistry and regenerative medicine. She was working late at the lab when she was attacked and killed. There's no signs of robbery, and there are no witnesses. Nick checks her phone and discovers that she called Sanji. Wu confirms that Sanji is on the university staff and gives Nick his address. Monroe calls and tells Nick that eve apparently hit her head, The EMTs are taking her to the hospital, and Nick heads there to check on her after telling Hank and Wu that "Juliette" has been hurt.

At his office, Renard calls Dasha Karpushin in Siberia and shows her the symbols Diana drew. He says that Diana saw it in a tunnel, and Dasha says that it means something but she doesn't know something. She tells Renard that she'll call him when she finds out what it is, and asks if Renard knows who Diana's mother is. Renard refuses to answer and breaks the connection.

At the hospital, Rosalee and Monroe tell Nick how they found Eve. Rosalee says that the hand mirror was next to Eve and covered in blood. Nick tells them what happened at the bathroom mirror at his loft, and they figure that the same creature appeared in the hand mirror.

Hank and Wu visit Sanji and he readily admits that he worked with Deirdre. He confirms that he talked to Deirdre the night before and claims that Deirdre has a question about her research. Sanji says that he was at home when he took Deirdre's call, and insists that he had nothing to do with her death. Hank and Nick leave and figure that Sanji's story is solid, but something is suspicious. The call only lasted thirty seconds, which doesn't account for Sanji's claim of discussing research.

Nick visits the unconscious Eve and sits next to her.

At the station, Wu confirms that neither Sanji nor Deirdre have a criminal record. Hank discovers that Deirdre was into cutting-edge stem cell research involving the regeneration of tissue. There were two other doctors who worked with Deirdre and Sanji on the project: Victor Shelly and Julian Levy. Wu tells him that there were two sets of fingerprints at the crime scene, Robert Johansson and Martin Dominguez, and both are in the system... and they both died six months ago. Their bodies were delivered to the Hills & Macy Cemetery and cremated,

A man with tattooed arms is walking down the street and sees a poster of a missing man. His arm woges and he runs off, yelling about monsters.

Hank and Wu go to the cemetery and meet with the director, Harold Melville. They ask how the fingerprints of the two cremated men ended up at a crime scene, and Melville admits that he didn't cremate them. He tells them that he sold the bodies but doesn't know the buyer's name, and he sold half a dozen. Wu asks for a description but Melville says that he didn't get a good look. Hank tells Melville to call them the next time the man calls him.

Monroe and Rosalee return to the spice shop and check the mirror. They figure that Eve is the connection, and Rosalee starts to reach for the mirror. Monroe insists on handling it and they put it in a cabinet drawer and lock it in.

Sanji is with his coworker Julian and they shred all of Sanji's files. Julian warns that Victor has a copy of the videos and he won't want to destroy it, but says that they don’t give him a choice. Sanji wanders if Victor killed Deirdre, but Julian figures that he couldn't in his condition. He realizes that Victor was too weak to kill it as he claimed and leaves to get the other files.

The man arrives at the university and enters the room where Sanji is shredding the remaining files. Victor then grabs Sanji by the throat and kills him.

Hank and Wu go to see Victor. He says that he talked to Deirdre just before she was murdered, and claims that he needed her help with a project. Wu asks for details on the project, and Victor rattles off some details. He says that Deirdre wasn't able to help him, and he went home afterward. When the two officers leave, and Hank figures that one of the doctors isn't telling them the whole truth.

The officers bring Melville in and show him the photos of the four doctors. Melville recognizes Julian and promises that he won't sell bodies again. As they go to talk to Julian, Wu tells Hank that a lot of the Black Claw Wesen ended up buried in the cemetery. They bring Julian in and Hank says that the bodies purchased from the cemetery had fingerprints at the crime scene. Julian finally explains that Victor lost the use of his legs in a car accident and his son were killed. However, he doesn't recognize the term "Wesen". Outside, Hank and Wu figure that the scientists saw a dead Wesen and something happened. Hank tells Wu to cut Julian loose and check out Victor's son.

As Nick sits next to Eve, he remembers his time with Juliette and how Eve asked Nick to kill her.

Hank finds an article from six month ago where Sanji talked about organ transplants. Wu locates information about how Victor's son was killed by a drunk driver. Hank gets a call that Sanji's body was found. They go there and confirm that he was shredding when he died. They figure that he was shredding Deirdre's files, and Hank finds a flash drive.

At home, Rosalee wakes up Monroe and tells her that her water broke. He points out that it's months too soon, and she starts giving birth. Rosalee delivers one baby, and then a second, and a third. She warns Monroe that she's not done, and more babies start coming. Monroe tells her that she hast to stop... and wakes up from h is nightmare.

At the station, Wu checks the flash drive and finds a video. The doctors are working on Victor's son, and he has two different legs attached. Victor electrifies his son's corpse and finally brings him back to life. His arms and legs woge independently, and the son goes berserk. Once they subdue him, Victor says that they can't destroy his son. Deirdre insists that something is wrong and Victor says that he will. They figure that the creature is taking revenge.

Dasha calls Renard back and says that the symbols ae an ancient prophecy which say that something is coming. She figures that Diana is connected to what is coming in a way that they can't imagine.

As Victor's son walks down the streets, a woman sees him.

At his workshop, Victor is going through anatomic drawings when the woman calls him and says that she saw the man on the posters, and called the phone numbers. She gives her location and Victor grabs a gun and goes to his car. Julian arrives and says that he knows Victor didn't kill the creature. Victor insists that he gave it enough, and he destroyed the video.

Hank and Wu arrive and says that they find the video. They tell the doctors that Sanji was beaten to death, and Julian says that they were stupid for agreeing to help Victor. He says that he's going until they kill the creature, and walks out. Victor insists that he had to bring his son back, and Hank tells Victor to take a look at what the creature did to Deirdre and Sanji.

Julian screams and the officers run out. The creature is killing Julian, and Victor shoots it. He apologizes and shoots it dead. Victor tries to shoot himself, and Hank stops him.

Eve wakes up and finds Nick sleeping at her bedside. She calls his name and when he wakes up, says that she feels okay. Nick tells her what happened, and Eve describes what happened. She tells Nick that she doesn't want to stay there, and they don’t have a lot of time before whatever is coming arrives.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2017

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