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1. Luck Be a Lady Recap

Harry and Suri drive through the streets at top speed, while a helicopter flies overhead, providing them with directions. Suri says that have ten minutes and Harry figures that they're not going to make it. Harry goes at top speed and Suri warns that one day is luck is going to run out, and he tells her that he's not lucky.

EMTs are restraining a man, David Thomas, standing on the sidewalk by the Thames. As Harry and Suri pull up, David collapses as they run over. They ask the man where he's been in the last 24 hours. Thomas moans in pain and the DIs tell him that they he's been poisoned, and Harry asks if Thomas can remember anything. Blood pours out of Thomas' mouth and he convulses... and dies.

Later, Harry meets with Eve and tells her that Golding managed to escape the country. As harry goes, Eve says that they'll find him quicker if Harry lets the bracelet help them despite the risks. Harry refuses, saying that he doesn't want anyone to face the consequences of the bad luck brought on by his good luck. He tells Eve that he's not going to gamble or take silly risks, promises that they'll find Golding, and leaves.

Harry arrives at the station and Suri tells him that Thomas died the same way as the previous three. The killer is using a syringe to inject Ricin into his victims, and unless they're treated in two hours then they die. Twenty-four hours they're dead. There's no pattern to the victims' locations, but they go further back and Harry notices that all of the victims lived or worked around Brick Lane. The DIs start questioning pedestrians in the area but find nothing, and Suri says that she'll check the CCTVs. She offers to pay for lunch, insisting that she's great fun, but Harry says that he has to go and insists that he's not going to gamble. He tells her that it's been 186 days since he laid a bet, and he's going to see Anna and Daisy.

As Suri leaves, Harry notices a man nearby. He goes over and the man runs off. Harry chases him down the street but the man ducks into the rear door of a casino and locks the door behind him. Once he sees the sign, Harry braces himself and goes in. The manager, Finley, recognizes Harry and comes over. Finley recognizes Harry's description of the man and says his name is Rui Hirota. He says that Rui started with them a day ago, and warns that the man has only been in the country a day and doesn't speak much English. When Harry says that his case is a couple of week old, Finley points out that Rui couldn't be involved. Harry insists that he's there on business, and Finley promises that he'll keep Rui out of trouble. They shake and Finley gives Harry a complimentary chip. The DI says that he doesn't bet but Finley doesn't believe him.

Harry goes down to the floor and tosses the chip away. It lands on a roulette table and wins, but Harry just walks away when the croupier says that he won. A woman, Isabella Augustine, is at another table winning heavily. Harry notices that she's wearing a bracelet like his, He joins her and she says that it feels like she can never lose. Isabella addresses Harry by name, saying that he knows the feeling, and Harry puts his chips down on another number. She wins again and Harry realizes that he's lost despite his bracelet. He grabs Isabella's arm and asks where she got the bracelet, and says that he doesn't lose. Isabella asks him how it feels and that she can't remember, and introduces herself. She wonders what dragged him back in, and Harry tells her that he's on a case. Isabella says that she imagines she got her bracelet same as he did, and tells him that he doesn't seem to be having half as much fun as she is. She walks into a private section and the guard stops Harry, and Isabella tells Harry that she hopes that they meet again and wishes him luck with his case.

Later, Harry goes to meet Anna and Daisy at the river. As he arrives, he calls Eve and says that he needs to talk to her. They take a water taxi and Harry suggests that he go home with them to check on Daisy. Anna points out that they're trying to avoid being together since their divorce, and Harry tells her that he's not trying to avoid anything. His ex kisses him but repeats her warning, and Harry gives in. He says that it's not easy staying clean, and Anna assures him that he's a good man. Anna says that she loves him and Harry says that he has always loved her. However, Anna refuses to kiss him again and Harry gives it up.

A woman, Helen Mitford, lies on the floor of her flat, convulsing and coughing up blood. When she dies and it's eventually called in, Harry arrives at the station. Suri is adding the woman's photo to their tab le and says that they have another victim. She hasn't found a link to the other victims. Steve comes over and asks if they need help, and Harry and Suri try to ignore him. He says that there's an internal investigation but he's still there, and tells Harry that he's better accept that. Harry insists that they haven't found sufficient proof yet, and Steve says that he did nothing wrong. He keeps asking about the case, and Harry insists that he's checked everything. Steve sarcastically says that even the best cop's luck runs out eventually and walks away, and Suri confirms that the woman had curry in the same area they were checking earlier.

Harry and Suri go back to the street but don't turn up anything new. As they h3ead back to the station, Harry jokingly complains that he can't concentrate now that he knows Suri is such great fun. A worker on a catwalk knocks over a bundle of pipes, and they just miss Harry. One of the pipes broke through a nearby basement window, and the DIs see a crude laboratory inside. They go in and find jars of Ricin on the counter.

Harry insists that it couldn't have been luck, just as a man, Ajit Malhotra, comes in. He sees them and runs outside, then down an alley. Ajit slams a gate shut, locking it, and Harry tells him that they've seen his face and it's over. Ajit says that he's no one, just someone that they laugh at and ignore. Suri tries to open the key pad lock without success, and Ajit success that Harry try. Harry glances at the bracelet and refuses, and Ajit tells him that they'll see what he has planned and from now on he's going to enjoy what happens. With that, he runs off.

Later at the station, the officers identify Ajit and confirm that Helen met him in a bar. The family business went bankrupt and Ajit's father committed suicide, and three months later Ajit had a breakdown. That happened five years ago, and Ajit has been on medication ever since. Suri tells Harry that everyone's waiting for him to tell them what to do since he's acting DSI and running the case. Harry addresses the squad and Steve sarcastically points out that Harry was just inches away from capturing Ajit. Ignoring him, Harry says that they need to figure out the links between Ajit and the first four victims, and then they can work how who is next, and walks out.

Harry goes outside and Isabella approaches him. She invites him to get something to eat at a place with the best view of the city, and Harry says that he's on a case and doesn't have time for her. Isabella realizes that he's still not using the bracelet, and Harry says that he had a lucky break on the case just after she wished him "all the luck in the world." She ducks the answer, and Harry figures that she's trouble. Isabella points out that he hasn't had the bracelet long and says that she's not scared of anything.

When Harry gets called back in, he discovers that Alistair is there. They talk privately in Alistair's office with Steve and Suri, and Alistair says that Steve brought him up to speed because Harry wasn't there. He figures that they're hours or days away from a major atrocity. Suri is called to the phone, and Alistair tells Steve to give them a moment. He tells Harry that his doctors are furious that he came in but the case is a mess. Harry says that he didn't ask to be made DSI, and tells Alistair that he came to visit him in the hospital a couple of times when he was unconscious, and didn't know if he wanted Harry visiting him. Steve points out it isn't the first time he ended up with a bullet in him because of Harry. As they share a chuckle, Suri returns and says that they've found Ajit's mother, Shefali.

Harry and Suri go to Shefali's flat and the woman explains that after they lost the shop, people stopped talking to them and the shame stank. Shefali hasn't seen Ajit for a year, and Harry points out that Ajit just lives around the corner. The woman says that she told Ajit to stop idolizing his father, and that she was glad his father was gone. Harry realizes that Shefali's is Ajit's next target.

When the partners return to the station, they tell Alistair and Steve that they've brought in Shefali and how Ajit had a grudge to each victim. David was a bank manager that requested a loan that Ajit's father made for the shop. Harry wants to take Shefali back home and use her as bait. Steve is unusually quiet, and Alistair gives Harry Suri, Steve, and five officers for covert surveillance. When Harry says that he can run the case on his own, Alistair explains that Steve has been reduced to the rank of Detective Constable. Suri is shocked that's all that happens, and Alistair tells her that Steve works to him.

When Harry leaves, Ade tells him that he has Shefali secured. Harry notices some officers celebrating and Ade says that they won a case after the defense attorney stopped short in her statement and ran out. He realizes that Anna was the attorney, and Harry goes to see her. Anna says that she saw Golding, and Harry insists that Golding is out of the country. When he wonders why Anna didn't call him, Anna says that Harry wants to wipe everything clean. Daisy wakes up in the middle of the night screaming while Anna's hands shake. Harry insists that she has to call him, and Anna tells him to take off the bracelet. She figures that he's wearing it because of his gambling addiction, and it's all in his mind that he can't take it off. Harry's phone rings and he hangs up, but Anna starts walking away. When Harry points out that he hung up, Anna says that they miss him and leaves.

That night, the officers run surveillance on Shefali's flat. Harry is inside with Shefali, and she insists that Ajit won't come because he's a good boy. Meanwhile, Steve asks Suri if it's fair that Harry has got away with the stunts that he's pulled. Down the street, Ajit spots them and ducks into an alleyway, and then prepares his poison-treated cards.

Harry asks Shefali if she ever talked to any psychiatrists about Ajit's breakdown. She says that Ajit had to watch as the police officers dragged Ajit's father out of his shop when it went bankrupt. Harry realizes that Ajit is targeting the police, not Shefali.

Ajit hands a card to each of the surveillance officers.

As Harry calls Suri, the other officers collapse.

The next day, all seven officers are in ICU but none have died yet. The chemicals used weren't in the workshop Harry and Suri found, and Harry figures that Ajit has another workshop. He goes in to see Steve and promises that he'll catch Ajit. Steve points out that Harry gambled with all of their lives but he came out fine. Harry says that he didn't gamble, and Steve notes that he was quick to use Shefali as bait.

Later, Harry meets with Alistair. Alistair says that Harry went to jail and was almost killed because of his prejudice, and he asks Harry for his forgiveness. He then says that they need to focus on the case, and tells Harry that he's a brilliant cop even if he makes it hard for them to remember. As Alistair walks away, Harry glances at the bracelet. A bicyclist just avoids running into him and crashes, spilling the invitations that he was delivering to a party at a new restaurant with the best view of the city. Harry remembers Isabella's invitation to eat at the same place.

Harry goes to the exclusive restaurant and finds Isabella there. He asks if he set up everything that happened, and asks where Ajit is. Isabella tells him to find Ajit himself with the bracelet, and Harry says that he can't. She figures that Harry got a warning about the yin and yang, and dismisses it as drivel. Isabella explains that Harry learned about bad luck from an early age so that's what he believes, and says that she seizes luck and makes it hers. She offers to help him, and when Harry wonders why Isabella says that it's lonely having a secret and Harry is the only one who can understand. Isabella offers to teach him how to find the buzz that he's been missing. She says that as she was walking that morning, she was thinking of Harry and saw a huge flock of birds. They disappeared into an abandoned warehouse, and no one else seemed to see them. Isabella gives Harry the address of the warehouse and points out that flocks of birds have long been considered a portent of doom. Harry worries that his family might get hurt by the resulting bad luck if he uses the bracelet, and Isabella smiles and walks away.

Harry takes the address and leaves, and Eve pulls up on her motorcycle. He asks if she knew that there was another bracelet, and says that Isabella told him that Eve lied to him. Harry figures that Eve has been trying to control him, and that the bracelet works when she wants it to. He wonders what kind of luck it would take to stop Ajit and what would be the price. Harry says that it's a gamble and walks off.

At the warehouse, Harry goes in and finds Ajit's second lab. He calls Suri and says that there's no sign of Ajit. Harry reads off the chemicals there, and Suri realizes that Ajit can make sarin with them. Harry realizes that the warehouse has a view of the university that Ajit was going to go to before the family business went under, and runs over. Suri tells him that Ajit will have to distribute it through an air vent on the roof.

Harry arrives at the roof and finds Ajit preparing to dump the sarin into the vents. The DSI tells him to stop, but Ajit tells him to get as far away as he can as he holds up the vials of sarin. A flock of birds flies overhead, and Ajit stares at them, surprised. Harry remembers Isabella telling him to let luck do the rest, and says that he's back. He charges forward and Ajit throws the container with the vials. Harry catches it and falls through a skylight, and the curtains from the stage below break his falls. As the actors scream, the container rolls across the stage and Harry grabs it just before it goes over the edge.

As Ajit runs down the stairs, Suri trips him and puts him under arrest. Meanwhile, Harry goes to Anna's flat and she answers the door covered in blood. Anna says that she was making dinner and a fox dragged a pigeon in and there's blood everywhere. Smiling, Harry assures his ex that he's all right.

That night, Harry goes to the restaurant and finds Isabella. He tells her that he wants to know what else the bracelet can do. Smiling, Isabella takes his hand and says that they're going to have fun... while Rui watches from a nearby table.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 28, 2017

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