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Homecoming Recap

The next morning, Mon-el wakes up in Kara's bed and discovers that she's gone. He wonders if it was that bad... or that good. Mon-El goes out to the living room just as Supergirl arrives with coffee. The newscast on TV says that she's been busy that morning, and Supergirl changes back to Kara. She says that she had a nice time and Mon-el agrees, but says that he'd like to wake up next to her. They kiss and Mon-El suggests that they stay in. Kara reluctantly says that they have to be at the DEO in twenty minutes, and suggests that they keep their relationship quiet. She warns that the last time she liked someone, everyone in her life commented on it and she doesn't want it to happen to them. Mon-El agrees to keep it quiet.

When the couple arrives at the DEO, Mon-El immediately announces that he and Kara are dating. He then apologizes to Kara, admitting that he couldn't help himself. Hank tells Kara as their supervisor to report to Pam HR, pointing out that Kara is dating a co-worker. Winn announce that he's spotted a Cadmus convoy leaving one of their arms depots, and Kara says that she's taking J'onn with her.

As the Cadmus convoy hits the road, Supergirl and J'onn arrive. Supergirl discovers that the truck is line with lead, negating her x-ray vision, and she flies sown to the truck while J'onn knocks over the accompanying vehicles. Supergirl pulls the trailer free and brakes it to a halt, and J'onn knocks out the driver. When Supergirl opens the trailer, she finds Jeremiah chained up inside.

When Supergirl and J'onn return to the DEO, Alex hanks her father and everyone applauds. As they give Jeremiah a medical check-up, he explains that Cadmus had him enhance the original Hank Henshaw into Cyborg Superman. After that, Cadmus kept Jeremiah around to work on other projects. Jeremiah figures that by working with Cadmus, he was able to keep Kara and Alex safe. Mon-El comes in and Jeremiah cheerfully admits that Cadmus imprisoned him after he helped Mon-el and Supergirl escape. Alex warns that the damage to her father's hand is extensive, but he says that it's worth it. When Jeremiah says that he was lucky they rescued him, Mon-El suggests that Cadmus deliberately notified them. Jeremiah agrees and tells them to keep their guard up, and says that Cadmus built a nuclear fusion bomb powered by the heat vision they took from Supergirl. They plan to destroy National City and blame it on hostile aliens,

At a Cadmus facility, Cyborg Superman completes the bomb and Lillian is satisfied that the DEO and Supergirl won't be able to stop them.

At the DEO, the team tells Winn about Jeremiah's return and the bomb. Jeremiah suggests that Winn run a trace on the heat-vision radiation. Eliza arrives and she and Jeremiah embrace. Mon-El talks to Supergirl privately and says that it didn't look like Cadmus was capturing her heat vision earlier. Supergirl wonders why he doesn't trust Jeremiah, and Mon-El reminds her that Cadmus forced Jeremiah to work for them and may still be doing it. She says that Jeremiah needs him and begs Mon-El to drop the matter, and he agrees. Supergirl invites Mon-El to the family dinner they're holding to celebrate Jeremiah's return so he can learn that Jeremiah is trustworthy.

That night, the Danvers meet at Kara's apartment. Maggie arrives and Alex introduces her to Jeremiah as her girlfriend. Jeremiah says that there's no man good enough on Earth for Alex so Maggie is perfect. Mon-El arrives next and Jeremiah tells Eliza that all he ever thought about during his time with Cadmus was their girls. He apologizes to Eliza for being away and insists that it'll be different, and Eliza says that they don't know each other anymore. She tells him that it's going to have to be something new, and wonders if they can learn each other again. Jeremiah suggests that they start with dinner.

Jeremiah serves drinks to everyone as Hank arrives. He and Jeremiah hug, and Jeremiah thanks Hank for saving his life and watching over his girls. Kara proposes a toast to coming home and everyone joins in. Jeremiah asks them to be patient with him, and explains that Cadmus tried to break him. He knows their weaknesses and is going to work with all of them to make their planet safely. Jeremiah asks Hank to return him to duty at the DEO, and Hank agrees after a full psych evaluation and a field readiness exam.

Mon-El tells Kara privately that the DEO is letting Jeremiah back in much faster than they admitted him, and Kara tells him to say something nice to Jeremiah. Her new boyfriend says that it's a good thing that Jeremiah is returning when he did. When Alex asks if he means that Jeremiah was rescued, Mon-El points out that only Jeremiah saw the fusion bomb and now he's going to go right back to the DEO with full access. Alex takes offense and Kara leads him off to complain. Mon-El says that his father was not a good man, and he'd run under the same circumstances. Kara tells him that suspicions are out of line and he has to leave after he's ignored her repeatedly. Mon-El apologizes and suggests that they let it go, but Kara warns that their relationship won't work if Mon-El doesn't trust her. Jeremiah comes in and says that he should show Mon-El out, and Kara agrees.

Once they're alone out in the hallway, Mon-El tells Jeremiah that he was just questioning things. Jeremiah says that he knows who Mon-El is and doubts that Kara would like the truth. With that, he goes back inside.

Mon-El goes to the bar and invites Winn to have a drink with him and talk. Once they're alone, Mon-El wonders if Cadmus let them rescue Jeremiah so he could sabotage them from within. Winn doesn't believe him, but Mon-El points out that they've never been that lucky before. He figures that they should keep their guard up around Jeremiah, and Winn agrees to help. Mon-El thanks him for his help, and Winn tells him to be good to Kara. Lyra comes over and greets Winn, who says that he'll see her later that night. Once Lyra leaves, Winn and Mon-el share a toast to Lyra.

The next day, Hank shows Jeremiah around the DEO. Jeremiah assures Hank that he did his part to make the world a better place, and Hank notes that Jeremiah was the first human to treat him as an equal. He gives Jeremiah a security badge and tells him to report to duty in the medbay. Once Hank leaves, Jeremiah starts to bring up files. Winn secretly watches him, and then calls Kara to the training room. Mon-El is there as well, and Winn explains that Jeremiah tried to break into the DEO mainframe. Kara is furious that they were spying on Jeremiah, but Winn says that it looks like Jeremiah is spying on them.

Hank and Alex continue searching for the fusion bomb, and Jeremiah insists that they couldn't have cloaked it without his help. Kara, Winn, and Mon-El come over and Kara asks if Jeremiah accessed the classified files. Jeremiah immediately says that he did because his old passkey didn't work anymore. He insists that he was reviewing casefiles about his daughters so he could feel like he was there. Jeremiah apologizes, and Winn confirms that Jeremiah is telling the truth. Alex is furious at all three of them.

Later, Kara approaches Alex and Alex insists that she has nothing to say to her. Kara says that she's seeing clearly now and they owe it to themselves to look at every angle even it makes them comfortable. Alex says that Kara sounds just like Mon-El, and figures that Kara is taking Mon-El's stance because of their relationship. Kara insists that Jeremiah breaking into the mainframe is weird, and wonders why Jeremiah didn't ask them. She says that she will do what she has to to protect themselves. Alex says that Kara has chosen her side and tells Kara to act like Jeremiah is her father before walking away.

That night at the bar, Lyra shows Alex how to throw darts. Mon-El comes in and talks to Winn privately, He admits that he's a terrible partner with Kara, and Winn tells him that Kara doesn't need Mon-El to protect her. Mon-El wonders what there is for him, and Winn tells him to ask her. Winn's app goes off, notifying him that they've tracked Supergirl's radiation signature and Cadmus is moving the fusion bomb.

Alex and Supergirl lead a DEO team to the warehouse and Jeremiah monitors them from the DEO. Hank is with him, and gives them the order to go in. Supergirl blasts through the door and they discover the place is empty. Hank discovers that he can't read Jeremiah's mind, just as Jeremiah gets into the elevator and goes to the medbay to download files. Hank finds him there and grabs his arm, and discovers that his arm is metal beneath the skin. Jeremiah knocks him away with superstrength, and then grabs Winn as he runs up. DEO agents open fire on Jeremiah, who drops Winn, shrugs off the bullets, and knocks out the agents.

Supergirl realizes that something is wrong and says that they have to head back.

Hank recovers and demands to know what Jeremiah is doing. Jeremiah says that he doesn't want to hurt him anymore than he already has, and says that he did what he had to. Hank figures that he's a Cadmus man, and attacks Jeremiah. Jeremiah and J'onn fight, and Jeremiah finally knocks J'onn out. Once the download is complete, Jeremiah shoots out the controls and then walks out.

When Supergirl and the others return, Hank is unconscious but healing. Winn tells them what happened, and Alex insists that Jeremiah couldn't have overpowered Hank. Hank wakes up and explains that Jeremiah's damaged arm is cybernetically enhanced. Alex promises that Cadmus will pay, and Winn says that he hid a tracker on Jeremiah.

Jeremiah goes to where Lillian and Cyborg Superman are waiting. He says that he handled the DEO resistance and hands over the files that he downloaded. Supergirl and Alex arrive, and the explosives that Cadmus planted on a nearby railroad trestle go off. Supergirl flies to rescue the train, and Cyborg Superman knocks a tree down between them and Alex to cover their escape.

Supergirl heat-visions the broken rail tracks back into place so that the train can pass safely, bracing them with her body.

Alex catches up to the Cadmus trio and orders Jeremiah to freeze. She wonders how he could betray them, and Jeremiah says that he did it for her. Alex is furious that he's betrayed everyone that she loves, and Jeremiah admits that it's complicated. He tells her that she'll have to shoot him to bring him in, and says that he'll understand if she does. After a moment, Alex lowers his gun and Jeremiah walks away.

Later, Winn greets Alex and Supergirl when they return. They admit that they lost Jeremiah, and Hank comes in. Winn says that he doesn't know what Jeremiah stole yet, and Winn goes to check the mainframe. Hank asks how Alex is handling things, and she goes over to tell Eliza what happened. He asks Kara what she's thinking, and she says that she's worried what it means for all of them. Hank admits that it will change them all... and make them stronger.

Alex is drinking at her apartment when Maggie arrives. She wonders what is wrong, and Alex tells her about Jeremiah's betrayal. Maggie tells her that she's there for her, and Alex breaks into tears.

Kara is laying on her couch when Mon-El comes over. She tells him that she's not okay, and Mon-El says that he's not going to talk. He sits down next to Kara and asks what she needs, and promises that he'll listen. Kara asks him to just be there with her, and Mon-El agrees. She finally tells him that all she needs from him is to wake up with her, and Mon-El says that he'd love to. Winn calls and says that Jeremiah took the national alien registry. Once Kara hangs up, she tells Mon-El that they have to get up and go back to work.

At the Cadmus lair, Lillian thanks Jeremiah for his help. He reminds her of their deal, and she says that soon Earth will be free forever. They look at the vast alien ship that Cadmus has in their base.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 28, 2017

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