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Attack on Central City Recap

At the loft, Iris comes down and discovers that Barry has made breakfast. She wonders why he's so cheerful, and Barry says that being with her just makes him want to do things like that. They kiss and say that they love each other.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry comes into the speed lab and discovers that H.R. is putting up decorations. H.R. comments on Harry's toothbrushing style and says that he's fascinated by the subtle differences between them. Harry points out that he's a genius and H.R. is a moron, spits in H.R.'s coffee cup, and walks out.

Later, the team arrives at the lab and takes in H.R.'s decorations. H.R. comes in and says that it's Friend's day on his Earth. Joe leaves for work and H.R. hands out Friend's Day cards and then runs to get coffee. Jesse tells Wally that they should tell Harry that she's going to stay on Earth-1, and Wally reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Barry points out to Iris that they stopped the gorilla attack and changed the future. Iris asks Barry if he'll be her friend, and they hug.

Jesse and Wally approach Harry and give him H.R.'s card. Jesse tells her father that she's moving to Earth-1 and be with Wally. Harry glares at Wally, and Jesse says that they want to go through things together. Her father asks if Wally makes her happy. When Jesse says that he does, Harry tells them that he respects their decision and leaves. Wally tells Jesse that they have to find her a place.

In the speed lab, Caitlin tells Cisco that Julian is taking care of family matters in London. She insists that they're just friends, and Cisco wonders if he's ever going to find love. Caitlin assures him that there's a beautiful intelligent woman out there for him, just as Gypsy enters via a breach. She vibes Cisco across the room, and then pins Barry to the wall as he speeds in. Harry arrives and shoots her with a stun gun.

When Gypsy wakes up, she finds herself in a pipeline cell. She asks why she's locked up, and says that she told the council that H.R. is dead. Gypsy explains that the last thing she remembers is that she was on Earth-2 hunting down another breacher in the African jungle. Barry realizes that Grodd took telepathic control of Gypsy, and used her to open a breach. They figure that Grodd is there... and he's not alone.

On the cliffs outside Central City, Grodd and his gorilla army look down on the city.

In the cortex, the team tries to find Grodd via satellite feed. They have no luck, and Barry worries that Grodd keeps evolving. He wants to get ahead of Grodd for once, and Harry says that since Barry has seen the future, they can launch a preemptive attack. He suggests that Cisco do it, but Cisco warns that he can only vibe what Barry saw and all Barry saw was the news ticker. Caitlin suggests that they expand the range of his vibe vision, and Harry goes to work with Cisco's vibe gear and takes Wally with him. Iris goes to have Joe rally the GCPD, and Cisco goes to convince Gypsy to help them.

Gypsy refuses to help, pointing out that they have five metas on their team. Cisco points out that she brought Grodd to Earth-1, and she can get revenge on Grodd for controlling her. He asks if she's going to run, and says that they need her. Cisco half-jokingly says that she gets to spend extra time with him, and Gypsy says that she can't forget the horrors in Grodd's mind. He wants the city in ruins and people dead, and Gypsy tells Cisco that it's not her fight. She asks Cisco to release him, and Cisco opens the door. Gypsy tells him to take care of himself.

Harry and Wally work on the vibe goggles and Harry explains what he's doing. Wally says that he was surprised that Harry was so cool about Jesse staying. Harry tells him that Jesse's happiness is the most important thing to him, and Wally promises that they'll visit him on Earth-2. The older man says that he doesn't know how much time he has, and asks Wally to keep his condition a secret.

Joe arrives and says that the SWAT teams are ready to roll. Cisco puts on the modified goggles and Harry warns that they could be dangerous. He activates them before Cisco can object, and Cisco finds himself seeing the future. He tells them the intersection that he's at is near a bridge, and they realize that if the apes come in that way then they could overrun the city.

Joe, Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, and the SWAT teams set up at the bridge. There's no sign of the gorilla army, but Grodd takes telepathic control of Joe and puts Joe's gun to his head. Grodd says that he's there to make good on his promise, and when he's done all of the humans will die. Flash pushes Joe out of the way at superspeed as Grodd makes him shoot himself. They realize that the entire thing was a distraction.

As a soldier drives General Matthew McNally through the streets, Grodd knocks his hummer over and grabs him.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin makes sure that Joe is okay. Joe describes the images he saw when Grodd controlled him. Gypsy said the same thing, and Harry says that there was a neuroscientist on his Earth who was able to recover memories using magnetic waves. He figures that Grodd's mind control both goes ways, and Joe agrees to the procedure.

Barry walks out and Iris goes after him. He says that he's tired of seeing the people he cares about being put in harm's way. Iris insists that they'll stop Grodd, but Barry figures that they have to end it once and for all. Iris tells Barry that he did was right when he spared Solovar, and asks if it's about her. Barry figures that if he kills Grodd then the future he saw never happens. Iris tells Barry that his humanity separates him from everyone else, and he shouldn't compromise what he is. She says that her life isn't worth it if that's the cost to save her.

Jesse finds Wally in the pipeline and asks what's wrong. He says that Jesse staying there is a bad idea, and he shouldn't have asked her. Wally finally says that Harry is sick, and Jesse goes to confront her father.

Harry and Cisco attach the magnetic helmet to Joe. Jesse comes in and confronts Harry, and asks what is wrong with him. She says that she's moving to Earth-1 whether she likes it or not and walks out, and Harry returns to the equipment. They turn on the magnets and Joe goes into a trance. He draws the face of the general and then passes out.

McNally goes to Fort Reynolds and gives the password. The guard asks if he's all right, and McNally--under Grodd's mind control--claims that he's sick. He goes in to the nuclear missile transportation base.

The next day, Barry is sparring when Harry comes in. Barry breaks the bag and says that he's considering killing Grodd. Harry tells him that it's an idiotic idea and every time he does something that he's not proud of it, makes it easier to do it the next time. Barry reminds him that there's always another way, and Harry tells him to find another way than killing. Cisco calls and says that they've got a problem, and to come to the cortex.

When Barry and Harry arrive, H.R. says that he realized that the general had a military haircut. They ran it through the military database and came up with McNally's name. McNally is in charge of nuclear missiles, and alarms go off signifying the launch of a missile. They have minutes left, and Barry speeds off after it. He tells Wally and Jesse to stay there to get everyone to safety if he can't stop it.

Flash speeds to Fort Reynolds and finds McNally unconscious on the ground next to a launcher. Harry talks him how to access the control panel, and Cisco says that there's a five-digit kill code but they don't know what it is. Flash runs combinations at superspeed but nothing happens. With fifteen seconds left, six missiles lock on target. Flash finds the combo and the missiles stop with two seconds left.

Grodd is with his army and realizes that Flash stopped the missile. He orders his gorillas to attack.

That night, Cisco locates the gorillas outside the city heading into the downtown area. Wally and Jesse warn Barry that they're badly outnumbered, and Joe suggests that if Barry kills Grodd then the other gorillas might stand down. Barry glances over at Harry and says that there's another way and it won't come to that. He then tells Cisco that he'll need his help.

On Earth-19, Gypsy tells a council member, the Accelerated Man, that the breacher is taken care of. Once he leaves, Vibe breaches in and says that he needs to talk to her about Grodd. He begs her to help stop Grodd from destroying his city, and he says that he can pick up emotions. Vibe says that he can feel that Gypsy is like him and wants to do something good, and asks her to be the hero he knows she wants to be.

Back on Earth-1, Flash, Jesse Quick, and Kid Flash go to the street with the apes are marching into the city. Flash tells them not to get caught as the gorillas approach. Kid Flash and Jesse Quick sweep the first few off their feat, and Flash runs to battle Grodd. Grodd knocks him aside with ease. The other gorillas knock the other two speedsters aside, and Grodd promises that Central City will fall. The only way Flash can end it is if he kills Grodd. Flash says that he's not the only one who wants to stop him, and Vibe and Gypsy arrive. Solovar emerges from the breach a few seconds later, and challenges Grodd to single combat. The two gorillas fight and Solovar wins. The gorilla army bows to him, and Solovar prepares to kill Grodd. Flash stops him saying that death isn't the way. He promises that they won't let Grodd go back to Gorilla City ever again, and reminds Solovar that he spared his life. Solovar agrees and tells them to send them all home.

The speedsters return to S.T.A.R. Labs and Barry tells them that Lilah has confined Grodd at ARGUS. Caitlin figures that anything good in Grodd is gone. Gypsy prepares to leave, and Cisco figures that she chose to help them because she's into him. She kisses him and tells Cisco that even if she was, he couldn't handle her. Gypsy then walks off, and Cisco promises to marry her.

Iris asks Barry if he wants to go to the future and sees if it's changed. He says that it's done with that, and Iris goes to file a story.

Later, Harry prepares to leave. He tells Wally to do good by his daughter, and Wally promises that anyone will have to kill him to get to Jesse. Jesse hugs her father, who then shakes Barry's hand and says that there's always another way.

Iris returns home and finds hundreds of candles lit up. Barry has prepared her favorite food and gives her flowers, and says that he forgot that there's always another way to change the future... by making a new one. He takes out a ring and explains that it belonged to his grandparents, and proposes to Iris.

At the West house, Jesse and Wally are watching Casablanca. He suggests that they watch something else, and Jesse says that they don’t have to watch anything else. She kisses him and says that she could go for Big Belly Burger. Wally speeds off to get some takeout but stops when Savitar emerges from a breach onto the street and runs off.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 1, 2017

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