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Chapter 4 Recap

Within a crystal chamber floating in a void, Oliver Bird welcomes the viewers and says that they're there to talk about human nature. He says that people's fear and anger are the root of all their problems. Oliver's drink turns solid and he stares at it for a moment, and then goes back to his speech. He talks about the stories that adults tell children: stories of empathy and stories of fear. Oliver then says that the story for tonight will feature a fuzzy little bunny that got too close to the ocean, and what happened next.


Syd and the others go looking for truth but find nothing but lies. Poole has disappeared, and Philly hides behind a smile. They wonder what they've seen is real and what isn't.

David sleeps floating in a black void. Syd yells at him to wake up, but he relives the memories of his life.

Melanie, Syd, Kerry, and Cary monitor him in the lab. Cary says that there's no medical reason that David is unconscious, He suggests a shot of adrenaline, but Melanie figures that it's too risky. Ptonomy tries to find David's conscious but is unable to, and Cary assures Syd that David isn't brain dead. Melanie figures that David's mind is trapped on an astral plane, and figures that they've activated some kind of guardian in David's mind after their visits through his memories. She sends Syd, Kerry, and Ptonomy out to find out what they saw was real and what wasn't.

The trio breaks into Poole's office and Kerry stands guard while Syd and Ptonomy check the office. It hasn't been used for years, and Syd points out where she saw the tear in the wall. Ptonomy says that he looked for her after Syd chased Young David in David's memories, and explains that David can create a mental simulated reality. He checks the closet and finds a broken and bloody reel-to-reel tape recorder inside. Ptonomy has her touch it and checks for memories

Poole begins a session with David after turning on the tape recorder. He asks David what the stars say, and the memories change to Poole lying on the floor unconscious with David standing over him.

Syd and Ptonomy realize that Poole came back when David was robbing the office. Ptonomy warns that David is a bomb, with or without his powers, and Syd wonders what the stars said. She says that in the memories she saw David stuffing the audio tape into his mouth, and his hands were glitches. Syd suggests that David hid his real memories behind fake ones, and that he came there to get rid of a recorded conversation where he said too much.

Syd wonders if she loved David or the face he showed her.

Amy sits in her cell until the guard brings her food. Hungry, she eats it and then throws it away, yelling. Kissinger, in the adjoining cell, calls to her. He warns her to speak quietly in case their captors are listening, and asks Amy's name. When she gives it, he realizes that it's David sister and says that he's Kissinger. Amy recognizes his name and asks if he told D3 where David is. Kissinger says that he doesn't know where David is, and Amy says that David stayed with her but left after a few nights. Amy asks if Kissinger knew David had powers, and admits that David heard thoughts and she caught him talking to people who weren't there. He talked to their dog King, but they didn't have a dog.

Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry make a campfire in the forest, and Syd remembers seeing David's memories of his having sex with someone else. She catches a glimpse of the Angry Boy in the woods, but when she looks back he's gone. Kerry comes over and says that Cary called with an address for Philly. Syd insists that Philly is David's ex-girlfriend, and wonders how she's connected to Cary. Kerry explains that they share. She tells Syd that she and Cary were raised by a single mother Erma but had different fathers. When Kerry was 8, he found Cary in his room playing with his train set. He figures at first that she's his imaginary friend, but finally realizes that Kerry lives inside of him. Syd wonders what Kerry feels as her own person, and she says that Cary does the boring stuff and she gets the action.

Melanie walks through Summerland to her office, and sees an image of a deep-sea diver. It disappears after a moment, and Melanie goes to tell Cary what she saw. She insists that it's not coincidence and wonder if Oliver is waking up, but Cary tells her not to get her hopes up. Melanie wonders if he misses Kerry, and points out that she only ages when she's outside of Cary's body. Cary wonders what happens to her when he dies, and they go to an ice room where Oliver's body is frozen inside of a deep-sea diving suit. The operating system alarm goes off concerning an unannounced visitor, and Cary finally shuts off the alarm. He says that they need to replace it, but Melanie figures that Oliver is trying to reach them. She begs him to come back to them.

David finds himself standing in a field of glowing lights with the deep-sea diver--Oliver--standing nearby. The diver motions David along and walks away, and David goes after him. They come to a ladder and Oliver climbs up it into his crystalline chamber. David follows him inside and the hole closed behind him. Oliver removes the suit and offers David a drink, and David wonders where they are. He turns on some 60s music and David finally tells him to turn it off. Oliver explains that he's been there a long time and things tend to drift, and David wonders if he's not really awake.

Oliver asks if free love is still around. When David says that it isn't, Oliver tells him that he went too far into the make-believe and is trapped on the astral plane. They can imagine anything they want but nothing is real. Oliver is happy that he's not alone and starts reciting beat poetry until David stops him. He then tells David that the monster can't get him there, and realizes that it makes David forget. Oliver explains that he can tell David is at war with himself, and remembers knowing a Melanie once.

David says that he starts to go, and Oliver knows that he wants to rescue Amy. He warns that the monster is outside waiting, and that David brought it in and now it's hunting him. David insists that there is no monster, and Oliver tells him that it's a parasite. Determined to find Amy, David tries to summon whatever power he has but nothing happens Oliver casually creates a door and tells David that it's not real unless he makes it real. David climbs down the ladder back into the astral plane.

The trio takes a bus through the city. Syd sees the Angry Boy outside in a park, staring at her, and wonders what is real. They arrive at the realty office where Philly works, and Ptonomy tells Syd to keep her busy for 30-40 minutes while he scans her. He puts on a pair of sunglasses and says that he's blind. Ptonomy and Syd go in and Syd talks to Philly about their "family" while Ptonomy scans her memories. He "sees" her eating with David and Poole, and Poole asks about the dog they're thinking of getting. David says that he had a dog, King, as a pet, and Philly mentions that David doesn't keep any evidence of his past. The memory glitches and Ptonomy catches a glimpse of Philly going to see Poole at his home in a lighthouse. Ptonomy follows the memory and then abruptly snaps back to reality.

Ptonomy tells Philly that they've found what they're looking for and starts to go. Syd hesitates and then asks Philly if she dated David. When Syd says that they're David's friends, Philly asks where he is and Syd says that they're looking for him. She tells Philly that David said nice things about her, and asks if things ended badly for them. Philly says that she thought that she could fix David, but he went off the medication and got involved with a pusher named Benny. As they go, Philly tells them to tell David that they're watching.

As the trio heads out into the forest, Ptonomy figures that David somehow replaced all of his memories of Benny with Lenny. They arrive at the lighthouse and Poole answers the door. He refuses to talk about David, but Syd tells him that David is in trouble and they want to know the real story of what happened when David broke into Poole's office.

Poole gets coffee and Syd tells Ptonomy to let the doctor talk rather than scan his memories. When Poole returns, he explains that he treated David on and off for three years. David was open and desperate to work when he was on his medication, but not so much when he wasn't. Poole says that David had a friend, Benny, who had a negative effect on David's treatment. Before the break-in, David doubled his sessions but couldn't say what was finally bothering him until the final session. Syd asks what the stars said, and Poole realizes that she's in love with David. She agrees and Poole asks to see David again because he has the same questions. He explains that he had a wife and kids, but David ruined his life and he wants to ask why.

Syd glances at Ptonomy and Poole figures that he's in charge. When Syd says that no one's in charge, Poole asks if Melanie is their leader. Kerry is at the window and sees D3 soldiers approaching, and "Poole" drops his mental disguise to reveal that he's The Eye. The soldiers open fire and the trio runs upstairs. The Eye goes after them, ignoring the bullets. The trio gets upstairs and Kerry, bored, says that it's her turn and leaps out the window.

In his chamber, Oliver puts on a new record.

Cary is checking on David and senses something.

Melanie sits next to her frozen husband Oliver.

The Eye enters the upstairs room and Ptonomy shoots at him without effect.

Amy paces her cell.

Kerry fights the soldiers.

Cary ducks and weaves, emulating his sister.

The Eye grabs Ptonomy's head and renders him unconscious. Shoving Ptonomy aside, hue advances on Syd

Kerry takes down the first wave of soldiers, but five more surround her.

Cary yells in triumph.

The Eye says he's been looking for her, and Syd removes her glove. She touches his hand and Syd/The Eye stares at her hands in shock. Meanwhile, The Eye/Syd collapses on the floor, unconscious.

The soldiers beat Kerry, and Cary feels the blows. They beat her until she passes out, and Cary passes out as well.

Oliver finishes dancing to the music and takes a drink.

The soldiers go upstairs and tell Syd/The Eye that they've acquired their target. When The Eye/Syd tries to warn them, Syd/The Eye kicks her unconscious and says that he'll takes them back himself.

On the ground in his subconscious, Lenny appears to David. His room appears around them and he tries to leave only to find himself back where he started. Lenny assures him that she's his friend, but she's his mean friend. David says that he lost his mind, and Lenny reminds him that she told him not trust Melanie and the others. He wonders who she really is, and Lenny says that she's everything David wants to be. David demands the truth, and Lenny says that they need to get out because she has things to do. She doesn't explain what she means, and says that if David concentrates then maybe they can break out.

Lenny turns David to a portable TV showing The Eye preparing to kill Syd. David screams in fury and starts to transform into the Devil...

... and appears on the road in front of the D3 van transporting the prisoners. He swerves it off the road with his telekinesis, opens the back, and finds The Eye/Syd. David checks on Ptonomy and Kerry, as The Eye/Syd prepares to stab David in the back. Syd/The Eye wakes up from the crash and throws a tire iron, knocking the knife out of The Eye/Syd's hand. The Eye/Syd runs and Syd/The Eye goes after her.

David tackles Syd/The Eye, who tries to David who she really is. Kerry wakes up and runs over, just as Syd and The Eye switch back. The Eye draws his gun and shoots, hitting Kerry.

Cary collapses.

Kerry collapses and Ptonomy goes to her as The Eye runs off. Meanwhile, Lenny appears behind David.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 2, 2017

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