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The Raid Recap

At the bunker, Mary asks her sons to hear her out after she tells them that she's working with the British Men of Letters. She says that the way they work is a better way, and Sam asks when she started working with them. Mary admits that it was before the lake house and they brought her the case. Dean reminds her that Castiel almost got killed and a Hunter did get killed, and Mary assures them that she hasn't forgotten.

Three Days Later

A van pulls up to a gate and the guard lets it through into the compound. Once inside, Fetch and Mary get out and Fetch says that the AVD worked well. He asks if Mary is all right, and she insists that she's fine. They go inside and Fetch asks one of the staff, Head of Security Serena Colman, to take his gear to the armory. Serena points out that she has three PhDs but Fetch doesn't care.

Mary checks her phone and discovers that her sons haven't returned her calls.

When Mary says that she's doing it for them, Dean reminds them that she's been gone their entire lives. He points out that she needed space and figures that she wanted space from them, and tells her that she should try to be their mother for once. When Mary says that he's not a child anymore, Dean says that he never was and that it's between the British Men and them... and Mary made her choice. He tells her to get out and walks away. Sam tells Mary to go as well.

Fetch reports to Mick that they cleared out another nest. He says that Mary is excellent as always, and that they don't need Sam and Dean because they have the best Winchester. Mick tells him that it isn't their call and says that the old men want the brothers onboard. Once Sam and Dean join them, the American Hunters will follow.

At the bunker, Dean tells Sam a case about a man in Akron whose throat was ripped out. Sam reads the article and points out that the man was a drug dealer. Dean tells him to find them a case because he needs to hit something, and doesn't want to talk about Mary. He then wonders what their mother was thinking, and Sam suggests that they ask her. Sam notes that they've frozen her out for days, but figures that Mary has a good reason to work with them. Dean doesn't want to hear it and tells Sam that he's always playing the middle. He says that for once he should pick a side and goes out to get some drinks. Once he's alone, Sam checks his phone and looks at Mary's text. The last one says that they need to meet and it's urgent.

Later, Sam drives to the compound and Mary greets him outside. She admits that she messed up but they have a shot at a world without monsters. Mary reminds him that he was going to college, and she understands why he gave it up. She figures that there can be a different future for them where he doesn't have to, and tells him that things are changing. Mary opens the gate and invites Sam inside.

Sam goes in with his mother and Mary shows him the control center for their temporary base. Mick comes out and greets Sam, offering his hand. Sam ignores it and says that he's heading back. Mick tells him that he's just in time for the briefing where they discuss how they're going to exterminate every vampire in America.

Dean returns to the bunker and finds Sam's note saying that he'll be back later. He checks the alcohol and discovers that it's gone, just as there's a knock on the door.

Fetch, Serena, Alton Morehead, and Pierce Moncrieff gather for the briefing. Fetch doesn't come in, and Mick says that they won't wait for him.

Dean opens the door and finds Fetch there. He points out that it's a Men of Letters bunker and they know where it is, and shows him a bottle of rare Scotch.

Mick introduces Pierce as a Hunter out of Baton Route and Alton as their head of R&D. Sam remains standing, and Serena explains that phase one of Project V is almost complete. They've focused on the Midwest region, and they've killed all but 11 vampires in the area. They treat them like terrorists and confirm that they're all connected to the Alpha. When they find a nest, they determine its relationship to other vampire groups. The nests trade intelligence and victims among each other, and when the Men are ready, they move in and wipe them out. The remaining vampires in the region have holed up at an abandoned hotel in Wichita. Tomorrow they're going to ship out, raid the nest, and wipe the vampires out. Then they'll move out, wiping out every vampire in America.

A vampire tells the nest leader that her entire nest was wiped out. The leader says that they know and offers her human blood to drink. She takes it and the leader assures her that he and the others are safe there. He chose the place because it's a fortress. The Alpha comes in behind them and greets his children.

Dean and Fetch drink and Fetch tries to make small talk. He finally asks if Dean has any questions, and Dean figures that he's there to recruit him and Sam. Fetch says that the old men want them, and he was the only one who predicted that Toni would go rogue. He admits that they used to date, and says that he doesn't care about Dean. However, he tells Dean that the Men of Letters are a good fit for their inclinations. Fetch figures that they're both killers, and things get ugly if they run out of things that kill. He explains that the Men of Letters point him in the direction of things to kill, finishes his drink, and says that he has vampires. Dean asks if he has a line on vamps, and Fetch asks if he's interested.

After the briefing, Pierce says that he heard all about Sam from Rufus. Mick calls Pierce and Mary away, and then asks Sam what he thinks of their operation. Sam says that a friend of his and Pierce work together--once--and Mick admits that they're trying to recruit the top Hunters... like Sam.

Dean and Fetch go to the hotel and Mick texts Fetch. He ignores it and says that there are ten vampires inside and the sun will be down in an hour. Fetch prepares his gun but figures that it's too easy and asks Dean for one of his machetes. They go but there are no sign of vampires.

At the Men of Letters base, Piece and Serena gear up. Mary tells Sam that she needed to know. Outside, a vampire kills the gate guard.

Fetch finds the female vampire, Kris, hiding in the basement and brings her up. He asks where her friends are. when Kris claims that she doesn't know, Fetch beats her until Dean stops him. Dean tells Kris that if she tells them where her friends are then he'll make it quick. Kris says that they went hunting the Hunters.

Serena realizes that the gate guard, McGillicuddy, has disappeared off of the monitors. A vampire holds the guard's corpse up to the camera and then uses his hand to open the biometric lock on the gate. Sam says that they have to lock the place up and grabs his machete. The vampires charge another guard and overwhelm him as he tries to get inside.

Sam, Mary, Alton, and Serena lock the outside gates. Sam and Mary then get to the guard's station and kill one vampire and knock out the leader. They go outside and shut the secondary gate, and Mary prepares to decapitate the leader. However, Sam tells her to wait. They take him to the briefing room and the leader says that their Alpha told them where the Men of Letters were. Serena insists that their intel has the Alpha in Morocco for the last decade, but Sam says that he met him in North Dakota five years ago. The leader promises that they'll all dead and laughs, and Mary cuts off his head. Mick admits that they didn't have any contingencies for a vampire attack, and Serena suggests that they contact the English branch. Sam warns that they don't have that much time and Mary warns that the doors won't hold for long. Pierce is the only one there who has killed anything.

As the vampires break in, Sam has everyone get out their weapons. There's not much, and Mick warns that most of their weapons are in the armory. Mick suggests that they detonate the AVD and let the gas pour through the air vents, but Sam warns that it will only hurt the Alpha. Mary tells Mick to get the Colt.

The vampires get through the outside door.

Mick brings the Colt and Mary admits that she stole it from Ramiel. There are no bullets, and Sam says that they have to think some. He has the ingredients from Bobby, and gives the list to Mick. Sam warns that if it doesn't work, it will take a miracle. Mary offers to take him to the armory and Piece goes with them.

The trio goes to the outside door and when Sam opens it, vampires charge the door. Pierce takes Mary around the other way while the vampires shove the door open and advance on Sam.

Mick and Alton mix the ingredients and start the spell.

Mary and Pierce get to the armory.

Dean and Fetch drive to the compound.

Mick casts the spell just as Piece arrives. The Alpha comes up behind him and kills Alton, and Serena charges him. The head monster rips out Serena's throat and then turns to Mick.

Sam kills the vampires.

The Alpha says that Pierce is his Hunter, and the two of them have an arrangement. Pierce has kept him off the radar in return for payment. The Alpha points out that Mick has killed many of his children and seen his work in England. He didn't get involved there because it's England, but America is his home.

Sam finds an unconscious Mary in the armory. She explains that Pierce knocks her out and says that they have to go.

The Alpha tells Mick that he will call their superiors and tell them to cancel their American incursion, and then the Alpha will kill him as a demonstration. Mary and Sam slip in, and Mary knocks Pierce out. Sam grabs the unloaded Colt and aims it at the Alpha, bluffing. He claims that he's one of the five creatures the Colt can't kill, but Sam figures the Alpha would already have killed him if that was the case. Meanwhile, Mick secretly hands Mary the bullets that they made.

When the Alpha says that the Colt won't save them all, Sam tells him that he and his family only kill vampires when they get out of line. He points out that the Alpha has let them kill his children, and if he lets him and Mary go then they'll go back to the way things were... and the Alpha can have Mick. When Mary wonders what Sam is doing, Sam says that he's picking a side. Mick jumps Sam, who knocks him aside. When Mary attacks the Alpha, he knocks her down and then tells Sam that the gun isn't loaded.

A few seconds earlier, Mick showed Sam the bullets in his hand. When he jumped Sam, he slipped him the bullets. When Mary attacked the Alpha, Sam loaded the gun.

Sam fires the Colt and the bullet takes the Alpha in the head, killing him. Mary lars the vampires that remained after they killed the Alpha, and reports back to Mick. Fetch and Dean arrive, and Fetch says that he was following orders. Fetch tells him that he made a play for Dean and it was working until Mick's operation went sideways. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean compare notes and Sam wonders why Dean came running to save the Men. Dean says that when he thought something happened to Mary, nothing else mattered. He tells her that he's adults and she hasn't to make her own choices even if he doesn't like them, and that's something he'll have to get used to.

Fetch hauls Pierce out and says that they have ways of dealing with rogue Hunters... and they're not pleasant. Sam goes over to Mick, who admits that the operation wasn't a good demonstration of the Men or his leadership. As he tries to apologize, Sam says that he's in and wants to be a part of the Men because they're changing the world. As for Dean, Sam tells Mick to give him some time.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2017

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