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2. Playing with Fire Recap

At a gay club, men are dancing and one man, Kevin Jones, chats with his fiancé Ade. Later, Kevin leaves and someone stabs him with a screwdriver.

At a more expensive club, Isabella is playing craps and winning. She asks Harry to join him, and says that luck is about more than winning. She tells him that he has to understand that fortune is a river and he should let himself be swept along. If Harry can't control the bracelet then bad things will happen.

Kevin staggers down a street in Vauxhall and collapses.

Suri calls Harry and says that they have a crime. Harry meets her at the station and Suri complains that he smells of alcohol.. Alistair joins them and tells them that Kevin was Ade's fiancé. They meet with the coroner, Ralph Dickenson, and check Kevin's body. There's a screwdriver sticking out of Kevin's head, and Harry tells Ralph that time is a factor. Ralph provides a quick assessment and says that they couldn't get prints off of the handle but it's used. There's a bruise on Kevin's left shoulder and Ralph says that it's the remains of a tattoo that was removed.

Later, Suri and Steven go to the club and Steven asks if Suri enjoys punishing him. She says that he needs to prove that they can trust him and tells him to check the CCTVs.

Harry meets with Ade at a shrine to Kevin and asks if Kevin was stepping out with anyone. Ade insists that Kevin wasn't and it was a hate crime. Protestors have gathered nearby, complaining about the wages of sin. Harry tells the leader, Melanie Spencer, to move along. She says that Reverend Anthony Huxley has promised that gays will suffer for their sins, and asks why Harry is protecting the sodomites. He has the officers haul her away, and Steven and Suri arrive. Kevin shows Harry a photo of Sean Blake, who was loitering outside of Vauxhall Station. He's done time for hate crimes and they arrested him eight months ago for assaulting a drug dealer. Harry tells them to bring Sean in.

Isabella is swimming, and Eva breaks in and knocks out her bodyguard. When Isabella emerges from the pool, Eve tells her to stay away from Harry. Eve insists that the bracelet has consequences, and Isabella points out that Eve was happy enough to have Harry use the bracelet to help her. She says that all Eve has done is lie, to her and Harry. Isabella realizes that Harry doesn't know that Eve put the bracelet on her wrist, and suggests that they go to tell Harry. Eve tells her to stop, and Isabella asks her if Harry knows all the pain and death that Eve has caused. She says that Eve destroyed her life and she won't let Eve destroy Harry's, and tells Eve to leave them alone.

At the station, Harry and Suri interrogate Sean with his lawyer present. Sean says that he was ministering at Vauxhall during the time that Kevin was killed, and says that Huxley can confirm his alibi. He explains that Huxley led him out of a life of violence and drugs, and has a vision of redemption for the city.

Later, Harry and Suri go to Huxley's church where he is preaching against homosexuality. He promises to take the streets back and the congregation applauds. Watching from the back, Harry figures that Huxley has an army. Later, the officers meet with Huxley in his office. He vouches for Sean and says that they're there to lead the lost out of the wilderness. Huxley asks how Harry is filling the God-shaped hole in his soul, and realizes that he's a gambler. Harry ignores him and warns that if they find evidence that implicates Sean in Kevin's death then Huxley will be guilty of perjury. Unimpressed, Huxley tells Harry that they're there if they need him and the solution to his pain isn't at the roulette table. Harry and Suri look up at the stained glass window in the ceiling and Harry realizes that it looks like the bruise on Kevin's shoulder. They ask if Huxley knew Kevin, and the preacher claims that he didn't.

Anna takes Daisy to church and reviews her studies. The woman sees a man down the street apparently watching them. He follows them to Daisy's school, and Anna sees him again after she drops Daisy off. She hides behind a van and when one of them gets out, Anna sprays him with mace. She starts to call the police, and they explain that they're police protection officers.

Later, Anna goes to the station and waits for Harry. Alistair comes out and says that they've had an unconfirmed sighting of Golding in England. Harry asked them to put a watch on Anna and Daisy until they knew one way or another. As Harry arrives, Alistair says that Harry probably didn't want to worry her. Anna tells her ex-husband that he should have told her, and says that she's fine.

Anna goes to her office and looks around nervously. When her co-worker suggests that they go to a gala as a date, Anna abruptly leave but stands out in the hallway alone.

As Harry drives downtown, his engine goes dead. He pulls over and Isabella is seated at a sidewalk cafe next to him. They go to the penthouse club and Isabella tells him to let someone else handle Huxley's case. Harry refuses to discuss what Huxley said about him, and Isabella warns him that the world is full of bad people. She wonders if he's going to chase them all, and says that people are dull and the two of them are different. Harry warns that no one else's luck lasts forever, and insists that he's not a compulsive gambler anymore. Isabella tells him that their lives are ones of continual good fortune. Harry doesn't believe her, and Isabella steps up on the balcony and walks along the edge. She says that they've both had their share of bad luck and now it's all over, and invites Harry to come get her. Isabella steps off the edge and lands on an elevator below. As it drops, she shouts to Harry that they're invincible.

The next day, Harry tells Alistair that Huxley knows Kevin. Suri has learned that Huxley set up his church five years ago, and was kicked out of the Evangelical movement for being too radical. Before that Huxley was a psychiatrist and was struck off, but it's covered under a NDA. Alistair tells them to find something more concrete and calls Steve into his office. Harry tells Suri that they need to get a copy of Huxley's disciplinary hearing.

After one of his services, Huxley greets his parishioners. Melanie goes to her car and a man and a man in a hoodie comes up and kills her. When the body is found, the police are called in. Ralph says that the murder weapon is from the same brand as the screwdriver that killed Kevin. Alistair confirms that Huxley has an alibi and tells Harry to open up the investigation. Harry figures that Huxley is involved, but Alistair tells him to follow the evidence and talk to Melanie's husband Spencer.

Harry and Sean talk to Spencer, who explains he was tired of Melanie spending all her time with Huxley. He figures that Huxley had some kind of hold on Melanie, and agrees to let them take a DNA sample. Spencer says that he was at home with the kids when Melanie was murdered.

As Harry reviews the evidence, he remembers what Huxley said to him. Suri comes over and points out that Huxley would have no motive to kill Melanie. She warns Harry that he's letting Huxley get under his skin.

That night, Harry is sleeping when Suri calls to remind him that he was supposed to be at Melanie's post-mortem. When Harry arrives, Ralph tells them that there were no defensive injuries, suggesting that she knew her killer. Harry confirms that she had a tattoo just like Kevin, and points out numbers on the tattoo. The same numbers are on Kevin's tattoo, and Harry insists that they connect both victims to Huxley.

The next day, Harry and Suri talk to Ade. He says that Kevin told him about the tattoo and said that it was a mistake. Ade realizes that the numbers are a verse in Leviticus preaching against homosexuality. he explains that when he came out, his father yelled the verse at him as he kicked Ade out. Suri suggests that Huxley was stricken off as a psychologist because gay conversion therapy is against their code of practice. Harry figures that Huxley tried to make Kevin straight, and says that they need to confirm why Huxley was struck off. As they leave, Suri warns that they can't get a copy of the disciplinary hearing without Alistair's permission. Harry tells her that he'll think of something.

Harry goes to the Royal Society of Psychologists and concentrates on the bracelet. The guard happens to be looking the wrong way as he goes in, and Harry takes a security guard from a man that just happens to let him in past the security sensors. The DSI goes to the office and accesses the computers, but is unable to guess the password. When Harry tosses the mouse away in disgust, he sees a password written on the underside. Once in the system, Harry brings up the hearing notes.

Huxley is preaching to his congregation when Harry and Suri come in. Harry tells him to come to the station, but Huxley says that they can talk freely in front of his congregation. He says that he knows Harry is afraid that he'll destroy his life through gambling. Harry says that he doesn't gamble, and Suri glances at him. Huxley picks up on it and figures that Harry spends his life worrying that he'll gamble everything away. He says that he used to be just like Harry, and Harry arrests Anthony. Sean gets up to intervene, and Harry tells him to sit down. After a moment, Sean sits down and Huxley tells Harry that they'll all pray for him.

Later, Alistair demands to know where Harry is. Suri is there, and Alistair demands to know why Harry arrested Huxley when he specifically told him to follow procedure. When Suri starts to explain, Alistair asks if she's going to spend the rest of her life making excuses for Harry's behavior. Steve speaks up, saying that Suri told him about the link.

Anthony and Steve watch as Harry and Suri question Huxley. Harry points out that Huxley lied about knowing Kevin, and points out that Kevin and Melanie both had the same tattoo. He then reads from the hearing notes, and Huxley points out the report was confidential. Harry continues reading, which says that Huxley is pathological in his hatred of gay men and is a danger to vulnerable lesbians and gay men in the community. Huxley insists that he didn't tell Harry because he knew he'd jump to that conclusion, and that he tried to "convert" Kevin after he was struck off. The reverend asks why he would have killed Kevin, and says that he led out of the darkness of homosexuality and now he leads others out. Huxley tells Harry that some of them are willing to face their demons and banish them. Watching, Alistair realizes that Huxley will file a complaint against them.

Harry asks if Kevin tried the therapy with other men, and Huxley confirms that Kevin was his greatest protégé. He explains that Melanie wore the tattoo to support Rob, and Kevin converted Rob. Harry terminates the interview and says that Huxley hasn't called anyone. When Huxley demands an apology, Harry tells him that he has blood on his hands.

Back in the squad room, Harry tells Steve to bring up the CCTV of the club. Steve goes back to before Kevin left the club, and they see Robert leaving ahead of Kevin. Steve says that Melanie wasn't dead when he originally reviewed the footage, and Harry insists that Rob is the connection.

At home, Rob is slicing off the tattoo with a razor blade.

Alistair calls a meeting and says that they have police at all the stations with a description of Rob's car. Harry figures that Rob won't run, pointing out that he's never been interested in getting away. He figures that Rob is determined to put things right. Alistair goes to order many cops, and Suri gets a call that Huxley's lawyer wants him released. She refuses and tells Harry, and checks the CCTV footage with Steve. Steve blames himself, admitting that he should have checked the footage after Melanie's death. Meanwhile, Harry calls the cells and tells the officer to release Huxley.

Steve warns Suri that one day Harry's luck will run out and he'll take Suri down with him. She tells him to focus on his work rather than Harry, and realizes that Harry is gone.

Harry secretly follows Huxley to the church and Rob slams a van into Harry's car. As Rob runs inside, the gas from Harry's car ignites. Unconscious, Harry remembers his mother dying in the car crash after getting her sons out. He wakes up but discovers that the doors are jammed. Harry gets out through the back and runs clear just as his car explodes.

Inside the church, Rob ties Huxley to a chair. Rob says that he deserves to die but will kill Huxley first. As he prepares to cut Huxley's throat, Harry comes in and says that he knows why Rob killed Kevin. He describes how when Rob went to the club, he saw Kevin getting ready to get married. Rob insists that it should have been him, and he just pretended to change during Huxley's sessions. Harry continues, saying that Kevin followed him out of the club. Rob explains that Kevin told him that it wasn't too late, but it was because he had a wife and kid. Now he wants to make sure that no one else goes through what he went through.

Harry tells Rob to kill Huxley, saying that he's responsible for Kevin and Melanie. Huxley begs Harry to stop, but Harry tells Rob that he'd be doing the world a favor... and gets close enough to punch him unconscious. Huxley screams at Harry, saying that he was going to kill him. Harry picks up the scalpel with a handkerchief and stares at Huxley, and then walks out leaving Huxley tied up.

Later, the police arrive and take Rob into custody. Suri is with them and points out that Harry's instincts were wrong. He says that he was rightish, but Suri tells him that he was lucky.

As Harry goes to pick up Daisy, Isabella calls. Harry ignores the call and assures Anna that he wouldn't take Daisy out if there was any risk. Anna wonders if he'd take the gamble, and then apologizes for the remark. He offers to show her he can't take off the bracelet, but Anna tells him that he's an addict and that's all there is. As Harry goes to the car, Isabella calls again and he takes the call. She tells him to trust in the bracelet.

As Huxley walks down the street, he stops to eye a male pedestrian. The man stops to pick up a piece of litter, and Huxley walks past...and is hit by a truck. Isabella is nearby, and tells Harry that luck always finds a way. Harry doesn't believe it, and Isabella says that he'd be surprised.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 4, 2017

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