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Odds for Big Red Recap

At the Carlton, Paladin is reading about the failed search for an outlaw killer, Frank Yost, who guns down anyone in his way. He calls Hey Boy and tells him to send his card. Hey Boy reads the article and asks if Paladin is going to go after him, and Paladin figures that it's time that someone does.

Soon, Paladin rides into town on Frank's trail. He goes into the saloon, Red's, and everyone falls silent as he comes in. He tells them that he just wants Frank, and everyone gets out of the way. Frank is playing poker and reaches for his gun, and Paladin tells him not to try it. The owner, Big Red, comes over and tells him that any shooting should be outside. Paladin shoves her aside and Frank grabs a saloon girl hostage. He shoves her aside and goes for his gun, and Paladin takes him down. Another saloon girl, Aida, puts a shotgun to Paladin's head and orders him outside. Someone yells Red's name, and Paladin grabs the shotgun away from the distract Aida.

Everyone goes over to Red, who was hit by Frank's bullet. The saloon girls gather around her and Red tells them to hush up. She says that it was always a man who bailed her out of trouble, and Paladin steps forward. Aida is none too thrilled that Red was shot because of Paladin, and another man--Guy Fremont-- comments that it must be convenient that Paladin can bury his mistakes. Paladin tells him to bring a doctor, and Red says that the doctor is out of town with a pregnant woman. Guy goes to get the supplies that Paladin requests, and Red comments that he does take over. As Paladin holds her in his arms, Red sings and then says that her father was a soldier. Aida warns that the doctor is too far out, and Red laments dying too young.

The bystanders start taking odds that Red won't live until sunup, and an angry Paladin tells them to clear out the table in the back room. He and Aida carry Red there and Red talks about how she never took the time to get married or have a baby, while some of the customers drag Frank's body out. In the back, Guy checks on Red, who is surprised that he's there since they broke up. Paladin sends him out front and Guy starts placing bets with the others, offering 5-to-1 odds against her making it until sunup. Red and Paladin hears them, and Red says that Guy isn't thinking straight. Paladin offers to bet on her, and Red tells him to save his money if Guy is betting against her.

Paladin goes out and glares at Guy, then offers him $1,000 that Guy is wrong. Surprised, Guy pockets the money and checks Red's pulse. After a moment, he comes back out and takes Paladin's money. The customers go off to play cards, and Paladin asks Guy is a doctor has ever been one. Guy admits that he studied to be a doctor, but says that Red is going to die no matter what he does or doesn't do. He insists that he's a gambler, not a doctor, and Paladin bets that Red will live because Guy will save her. When Guy wonders what happens if he can't, Paladin tells him that that's the best: Guy's life or Red's. Aida watches as Guy tells the card players to go on without him. Guy warns that he hasn't practiced in ten years and never was a doctor because he couldn't stand the suffering. Paladin ignores his objections and finally motions him to the back.

Guy dallies about until Paladin tells him to remove the bullet. Red wonders why Guy is there, and Paladin tells her what he's going to do. She says that Guy would do anything for a bet, and Paladin tells her that's what he's counting on. Red says that she can stand being dead but she can't stand dying, and begs Guy to do something. Paladin has her confirm that she agrees to let Red operate on her and she agrees.

Out front, one of the players, Vern Potter, takes offense when they suggest that he's drunk.

Paladin has her drink some liquor to dull the pain. She insists that she shouldn't get drunk, and Paladin tells her that he's going to hold her still while Guy operates. Guy says that it's been too long and he can't do it, and it doesn't make any difference to him because the card players will probably kill him if he says Red. Paladin assures him that Guy can be absolutely certain that he'll kill him if Red dies. Red asks Guy to try, saying that it didn't used to be hard to cause him pain. After a moment, Guy goes to work.

The card players keep playing and waiting, and Vern finally tells another player, Ernie, to go back and check on Red. Meanwhile, Guy reaches the bullet and tells Paladin to hold her steady. Ernie comes back and Paladin orders him out. He goes back and tells the others that Guy is taking out the bullet. Vern is furious that Guy is helping Red after they joined his bet, and goes into the back. Guy tells Paladin to get rid of him, and Paladin punches Vern, knocking him into the main room. As the two men fight, Guy tells Red that he doesn't want her to die.

Aida knocks Paladin over long enough for Paladin to get the upper hand. When the other customers come after him, Paladin knocks them back as well and then pours alcohol on Vern. Vern swings at him with a bottle and Paladin throws him over the bar. He then goes into the back and Finds Guy holding up the bullet... and Red alive. Paladin goes back out front and tells everyone that Red will live and Guy will pay off. Guy hears him and wonders how he's going to pay. Red tells him that he'll have to go to work because he's a rotten gambler, betting against himself. Guy admits that he's a doctor in spite of himself, and he and Red kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 5, 2017

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