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Heart of Darkness Recap

An arrow arcs through the air, speeding toward its target-Red. But before it hits her, Charming comes to the rescue, slicing it out of the air with his sword. It's King George's men who fired the arrow and they're after Charming. He jumps on his horse to leave and tries to take Red with him but she tells him to go find Snow. When he asks her what she's going to do, Red looks up at the full moon rising and tells him she's giving him a head start. After Charming rides off, Red ditches her hood and runs towards King George's oncoming men. We then hear a howl and see a wolf attack them.

At the Sheriff's station in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is having her booking photo taken by Emma. As she tries to convince Emma that she didn't kill Kathryn. Emma tells her "of course she didn't" but she has to go where the evidence leads. Mary Margaret's fingerprints were on the box. If she doesn't book Mary Margaret, it'll look like favoritism. Then Regina will fire her and bring someone in that will railroad Mary Margaret. Emma tells her to be patient and trust her. Besides, the case can't move forward until the DNA confirms the heart was Kathryn's. Emma then tells Mary Margaret she's going to have to answer some questions and they walk off.

At the Dwarfs' hovel in Fairy Tale Land, Snow hums as she tries to a gets a bird to land on her finger. It's all sweet-until she tries to smash it with a broom. Just then, Grumpy comes in and asks her what she's doing as she takes a hard swing at the bird. Snow says she's getting rid of the vermin in the house, then asks him, "What do you want." She rolls her eyes when he says it's dinner time. He leads her to the next room where all the other Dwarfs are waiting for her. Jiminy Cricket is also there to lead the Dwarfs in confronting Snow about her poor behavior since she drank the magic potion Rumplestiltskin gave her to forget Prince Charming. Snow said that the potion was the solution not the problem. Then she goes on a tirade, "The problem is that I'm living here, in a house full of dwarfs instead of in my palace. With my father as a princess. But I can't do that anymore, can I? Because he was murdered. Murdered by the same woman who sent a Huntsmen to kill me." Jiminy tells her that her anger towards The Queen is justified but she shouldn't be taking it out on her friends. Then Snow comes to a realization, looks at the Dwarfs, then agrees with Jiminy, "You're right. I should be taking it out on her." With that she decides to leave to pursue her revenge against The Queen despite protests from Jiminy and the Dwarfs. When Grumpy asks where she's going Snow simply says, "To kill The Queen."


At the Sheriff's station, Emma leads Mary Margaret into her office to ask her questions, only to find Regina waiting for them. Mary Margaret is taken aback. Regina claims that she is only there to make sure Emma stays impartial. Emma assures Mary Margaret it will only help her. Mary Margaret says she has nothing to hide and tells Emma to ask her anything. Emma turns on a tape recorder and begins. Mary Margaret admits to meeting David at the old Toll Bridge because they were having an affair, "I'm not proud of what happened. And I'm sorry. But that doesn't change the fact that I did not kill Kathryn." Then Emma brings an old jewelry box out of the evidence locker and asks Mary Margaret if she's seen it before. Mary Margaret says that it's her jewelry box. Now it's Emma who's taken aback, "That's what we found the heart in." Mary Margaret immediately gets defensive. She says someone must have stolen the box and put the heart in there, she's innocent. Regina tries to bait Mary Margaret by gently holding her hand and questions what losing David did to her. Mary Margaret pulls her hand away and reaffirms that she didn't do it. Emma and Regina go into the hallway, where Regina points out that if the box was stolen from their apartment wouldn't there be signs of a break-in? Emma doesn't have an answer. Regina goes on, "She is a woman who's had her heart broken. And that? That can make you do unspeakable things."

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow is dressed in her bandit gear and ambushes one of The Queen's black knights with a rope, tied between two trees, that knocks him off his horse. As the knight lies on the ground in agony, Snow adds to it by slamming a pick axe into his ankle. She demands to know where The Queen is but he's reluctant to tell her until she threatens him with her dwarven pick-axe. He quickly changes his tune and tells her that The Queen is only in her castle for the night and in the morning she leaves for her summer palace. She knocks him out and takes his armor and cloak. Out of nowhere, Grumpy shows up and asks her what she's doing. Snow says she already told him, she's going to kill The queen and will do whatever it takes to do it. Grumpy tells her he came to help by taking her back to Rumplestiltskin to try to get back her memories. Snow says she doesn't want those memories back. He tells her losing them changed her and maybe Rumplestiltskin can bring her back to the person she used to be.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma checks the apartment she shares with Mary Margaret for any sign of a break-in. Henry shows up to help her out. He suggests that his mom, Regina, might have done it because she hates Snow White. Emma doesn't buy it. Emma and Henry hear something from under the floor. When she removes the screen to a floor vent she finds a knife wrapped in a wash cloth. They look at it knowing what it must be-the murder weapon.

At Granny's diner, Henry is morose as he sits at the counter, when August saddles up and sits next to him. He knows Henry is upset about Mary Margaret but suggests that he can find the answers he wants in his book. Henry dismisses the suggestion, saying it's only a book. Then August surprises him, "I think we both know that's not the case." August tells him it's a book of stories that really happened. That snaps Henry out of his funk and prompts him to ask August if he thinks his book is real. August tells him, "as real as I am." He tells Henry he's a believer and wants to get Emma to believe, but knows she needs proof. He gestures to Henry's book, then gets up and leaves. Henry follows the lead, takes out the book, opens it and searches for an answer.

In Fairy Tale Land, Charming dismounts his horse to follow some tracks. Those tracks lead him to the black knight that Snow White knocked out. He tells Charming she wants to kill The Queen and that he's never seen someone so bloodthirsty. Charming, not believing it, angrily puts his sword to the knight's throat and defends Snow, "Snow's not bloodthirsty. She's not a killer. I know her." The black knight replies, "Maybe you don't." Charming takes that in.

At Regina's office, David goes to Regina to argue that Mary Margaret couldn't do any of the things she's accused of. Regina suggests that maybe he doesn't know her as well as he thinks. She tells him everyone has a dark side. He says having a dark side and doing something so evil is a different thing. Regina presses on, "Perhaps. But I've always believed evil isn't born. It's made." David, "All due respect Regina, I don't think you know much about evil." A brief twinge on Regina's face as the irony hits her. David thinks that if he can clear up his missing time maybe he can prove Mary Margaret's innocence. Regina tells him he's very sweet but wrong. Then she gently tells him, "Evil doesn't always look evil. Sometimes it's staring right at us and we don't even realize it."

Behind bars at the Sheriff's station, Emma tells Mary Margaret the evidence against her is piling up and suggests she get a lawyer. Just then, Mr. Gold walks in. He offers his legal services to Mary Margaret. When Emma questions the fact that he's a lawyer, Mr. Gold asks her if she ever wondered why he was so good with contracts. He persuades Mary Margaret to take him on as her lawyer. Emma is surprised, but Mary Margaret says Mr. Gold is right and asks her to do the best job she can to prove she's innocent. Emma leaves, telling Mary Margaret that she hopes Mr. Gold is looking out for her best interests. When they're alone, Mary Margaret tells Mr. Gold she can't pay him and asks why he's helping her. Mr. Gold tells her, "Let's just say-I'm invested in your future."

In Rumplestiltskin's spinning room, he tells Grumpy that the potion he gave Snow took away her love and left a big hole in her heart. Rumplestiltskin says there is no cure for what she's got and there is no way to bring back the person she was. Then Rumple says no potion can bring back true love, but "If you can bottle love, you can do anything." He turns to Snow and asks her what she really wants. Snow, "I wanna kill The Queen." Rumple smiles, "Now we're talking, dearie." He gives Snow a bow and arrow that will kill The Queen. She asks him to name his price, because there is always a price with him. Rumplestiltskin leans in, "Let's just say-I'm invested in your future." Yes, it's the same thing he told her in Storybrooke.

David goes to see Archie to see if he can help him remember what happened in his blackouts.

In Fairy Tale Land, Charming goes to Rumplestiltskin because he heard that Snow came to him for help. He asks Rumple to undo the potion. Rumple taunts him and tells him true love can undo the potion. He tells Charming that he'll need to know where to find Snow first. Charming says to name his price. Rumple says for Charming's cloak he'll tell him where she is. After Charming agrees, Rumple gives him a map but tells him he had better be quick, "Because if she kills The Queen, she becomes as evil as the woman whose life she takes." Charming says she could never become that evil and heads off. Rumple, "Evil isn't born, dearie, it's made."

Out in the forest, Snow is preparing to ambush The Queen when Charming sneaks up on her. He kisses her, thinking that true love's kiss will undo the potion and she'll become her old self and remember him. He's wrong. She clubs him the head, knocking him out.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry is waiting for Emma. He says that he has proof and shows her Regina's skeleton keys, claiming that is how Regina got into their apartment and framed Mary Margaret. Henry, "The book says they'll fit any door." Emma says there is no way they'll fit the lock. Henry is undeterred and saying they have to try. After he unsuccessfully tries a couple of keys, Emma shuts him down. Henry gives the keys to her and implores her to try them herself. She acquiesces and tries a key. To her shock, it opens her door. Henry, "Do you believe now?"

It's nighttime in Fairy Tale Land, Snow has tied Charming to a tree. She assumes he's the man Rumplestiltskin helped her forget. He wonders aloud why true love's kiss didn't restore his memory. She tells him it's not true love because she doesn't love him. To her, love is just words, she appreciates action. He pleads with her, "You can't do this. It's not who you want to be. You can't kill her." Snow, "Really? Watch me." Charming watches as she disappears into the forest.

In Storybrooke, David sits in Archie's office. He's in a hypnotic state as Archie asks him questions. David recalls his last phone call with Kathryn-she was going to start a new life and even though she was hurt, she thought he and Mary Margaret should be together. Archie asks if he remembers anything after the call. David seems to remember Mary Margaret in the woods and pleading with her, "You can't kill her." In the memory she coldly responds, "Really, watch me." He's woken up suddenly by Archie because something was disturbing him in the hypnosis. Archie asks what David saw and says he can help him. David tells him, "No you can't," then leaves in a hurry.

Still tied to a tree in Fairy Tale Land, Charming struggles to break free when Jiminy shows up. Jiminy gnaws through the ropes. Charming tells him he tried everything to make Snow remember who he was but nothing worked. Jiminy thinks he's approaching it the wrong way, "How can she remember who you are when she's lost sight of who she is?" That hits Charming.

Later on the Queen's Road, peasants gather along the road and bow to The Queen as she passes by on horseback. Above the road, Snow White is in her bandit outfit and tracks The Queen. When she finds the right spot, she pulls out her bow and draws the arrow Rumple gave her. Snow has a clear shot and lets the arrow fly. But before it can kill The Queen, Charming jumps in front of it with the arrow hitting him in the shoulder. Snow runs down and berates Charming for what he's done. He tells her he would rather die than let her fill her heart with darkness. That's when it hits her, "You would really die for me?" She's taken aback by Charming selflessness and willingness to lay down his life for her. Snow leans in and kisses him. She opens her eyes and smiles, "Charming." True love's kiss worked, she remembers. But the heartfelt reunion is interrupted when King George's men ride up hard and fast. Charming instinctively tries to protect Snow by pulling the hood of her cloak over her head so she won't be recognized. They roughly throw Charming into a caged wagon as Snow is knocked to the ground. The King's men ride away with Charming. Snow calls out to him, "I will find you... I will always find you."

Back in Storybrooke, David goes to see Mary Margaret while she's behind bars at the Sheriff's station. She's happy to see him but he's uneasy. David recounts to her what he remembered at Archie's office, the Fairy Tale memory. He remembers telling Mary Margaret, "Don't kill her." She asks him if he really thinks she killed Kathryn. He tells her that Emma found a heart in their spot, in her jewelry box and that the weapon was in her apartment. So, yes he's asking if she killed Kathryn. Mary Margaret staggers back. She tells David she stood by him when all of the evidence pointed towards him, "You actually think I'm capable of that kind of evil?" David has no answer. She stares icily at him, "Get out." David leaves as Mary Margaret turns her back to him and tears up.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow returns to the Dwarfs at their hovel and apologizes to them. She tells them she's sincerely sorry. They quickly realize the old Snow White is back and surround her in a group hug. She tells them she can't stay because King George has Charming and she's going to rescue him. Grumpy rallies the Dwarfs, they're going to help Snow get her Prince Charming back. Grumpy, "Let's show that King what Snow White and seven dwarfs can really do."

Mary Margaret is in her cell making her bed when she hears something drop on the floor. She searches and finds a key. She places it in the cell door's lock and, to her surprise, it fits. Next she tries the door and it opens! When she hears footsteps, she quickly shuts the door. It's Emma and she has breakfast for Mary Margaret. She tells Mary Margaret that the DNA results came back on the heart and they match Kathryn. There is now enough evidence in the case to move forward. Emma quickly assures her that she thinks Mary Margaret is innocent and that she thinks Regina is framing her. Mary Margaret asks why she's still locked up and how come Emma hasn't confronted Regina. Emma says that if she doesn't do this right she'll make things worse for Mary Margaret, "Every time I've gone up against Regina, she's seen it coming and I've lost." Mary Margaret asks why this time is different. Emma tells her that Regina doesn't know she suspects anything. She assures Mary Margaret that she won't stop until she exposes what Regina's up to. Mary Margaret doubtfully asks how she going to do that when it's Regina's town. Emma pleads with Mary Margaret, "I'm working on it. I have faith in you. And now I need you need to have faith in me. Can you do that?" Mary Margaret seems to relax a bit, "Of course." Emma smiles at her than hurries off. Mary Margaret watches Emma go, then looks down at the key in her hand that could give her freedom.

Emma goes to see Mr. Gold and tells him that Regina set Mary Margaret up. He tells her to show him the evidence and they can clear it up. She has nothing that's court-worthy and needs his help. The only time she's beat Regina is when she became sheriff with his help. As he recalls, she doesn't approve of his methods. Emma says she approves of his results and this time she has something more important than a job, she needs to save her friend. Mr. Gold pointedly asks her, "And you're willing to go as far as it takes?" Emma, "Farther." Mr. Gold smiles, "Now we're talking. Fear not, Ms. Swan, Regina may be powerful. But something tells me you're more powerful than you know." Mr. Gold turns his attention to his magnifying glass as that takes us to-

Rumplestiltskin as he looks through a magnifying glass, searching for something on Charming's cloak. With a pair of tweezers he finds what he's looking for, a strand of Charming's hair. He drops it into a vial with Snow's hair. Then the hairs slowly start to twist around each other, forming something that almost looks like a DNA double helix. Rumple places the vial in a cabinet with numerous other potions, on the spot with a heart label. As the intertwined hairs glow, he smiles, knowing he's bottled the strongest magic of all, magic that can break any curse.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret's cell at the Sheriff's station is empty and the door is wide open. Mary Margaret is gone.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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