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All Happy Families Are Alike Recap

Night at the river, and Selina is at a barrel with several other homeless persons. She hears something from the water and looks out to see Fish arriving on a boat. Fish warns herself at the fire and greets Selina, and says that it will be a brand new day in Gotham before leaving with her people.

Two Weeks Later

At the manor, Bruce is listening to a radio report about the gang war between Maroni and Falcone, and looks at a photo of his father. He smashes the glass and takes out the photos, and Alfred comes in and figures that he's still looking for his father's secrets. The butler assures Bruce that he would have known about it if Thomas had any secrets. Every night Thomas came to the study to work, and nobody was allowed to disturb him. Bruce remembers trying to sneak in to see him one time but the door was locked, and wonders why it was always locked. The boy figures that Thomas' secret is in the study and starts searching again.

On the docks, Falcone arrives to pick up some chickens from a dealer. As he picks one out, a motorcyclist pulls up and the rider gets off and opens fire with a LAW, destroying Falcone's limo.

At the station, officers are bringing in mobsters by the dozen and throwing them in the holding cells. Jim watches for a moment and then tells one of the officers, Katz, not to bother saluting him because Loeb will fire him as soon as the gang war cools off. Once he's done with Katz, Jim goes to Leslie's lab where she's examining Barbara. Barbara insists that she's better and Leslie agrees. However, she insists that Barbara needs trauma counseling, but Barbara insists that she's fine and thanks Jim for saving her life. After a moment she agrees as long as Leslie is her counsellor, and says that she can talk with her. Leslie reluctantly agrees.

Jim goes back to the squad room and Harvey tells him that Maroni went after Falcone. Falcone is at the hospital and Harvey says that the brass have switched their loyalty to Maroni.

At the hospital, Falcone wakes up and discovers that he's trapped on. Oswald and Butch come to see him, Butch carrying a rifle, and Falcone orders them to release him. Well aware that Maroni's men are coming, Oswald tells Falcone that he wanted to say goodbye in person and admits that he started the whole war. He opens a drawer and takes out a scalpel, and assures Falcone that it was nothing personal. Oswald plans to take his place and become the king of Gotham, and Falcone says that he'll burn in Hell. Unimpressed, Oswald prepares to cut his throat. However, Jim comes in, holds a gun to Butch's head, and says that Butch and Oswald are under arrested for attempted murder.

After handcuffing Oswald and Butch to the radiator, Jim frees Falcone. Falcone says that if he dies then Gotham falls apart, and Jim agrees. He asks if Falcone can take control back, and Falcone says that he needs two days at his safe house. Oswald says that Maroni's men are on their way and they'll kill him as well, but Jim ignores him and steps out in the hallway. He calls Harvey and tells him that the place is deserted, and asks for his partner's help getting Falcone to safety. Harvey figures that Jim isn't thinking straight because of what is happening to Barbara, but Jim figures he has nothing left to lose.

As Jim hangs up, Tommy Bones walks down the hallway and wonders why Jim is there. Jim doesn't respond and Tommy chuckles and walks back. Inside the room, Oswald warns Jim that he's making a mistake, but Jim tells Falcone that he's only rescuing him because he's the best chance for the city. Panicking, Oswald reminds Jim that he owes him a favor and demands that he release them.

As Jim considers his options, Loeb calls out to him. Falcone draws a knife and Jim tells him not to kill Oswald. Outside, Loeb tells Jim to go and insists that he has no knowledge that Tommy plans to kill Falcone. Jim refuses and the commissioner walks away, telling Tommy that Jim is all his. Once Tommy gets clear, he and his men open fire and Jim takes cover and then attacks them. He takes two of them down and ducks into a nearby waiting room, and then opens fire again. Jim kills them, and Harvey comes in and says that there are ambulances in the basement. He's less than thrilled that Jim agreed to save Oswald and Butch as well.

As Maroni and more of his men arrive outside, Jim drives past them in the ambulance and makes good his escape.

Bruce continues his search of the study, and tells Alfred that he'll know what he's looking for when he finds it.

Jim drives the ambulance to a warehouse and Falcone assures him that nobody knows about it. Selina walks out carrying a gun, and Fish and her men step out.

Leslie visits Barbara for her first counseling sessions, and Barbara says that she still dreams of Jason coming for her.

Fish checks Butch for injuries, and assures him that she's home. She wonders what happened to him, and Butch says that it was nothing good. Maroni calls and Fish says that she has something he wants.

Fish's men tie Jim, Harvey, Falcone, and Oswald up. Falcone tells Jim that they didn't find his knife and it's in his sock. Selina comes over and Jim tries to get her to free them. She refuses, just as Fish comes over and explains that Maroni will give her all of her territories back in return for Falcone. Oswald tries to signal to Butch, who says that he has to go lie down. Furious, Fish blames Oswald and Falcone for what happened to her fellow henchman and promises to make them suffer. She tells Jim that she'll make his death simple, and Harvey is fine. Selina wonders how they're going to kill the prisoners, and Fish laughs in triumph.

Barbara tells Leslie that Jason knew her instantly and she found it thrilling, and suggests that all the best guys are kind of scary. She talks about how she was scared of Jim on their first date, but he never laid a finger on her. Barbara asks Leslie if Jim ever hit her out of passion, and says that she heard that they're dating. Leslie says that they've been on a few dates and Barbara says that she's happy for her. She tells Leslie that Jim is one of the good guys and goes to make some food.

Maroni arrives and hugs Fish, and Oswald speaks up. He insists that he loves and respects her and advises her to keep Falcone alive. Once Falcone is dead, Maroni has no use for her. Maroni says that she's an underboss and takes orders, but Fish tells him that she doesn't take orders. Undeterred, Maroni tells her to relax and calls her "babes," and Fish takes offense. Maroni apologizes and asks her what she is, and Fish says that they're partners. He agrees but reminds her that he's number one and she is number two. Maroni asks her to repeat it, and Fish agrees.

Once he believes that he's in command, Maroni says that they've won and they will control Gotham. He continues mocking Fish until she shoots him in the head. Maroni's men open fire and Selina ducks for cover while Harvey guts Jim and Falcone free, while Oswald pulls himself free.

As Barbara serves tea and cake, Leslie tries to get her to focus on what happened to her. Barbara says that Leslie doesn't want to go there, but Leslie assures her that it's fine. They sit down and Barbara asks Leslie if Jim has told her that he loves her. Barbara says that Leslie can feel it coming and asks if she loves Jim, but Leslie asks her to describe what happened.

Jim and Harvey take Falcone down the street and Jim figures that if they can get Falcone to his safe house then they're safe. Falcone says after everything that he's seen, he's out of the business. Be apologizes for letting the city down, just as Fish's men start searching. The three men hide in a cargo container but Selina and her people find them.

Inside the warehouse, Fish thanks Selina for bringing the prisoners back. Falcone says that he's going to retire, but Fish doesn't believe him. Oswald opens fire with a machine gun, sending everyone to cover. When he runs out of bullets, Oswald grabs a gun and screams for Fish to come out. He spots her going up to the roof and limps after her, while Jim and Harvey get Falcone into a car and drive out.

Barbara tells Leslie what happened and how Jason killed her parents. He had her talk to them, and Barbara told them all of her childhood issues. Barbara gets increasingly mad, but then says that her parents never understood her. She insists that she was the one who slit their throats, not Jason, and then grabs a knife. Leslie runs for the bathroom door and locks it behind her. She calls but gets no answer, and Barbara breaks through the door.

Jim, Harvey, and Falcone get in an envelope going up to the apartment.

Leslie breaks the mirror, wraps a towel around a piece of glass, and attacks Barbara as she breaks in. the two women fight and Leslie finally gets on top and slams her head into the floor repeatedly. Jim and the others come in and Leslie tells Jim that Barbara went crazy.

Oswald follows Fish up to the roof and she ambushes him. They struggle and Fish slams Oswald into the edge of the roof above the water. Butch arrives holding a gun and Oswald screams at him to shoot Fish. Sobbing, Butch aims the gun at Fish, who tells her friend to stop. He finally shoots both of them in the leg and then drops the gun and goes to Fish, begging her forgiveness. She says that it's not his fault and she'll be fine, just as Oswald knocks Butch out from behind. He then throws Fish over the side, gets up on the ledge, and screams that he's the king of Gotham.

At the station, Kristen approaches Edward and shows him Tom's supposed note. She points out that the first letter of every line spells "NYGMA," and Edward dismisses it as a coincidence. Kristen asks if he knows anything about Tom's departure and Edward says that he doesn't. She leaves and Edward chuckles to himself and then starts talking to himself, blaming himself for leaving a clue. He tells himself that there's nothing that Kristen can find, and rants to himself.

At the apartment, Falcone tells Jim that he's going to miss Gotham. However, he figures that Gotham needs a strong lawman now and he tells Jim that he's the one. Jim isn't convinced, and Falcone gives Jim his knife and says that Jim's father gave it to him as a birthday gift. He admits that he and Jim's father were close at one time, and the man was the most honest man he ever met... but he carried a knife. With that, Falcone walks away.

Alfred tells Bruce that there's nothing there to find, and Bruce remembers Lucius called Thomas a stoic. He finds a book on the stoic philosophy and a remote control inside. Bruce activates it and music starts playing. A secret passage behind the fireplace opens, and Bruce and Alfred look down the passageway beyond.

Written by Gadfly on Oct 2, 2015

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