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Exodus Recap

A family is driving down a highway when a police car pulls them over. The officer comes over and says that they have a broken taillight, and offers to help the father tape it back on. The father goes to the back and the officers handcuffs the man. A black van pulls over and the father reverts to an alien as he yells to his family to run. The Cadmus troopers grab the mother and the girl runs off into the forest. A trooper grabs him and drags her back to the van, and shoves her in with her parents.

At the DEO, the team learns that Cadmus has abducted twenty aliens since they got the Alien Registry. Winn hasn't picked them up on electronic surveillance, and suggests that Jeremiah taught them how to avoid their detection. Hank says that from now on Jeremiah is to be treated as an alien combatant and Alex assures him that won't be a problem. Mon-El volunteers to tell the aliens at the bar, but Supergirl points out that there are hundreds more. Hank can't go public with the news without risking the DEO's anonymity, and Supergirl suggests that people might listen to CatCo. She claims that Snapper will run an article on the front page and goes to persuade him.

At CatCo, Snapper refuses to publish an article about a conspiracy theory and set off a public panic. He tells Kara that she needs more sources than Supergirl, and insists that she needs two independent sources to verify any story. Kara suggests that Snapper question Supergirl himself and determine if she's telling the truth, and Snapper confirms that it would be an exclusive.

That night at the bar, Maggie and Alex are playing pool. Alex is distracted by what happened with Jeremiah, and worries that the DEO will find him and consider him a threat. She insists that Jeremiah is a good man no matter what he did, and he's siding with Cadmus for a reason. Maggie says that Alex will be there when they find Jeremiah and she can protect her, and Alex agrees. Meanwhile, Winn and Lyra are at a booth talking with James. The couple kisses and Lyra goes to get some more drinks. James compliments Winn, who says that he's going to take it slow with Lyra.

Cadmus gents blast their way in and Alex and Maggie attack them. Winn looks for Lyra, while James attacks the troopers as well. The troopers grab Lyra and another alien and drag them outside, and Alex goes after them. She yells at them to stop, but a Cadmus trooper comes up and takes her prisoner. Maggie arrives and orders the trooper to release Alex, and Guardian takes him down. Winn runs out as the troopers drive away with Lyra.

The team goes to the DEO and report what happened, and Winn worries about what will happen to Lyra. Cadmus has found a way to shield their troopers' thoughts from Hank's mind probes, and Hank assures Winn that they'll find something eventually. Winn tells Alex that Jeremiah is responsible, and Hank tells him to stand down. Mon-El offers to get a drink for Winn, and Alex goes to the cells. She enters the troopers' cell and beats him, demanding to know where Cadmus is. The trooper says that they'll kill him if he says anything, and Alex keeps beating him until Hank shoves her out.

In the hallway, Alex apologizes for going too far. She insists that she would have stopped, and says that she wants to help find all of the aliens before Cadmus kills them. Hank suggests that Mon-El was right and they could all use a drink, but Alex says that she's fine and walks away.

The next day, Kara tells Snapper that Supergirl is in James' office and Snapper meets with her. Kara switches costumes and flies in, and Snapper asks who her source is about the theft of the alien registry. Supergirl refuses to say what her source is and insists that she never lies, but Snapper warns that journalists believe everyone lies until they can prove otherwise. All Supergirl will say is that it it's a classified federal agency, but insists that Cadmus is the story. Snapper goes off the record and says that he'll verify the name himself and repeats his question. Supergirl says that innocent people will keep disappearing if he doesn't run the article, and flies off.

When Kara comes back, Snapper tells her that Supergirl only told him bits of the truth. He insists that they show everything because the public has a right to know. Until Kara can provide a second source, the story is DOA.

That night, Alex is at her apartment and Jeremiah comes in. He tells her that Cadmus is going to slaughter all the abductees unless Alex helps him Jeremiah insists that the only reason he's alive is because Cadmus believes that he turned to their side, and he had to betray his own children to prove his loyalty. Her father says that if Lillian presses one button then she will kill all of the imprisoned aliens. There's a magnetic field disrupter in the DEO armory that will shut down all of the cages, and Jeremiah refuses to trust the DEO. He asks Alex if she'll help him, and Alex agrees... and turns to discover that "Jeremiah" was a shapeshifted Hank. Hank says that he had no choice but to test her, and figured that her judgment was compromised. He suspends her from duty and leaves.

At a shutdown Luthor Corp research center, Jeremiah tells Lillian that Project Exodus is almost ready. She assures Jeremiah that he's the only superman that they need and leaves. Meanwhile, the troopers bring take the alien prisoner to the spaceship parked outside.

Kara comes to Alex's apartment and Alex says that Hank was unfair. She asks Kara to explain it to Hank and have him put her on the case, but Kara says that she agrees that Alex should sit things out. Alex insists that Jeremiah is what matters and she has to be there to protect Jeremiah, and Kara says that she will protect their father. She warns that Alex could make a bad call and endanger the aliens, and leaves to get the article run. Maggie has heard the entire thing, and Alex asks if Maggie agrees with Kara. Her lover says that she doesn't, and asks where they start.

The next day, Kara arrives at CatCo and finds Lena there. Kara apologizes for missing their get-together and explains about Snapper refusing to publish her article. She explains that Cadmus stole the Alien Registry and the article was meant to warn the remaining aliens. Lena suggests that Kara post a blog and tweet the news, and Kara agrees even though Snapper will crucify her. She asks if L-Corp has any technology to find the aliens, and Lena says that she can check to see if Lillian left anything behind.

An alien, Brian, is parked, placing a bet. A police car pulls over and the same fake officer from before offers to help Brian alien fix his taillight. Once the alien gets out, the other Cadmus troopers pull up and take him away. Maggie comes over and punches the fake officer unconscious, and then stuns the Cadmus troopers. Alex joins her lover and Maggie frees the alien while Alex tracks the van's GPS coordinates and works out where Cadmus is. She tells Maggie that she has to do it alone and they free Brian.

That night, Lena finds an annual budget report about her brother's abandoned research facility. It's been shut down for 10 years but L-Corp was billed for a metal shipment a month ago. Her assistant Alana suggests that it's a glitch, and Lena tells her to get her the tax reports for the last ten years. Outside, Alana calls Lillian and warns her that Lena found out about the site. Lillian tells Alana to "redirect" her investigation.

Alex breaks into the research facility, stunning the first two guards she comes to. Jeremiah arrives with more troopers and tells them to hold their fire because Alex is with him. Once they're alone, Jeremiah tells Alex that she shouldn't have come after him alone. He explains that the ship is a Hoshin frigate. Once it leaves Earth's atmosphere, it will go to Takron-Galtos and the aliens will find their way home from there. Jeremiah says that it was his idea, and at least they have a chance when Lillian was going to kill them. When Cadmus captured him, they said they would kill Kara and Alex unless she helped them. Alex says that they would never have wanted him to hurt others to protect them, and Jeremiah tells her that there are some things she won't understand until she's a parent. His daughter asks if Eliza would understand, and Jeremiah hopes that someday he would.

Mon-El arrives at Kara's apartment and finds her typing her story. She admits that Snapper will get mad if she publishes it, and Mon-El asks if she thinks it's the thing to do. When Kara says that it is, Mon-El tells her to publish it because she's the most moral person he knows. Kara finally blogs it and Lena calls to say that she found activity at a facility. A Cadmus trooper comes in and Lena tasers him unconscious. Two more troopers come in and in the struggle, she falls off the balcony. However, Supergirl flies up with her and easily takes the two men down. Lena tells her what she's learned.

Alex begs Jeremiah to stop, but Lillian arrives and tells everyone to get to their launch stations. She tells Jeremiah that Kara published an article revealing their plan, so they're going to cut their losses and send off the aliens that they have. Alex tells her to shut down the freighter, takes out a detonator, and says that she planted mines throughout the facility. Lillian figures that she's bluffing, and Alex sets off one mine. She warns that the detonator is on a dead man's switch, and asks Jeremiah if she's with him. Lillian warns that if Jeremiah tampers with her launch then she will war with his entire family. Alex tells Jeremiah to make it right, and Jeremiah attacks the troopers. Once they're down, he gives Alex her gun and she tells Lillian to stop the launch. Lillian says that there is no override code, and the only way to stop the ship is to drop the detonator.

Alex drops the detonator and the remaining mines go off. Alex tells Jeremiah that she's going to stop the launch from inside the ship, while Jeremiah tries to hack in from the computers. Cyborg Superman arrives to attack Jeremiah.

Alex runs to the frigate and finds the caged aliens. She frees them and tells Lyra to get the others off the ship, and then fights her way to the bridge. Meanwhile, a gate slams down, trapping the aliens aboard. The frigate lifts off.

At the DEO, Hank detects the spaceship launch. Alex calls and says that she's aboard the ship, and explains what's going on. Hank can't get there in time, and Winn tries to tell her how to override the controls. Nothing happens, and Supergirl arrives to slow it down.

Jeremiah and Cyborg Superman fighting in the facility as it blows up around them. Cyborg Superman blasts Jeremiah off the balcony with his laser eye, stunning him.

The frigate's automatic weaponry registers Supergirl as a threat and lock on her. They fire, knocking Supergirl back, and she freezes the weaponry with her ice breath. She then grabs the bow of the frigate and pushes, slowing it down, and Winn warns that it will leave the atmosphere in 30 seconds. Alex puts her hand to the port opposite Supergirl's and tells her foster sister that she can do it. Supergirl braces herself and pushes, stopping the frigate just in time.

The next day, the news reports about the authorities stopping Cadmus' plot. Lyra arrives at the bar and Winn hugs her, relieved that she's safe.

At CatCo, Kara arrives at work and the staff stare at her. she discovers that her things are packed, and Snapper is waiting. He says that he's firing her because she deliberately published an article using CatCo resources on a competing social media platform. Kara insists that what she was doing was right, and Snapper tells her that she was lucky, not right. He insists that the rules are there to make sure the story is right, and tells Kara that the worst part is that he was rooting for her.

At the DEO, Alex apologizes to Hank for disobeying his orders. He says that he did it because he thought Alex would be reckless and get herself hurt, but almost lost her anyway. Hank admits that he was wrong and apologizes, and Alex says that he sounds just like Jeremiah. They agree to stop doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, and Hank agrees. He tells her to report back to work and hopes that one day they'll get Jeremiah back, and Alex assures him that they will. Maggie is outside and congratulates Alex, and the two of them leave together.

Mon-El visits Kara at her apartment and brings pot stickers to cheer her up. He assures her that she'll get another job, and Kara says that she doesn't want another job. She explains that writing is who she is, and Mon-el tells her not to let anyone tell her that she can't do things for the world. Kara kisses him and says that being Supergirl and having Mon-El is enough.

In an alien ship orbiting the moon, the two alien bounty hunters realize that they feel different under Earth's red sun. The navigator informs them that they've reached their coordinates, and they look down on Earth.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 8, 2017

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