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Land of the Lost Recap

Waverider flies through the timestream and Jax reports that they have to give Gideon time to communicate with the medallion and learn where the last Spear fragment is. Nate and Amaya arrive and Nate figures that the Legion already has his grandfather. Gideon speaks up, saying that it's processing data as fast as it can, and Sara promises that they'll save Nate's grandfather and the fabric of reality. As Sara walks down the hallway, Jax goes after her and she explains that Rip didn't tell her anything. She figures that as long as Rip is in the brig, he can't hurt anyone.

In the brig, Rip says a code phrase and Gideon begs him to not make it do it. He repeats the phrase and Gideon opens the brig door and puts Waverider into lockdown. The AI tells Sara that it has to fire the captain's orders, and Sara realizes that Rip has taken command.

Rip walks out of the brig and goes to the armory.

The Legends gather on the bridge and Gideon explains that Rip issued an override command and is heading to the jumpship. Sara tells Mick to stop Rip, just as the ship shakes. Jax confirms that Gideon has taken over navigational controls and says that he can reboot the ship if he shuts down Waverider.

Rip goes to the study and gets the medallion. He then initiates Spectrum Protocol.

On the bridge, the self-destruct sequence identifies. Jax struggles to shut down the system.

Mick, Nate, and Amaya find Rip and tell him to put down the medallion. Rip destroys the medallion and Mick punches him unconscious.

Jax shuts down Waverider and Sara takes manual control. They crash-land in a frozen wilderness and Gideon reports that they've landed in the Cretaceous period, 65 million B.C. The AI apologizes, and Ray realizes that they're in the same time period where Rip sent him. The ship's primary temporary delineator was lost during impact, and Martin suggests that if they recover it and affect repairs then they can leave. Ray goes with Nate and Amaya.

Sara finds Mick and tells him that she needs him to threaten Rip into telling them where the final piece of the Spear is. Mick suggests that they get into his head like the Time Masters did with him, using cognitive intrusion. Gideon says that the Time Masters used it as an extreme method of coercion, and it's standard equipment on timeships.

Ray, Nate, and Amaya head out to find the delineator and Amaya assures Nate that his grandfather Hank can hold off the Legion if anyone can. They get a lock on the delineator but Ray realizes that it's in "Gertrude's" territory. They hear a T-rex roar in the distance and Ray realizes that Gertrude isn't hibernating.

Sara, Mick, Martin take Rip to the medbay, and Mick says that he'll figure out the CI device with Martin's help. Gideon warns that the process is danger, and Sara insists on going. Jax says that he'll go with her, figuring that if there's any of the old Rip inside then he has to find out.

The trio approaches the delineator and Ray goes on ahead. Amaya spots a snake over Nate's shoulder and picks it off, and then tosses it away. She explains that animals only lash out when they're endangered, and admits that there's one guard that can catch her off guard. Nate realizes that she's flirting with him, and Amaya explains that Courtney gave her some advice on staying true to herself. She figures that it's time for her to forget the old rules, and exploring their relationship is not the worst idea. As they start to kiss, Ray runs past them and yells at them to run. They hear the T-rex coming nearer and join Ray.

In the medbay, Martin inserts the CI probes into Jax's and Sara's skulls. Mick admits that he doesn't know what they will experience in Rip's subconscious, but Martin figures that it will be somewhere familiar to Rip. Gideon has warned them that if they stay in the mindscape longer than an hour then they will be trapped together, and Martin gives them devices that will let them shock themselves out.

Martin initiates the procedure and Jax and Sara find themselves in a medbay filled with mist. They move out into Waverider and go to the bridge. Savage's troops march past, and Sara and Jax hide. They figure that if Rip's mind is filled with all of the bad stuff that Rip remembers, then there could be enemies from every era. They go to the armory and grab guns, and Jax shoots a trooper as he comes in. the memory of White Canary appears and tells Sara that she doesn't belong there.

The evil Sara knocks out Jax and faces Sara. She attacks and Sara fends her off. But Jax revives and stuns evil Sara unconscious. He helps Sara up, and they figure that there are evil versions of the others in Rip's memories. They head out to find Rip, get what they need, and live.

The trio manages to ditch Gertrude, and Nate points out that the dinosaur doesn't like Ray very much. Ray admits that he ate one of her eggs, and then finds the shelter that he built when he was stranded there. He sprayed the place with male T-rex urine to keep Gertrude away. Amaya doesn't want to know where Ray found the urine. Inside are dolls that Ray made to deal with his loneliness. Ray goes to get some iguanas to make soup, and Amaya points out that they're nothing they can do but wait. The two of them start to kiss, just as Ray returns with an impaled iguana.

Sara and Jax find an evil Ray and Mick, and Sara tells Jax to find Rip while she fights them. The evil Ray crushes her bracelet and knocks her unconscious. She wakes up in the brig and sees a figure in the floor. It's Rip, who cowers back in fear and says that Sara put him in there.

Jax hears someone clanging out an SOS on the pipes and goes to investigate. It's Gideon in human form, who explains that she's as real as anything in Rip's mind. She warns that it won't be easy getting the information from Rip's mind, and Eobard didn't corrupt her because it never occurred to him to corrupt her. Soon Rip's true memories will be lost forever.

Sara tells Rip that everything on the ship is in his mind. He blasts her away with a wave of mental force when she gets too close.

As Ray's shelter, Amaya goes to get some more firewood. Once they're alone, Ray tells Nate that he can't date Amaya. Nate doesn't see the problem, and Ray explains that he's met Amaya's granddaughter. Eventually Amaya has to go home to 1942 and will have a granddaughter who will inherit the Totem. If Nate ends up with Amaya then it alters the timeline. He's avoided telling Amaya about the future because in the future her daughter will end up in foster care after her village is destroyed. Nate wants to tell Amaya, but Rip warns that he can't.

Martin paces nervously and Mick tells him to sit down. He reminds Martin that he had a partner and he and Len got along so well because they were friends and had each other's backs. Martin points out that Len is dead, but Mick says that Martin won't be around too much longer and Jax has to learn how to handle things himself. He tells Martin to stop treating Martin less like a kid and more like a partner.

In the mindscape, Sara wakes up and figures that since it's Rip's mind, he controls everything. She says that she needs his help to recover the Spear fragments, and only Rip knows where the last fragment is. Sara tells him that he's Captain Rip Hunter and it's his mind and his rules. She holds out her hand, and Rip takes it. He concentrates but is unable to blast the door open. Jax and Gideon arrive and let them out. As they head through the ship, rip admits that he doesn't know where Hank is. Gideon says that they'll have to get Rip out so that he can remember. They have to remind Rip of who he truly is, and all of the artifacts of Rip's former life are in the parlor. When they go to the parlor, they find the evil Jax and Sara waiting for them, and evil Jax has the Firestorm powers. The two Saras fight while Jax runs and the evil Jax flies after him. Sara knocks out her counterpart and says that the difference is that she and Jax are real.

The trio finds the delineator in the middle of a T-rex's nest. Ray figures that Gertrude is his problem.

Jax runs to the cargo hold and opens the outer door. The evil Jax is sucked out into the void and Jax reseals the door.

Ray gets the delineator, and Nate and Amaya joins him. Gertrude arrives and Nate transforms and prepares to fight the dinosaur. However, Amaya runs forward and invokes the powers of a dinosaur. After a moment, Gertrude calms down and Amaya strokes its snout. The dinosaur then backs off and leaves. Amaya goes back to the men and says that she and Gertrude had a little chat.

Jax finds Sara and they go to find Rip. The evil Jax is waiting with the evil Ray and Mick, and Jax realizes that only Rip can kill them. Rip and Gideon are there, and Rip says that he doesn't know what is real or imaginary anymore. Gideon tells him that Jax and Sara are real, and Rip leaps in the way of the evil beings' energy blasts and says that they will do as he commands. He blasts each of them away but tells the others that he doesn't know who he is... but they have to leave. The "ship" starts to fall apart now that Rip knows the truth. Rip thanks Sara and Jax for believing in him, and Sara tells Jax that he has to use the bracelet and tell martin to get her out.

Back in the real world, Jax wakes up and explains what happened to Jax. He grabs a fibrillator and revives Sara.

As Waverider collapses around them, Rip tells Gideon that she was what got him through his imprisonment. Gideon says it's her purpose, and warns that unless he lets her go then he won't exist, either. Rip tells her that he can't leave her, and Gideon assures him that she'll always be there. They kiss and... Rip wakes up in the real world. They tell him that he's home.

Later, the others return to Waverider and Atom hooks the delineator up. On the bridge, Amaya kisses Nate and tells him to meet her in her quarters that night. Ray comes in and apologizes to Nate for being overly cautious. Nate tells him that he was right and he can't keep their relationship casual, and figures that they can't let it progress. Once Ray leaves, Nate figures that he'll break it off the next day.

Martin checks on Jax and says that he was reminded that partners have to believe in each other. The professor says that he has to remember that Jax is smart and resourceful, and leaves.

Sara finds Rip putting on his old clothes, and he says that he remembers everything. He apologizes for what he did under the Legion's under influence, and Gideon announces that they're ready to jump. Once Sara leaves, Rip tells Gideon that he's sorry for what he put her through. She knows about their kiss, and says that she enjoyed it. Rip says that he did as well.

Rip goes to the bridge and finds everyone waiting for him. He greets each of them and welcomes the new team members, and Sara asks him where the last fragment is. Rip says that does.

At NASA Flight Operations in 1970, Eobard--posing as a doctor--confirms that John Swigert was bumped up to the prime crew for Apollo 13. He says that he's going to run a few tests, and says that they'll see if Swigert ends up is on the craft.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 8, 2017

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