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Chapter 5 Recap

At Summerland, Cary watches as the team brings the injured Kerry in. Melanie calls David over and he says that he met her husband Oliver. Meanwhile, Cary tends to his sister.

Later, David is meditating on the dock when Syd comes over and says that Cary got the bullet out of Kerry and stopped the bleeding. She tells David that they did some digging into David's past, and David says that he knows what he is. He appears telepathically in her mind and says that he's the magic man, and tells her that he found a way for them to be together.

David creates a telepathic illusion of a white room with the two of them in it, and says that he made it and they're by the beach. He kisses her on the cheek and her power doesn't activate, and Syd backs away nervously. David explains that they're not really touching so her power didn't activate, and they touch fingers. They kiss while nearby, the strawberries in a bowl rot.

In the medbay, Cary confirms that Kerry is stable. Melanie comes in and asks how she is, and Cary explains that his sister isn't responding. He tells Melanie that if he absorbed her then he'd go into shock. Melanie says that David saw Oliver on the astral plane, and figures that he can bring her husband back. Cart doesn't respond and Melanie walks out.

Later, Melanie meets with David and Syd. He says that he knows where D3 is holding Amy and he's going to go in the morning. Syd is going with him, and Melanie warns that it will take time to scout out their defenses, including other mutants. David insists that he'll be fine, but Melanie warns that they know and he can't help her. She then asks how Oliver looks, and David says that he looks strong. Melanie says that Oliver has been on the astral plane for 21 years, and in the beginning he had the same kind of power as David. Then Oliver found a place where he could rule as the creator, and spent more and more time there until one day he didn't wake up. David tells Melanie that Oliver doesn't remember much of the real world, and she asks if she can see him. When David offers to take her there, Melanie says that she just wants him to bring Oliver home.

Kerry wakes up and Cary asks fi she's ready. She nods and Cary absorbs her into himself.

David and Syd get in the elevator and Syd warns that they'll kill them. He says that they'll try, and Syd asks to go back. They return to the white room and have sex, and afterward Syd says that it wasn't her first time. She explains that her firs time was with one of her mother's boyfriends, after she switched minds with her mother. The switch didn't last long, and she changed back when the man was inside her. Syd makes David promise that if he gets lost then they get lost together.

Later, David and Lenny are in the bathroom discussing how to break into D3. Lenny figures that it's about saving Amy and says that they should do it without anyone else. Syd wakes up in the next room and hears David talking, and goes into the next room, but there's no sign of David.

As Melanie and Ptonomy review D3's defenses, Syd comes in and tells them that David is gone. She figures that he went to D3, and Melanie tells Ptonomy that they're going to D3 because David needs them. Ptonomy warns that David is only thinking about himself. When Syd points out that D3 has Amy, Ptonomy says that they're at war and it's bigger than any of them, even David. Melanie says that they can't lose David because he's too powerful. If D3 turns him then they'll lose. Ptonomy leaves and Melanie asks Syd how he is. She realizes that something has changed, and Syd explains that David created a place where they could touch. Melanie asks if Syd told David what they found about Philly and Poole, and tells her that they need to work together. Syd says that David is her man, not her patient, and she cares about what they want. Melanie warns that David is fragile, and the fact that he hasn't seemed fragile since he came back worries her.

Melanie walks to her car and the others join her. As they drive to D3, Syd remembers the promise she made to Dave. They arrive at D3 and find the building in flames and dead troopers embedded in the concrete. The team goes in and an alarm goes off. They get to a hallway in the sublevel and hear someone whistling up ahead. They find Kissinger, who asks them to open the cell. He explains that Amy was in the next cell, and David came and said he was going to get Kissinger out but they didn't. Ptonomy asks him where they take him when they come, and Kissinger that they take him to the room with the big light. Syd backs away and Kissinger slams his head against the glass in anger.

The team finds the security room and checks the camera recordings. They watch as David easily kills the troopers, disintegrating some of them with a gesture. They switch to enhanced view and see the Devil's image overlapping David.

At Summerland, a badly injured Cary says that it hurts him too as he review the recordings of David's MRI. He hears a young girl laughing and running, and sees different faces appear over David's.

Syd and Ptonomy find Brubaker, partially embedded in the floor. He says that they thought they were ready but they had it all wrong. He warns that "it" wears a human face and tells them to be careful with his dying breath. They go out and Cary contacts them and asks what they found. Melanie tells him that David was there and took Amy, and everyone is dead. Cary says that David has a split mind, and there's another consciousness inside of him. It has been there ever since David was a baby, feeding off of him. The creature rewrites David's memories whenever he realizes that it's there, and it made them forget as well. Cary says that David is a powerful mutant but the parasite is an older memory with its consciousness separate from its body and living inside David for 30 years.

Syd finds herself in David's mental room. He plays the banjo and sings, and Syd looks in the adjoining bathroom and sees David's imaginary dog, King. She closes the door and looks in the telescope pointing out the window, and sees Melanie saying that it knows.

Back in the real world, Syd tells the others that David went home to where it started. They leave, and behind them The Eye secretly follows.

That night, David takes Amy to their childhood home. She says that she didn't know he was so powerful, and David says that she knew. He tells Amy that she doesn't have to be scared anymore, and Amy wonders why David brought them there. David says that the others will be there soon, and he thought that they could talk first. He says that he can smell her secret and asks what it is, but sees a silhouette at the patio door. David figures that Amy knows something about her, and David disappears. Lenny materializes and says that she's David, and then switches appearance to David, and then King, and then the Angry Boy.

As Amy breaks into tears, David reappears and says that his whole life is a lie. He just needs to know who he is, and Amy says that he was adopted. David wonders who his parents really were, and Amy tells him that she doesn't know. Their parents were going to tell him, but David was so upset all the time because of his illness. David insists that he doesn't have an illness, and Amy said that she thought if she told him then it would make things worse.

Cary makes a headband that he figures will isolate the entity so that they can speak to David privately. He argues with Kerry inside of himself, insisting that there may not be a fight, and she materializes and tells him that there's always a fight. With that, the two of them leave.

Melanie and the others arrive at the house and she tells them to wait. She warns that they could be in David's world now rather than the real world. They sneak up to the house while The Eye watches from the shadows. The team goes in and splits up to search the place, and the Angry Boy runs past Syd and up the stairs out of sight. After a moment she goes up after it,

Melanie and Ptonomy see someone moving outside of the window and move to either side. The person outside comes in... and they realize that it's Cary. He explains about the headband and Kerry emerges from him. Together they go upstairs to find David.

Syd enters David's old bedroom and finds Amy sitting on the floor, staring off into space. Lenny jumps down by Syd and slams her into the wall next to where David is sitting. The entity, says that David was such a pretty boy and then they put ideas in his head. The others arrive and Syd yells at David to take them to the white room.

The couple appears in the white room and David warns that he can't stop the entity. The Devil comes in and advances on Syd, who backs away screaming while David stands staring off into space. He comes out of it and screams...

… and Sid finds herself back at Clockworks. The others are there as well in group therapy, as is The Eye. Lenny, acting as the psychiatric, says that Syd was talking about how the death of her father affected her and it's very brave. Syd says that they should talk.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 9, 2017

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