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Dear Diary Recap

The crew makes their own martini mix at the base. They quickly hide their supplies when McHale and Parker come in. McHale soon finds the torpedo that they're using for the alcohol, and Parker makes a note in his diary. The captain sends them to the 73 to get it ready for morning patrol and tells Fuji to dump the mix.

As Fuji takes the supplies out, Binghamton and Carpenter arrive by gig with the SPs. The PW hides beneath the hutch before they can see him, while the officers go into the hutch and find the torpedo. They find a big sprayer filled with vermouth and figure the crew is making martinis. As they prepare to leave, Binghamton finds Parker's discarded private diary. He reads through it and finds all of the crew's thefts documented, and decides to take the diary to Rogers and let him file the charges. Binghamton will lock it in his safe until morning when they leave for ComFleet.

Fuji overhears the entire thing and tells the crew when they come back. Parker confirms that he put iin everything that all the heists and rackets that the crew has done, and Gruber figures that they have to crack the safe that night.

That night, Carpenter is on armed patrol in Binghamton's office. The crew spots him and McHale figures that they have to go way over Binghamton's head. Parker imitates the President calling and tells Carpenter to get Binghamton, and Carpenter quickly leaves. Later, Binghamton and Carpenter return and find no one on the phone. The safe is open and Binghamton confirms that the diary is gone. They head to the island and arrive just after the crew has burned the diary. Binghamton says that he has a foolproof way to convict them, and puts Parker under arrest. He's going to have Parker testify under oath about everything in the diary. If he feigns amnesia than Binghamton will nail him for perjury and Binghamton handcuffs himself to Parker.

The next morning, Binghamton goes to his office with Parker in tow. He complains that he couldn't get any sleep handcuffed to Parker, and McHale arrives to say that he'll plead guilty to all charges if Binghamton lets the crew go. Binghamton refuses and they take the plane to ComFleet. One of the engines goes out and the co-pilot prepares to jump. The emergency crews get the fires out, but Parker falls out anyway with Binghamton still handcuffed to him. Parker opens his parachute and they land on the Japanese occupied island of Bora Lora. Once they land on the island, Binghamton realizes that he's lost the handcuff key.

Willy soon picks up the plane's transmission and McHale figures that they have to go there to rescue both men.

Parker and Binghamton find the Japanese airstrip and they sneak into a supply shed hangar to find a hacksaw. Parker knocks over a shelf of paint cans and two mechanics come in to investigate. The two men hide in a crate, and the mechanics nail it shut for its trip to Tokyo. They load the crate aboard a plane and it heads for Tokyo. The pilot hears them and comes back to investigate, and draws his knife when he sees them. He comes after them and Parker shoves him out the open hatch. Binghamton points out that they no longer have a pilot and neither of them knows how to fly, and they head to the cockpit.

On the 73, Willy picks up the plane on radar heading their way. It flies in circles as Parker tries to pilot it, and ends up upside down. Virgil opens fire and Parker realizes that the 73 is shooting at them. One of the engines goes out, and Parker accidentally turns on the radio. When the crew hear Binghamton cursing, they realize who it is and stop firing. McHale takes the mic and tells them to bail out. They only have one chute, and Binghamton grabs it. They get out and the 73 maneuvers so that the two men land on it.

As the 73 heads back to Taratupa, McHale tells Binghamton that Rogers has radioed that he's going on an inspection tour and won't be back for three weeks. He offers to have Tinker cut the chain if Binghamton drops the whole thing. Rather than face three weeks handcuffed to Parker, Binghamton agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 10, 2017

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