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Cold Season Recap

Emily goes to get Teddy, Ron, and Wendyfor lunch and finds them wearing winter coats. She points out that it's 80 degrees outside, but they explain that it's the start of Cold Season when all of the ice super-villains start freezing and fighting stuff. Emily isn't scared, coming from the Midwest, just as a villain ices over the building.

Later, Emily arrives in winter garb and Teddy shows her his heating gloves that heat his hands to the perfect temperature. She tells the team that Wayne Enterprises is holding a $100,000 contest to the employee who comes up with an invention that "embodies the triumph of the human spirit." Rival team researchers Anton and Zane overhear them and say that no one cares about Wayne Security R&D and they're nobodies.

Wayne arrives and discovers a box with a child-sized "Super Coupe" waiting for him. He tells Jackie that he's going away with his girlfriend Chelsea and she's bringing her son with them. Wayne realizes that the car is in pieces and Jackie explains that he has to put it together. She quickly leaves before Wayne can ask her to put it together.

Emily tells the team that she's excited to enter the contest, and suggests that Teddy enter his heat gloves. He says that he has a lot on his plate, and Emily pricks his ego by comparing him to the Hobbit movies. Teddy agrees just as his heat gloves burst into flames. As they go to the lab, Wayne tries to get people to put the car together. He spots the team and Ron is too slow to get away.

Later, Teddy has Emily test his new prototype by melting the frost off of a car handle. It works and next they make microwave popcorn. Emily says that they're a game-changed and Teddy is definitely not a nobody, but Teddy has second thoughts. He insists that he can't submit the heat gloves until they're perfect, Afterward, Zena and Anton approach Emily and say that she's a nobody that works with nobodies, and Emily insists that they're going to make an entry. She tells Jackie that their division is going to win the innovation prize, and Jackie warns her that five years ago, Teddy enter a competition to redesign the Wayne Security logo. When he didn't win, he lashed out at everyone and used his vacation days to go to Tampa. Emily insists that they're going to win, and Jackie warns that if they don't then they'll break Teddy.

Emily tells Teddy that she entered his heat gloves into the contest. Teddy is furious that she betrayed him, and Emily quickly tells him that he's in the finals. He thanks Emily for making him realize that he's a winner. Once he leaves, Jackie overhears and points out to Emily that there are no finals. Teddy calls his parents to tell them that he's in the finals.

Wayne Skypes Ron and tells him that Dylan is actually a girl and she doesn't like the car. He's sent Ron a Wonder Woman toy jet and needs Ron to put that together even though it's invisible. Wendy overhears and tells Ron that he has to set boundaries. If Ron doesn't push back then one day he's going to explode, but Ron insists that he can handle it.

Anton and Zane arrive and tell Emily that they won the prize.

Ron is putting together the invisible plane when Emily comes in and asks him if he's seen teddy. He hasn't and she walks right through the assembled plane, knocking it apart. She goes to Teddy's apartment and says that it must hurt that he didn't win the contest. Teddy hadn't heard, and Teddy' family--his father Sunil, mother Nisha, and brother Ajay--are there. Ajay is going to space shortly because he's a space doctor. Sunil asks what Emily meant, and Teddy sarcastically says that he lost. His brother takes a call from the President.

Later at Wayne Securities, Emily approaches Teddy and apologizes. He says that it's fine and he'll win next year, and she asks him for his help on a redesign. Emily loudly says that he looks fine and nothing is wrong, so that Jackie can hear her. The team meets with a focus group for a fear-dust detector, and Teddy suggests that they use used hamburger wrappings for the packaging. He rants ranting about how Wayne Securities doesn't appreciate quality or craftsmanship,, and then walks off.

Ron goes back to polishing his sled when Van Skypes him, and Wendy warns Ron not to answer it. When Ron answers it anyway, Van asks him to build four more of the jets. Ron points out that he was going to go sledding, but Van doesn't care. When Ron says no, Van initially dismisses it as bad reception. As everyone listens, Ron says that he doesn't want to do any of the stupid crap Van has asked him to do, and signs off.

Teddy listens to speed metal and throws paper balls, and Emily finally tells him that his heat gloves are great and he should be proud of them. However, she tells him that he should accept that he didn't win. Teddy insists that the contest was rigged, and Emily brings in a handsome man and explains that he was the winning invention: an android. Anton and Zane come in to see Teddy checking out their cool invention. They mock him and he walks out onto the balcony. Emily goes after him and claims that she went behind Teddy's back for his own sake. Teddy figures that she did it for herself, and Emily says that they might be a better division if they were more like Ajay, and realizes that she went too far.

Crimson Fox drops out of the sky and tells them to get out. The villain Frostbite freezes her solid, and Emily and Teddy discover that the door inside is frozen shut. Emily suggests that they use Teddy's heat gloves to melt it open, but Crimson Fox grunts and they use it to thaw her out. As Teddy works, Emily admits that she entered the contest for her, not Teddy, because they kept saying she was a nobody. Teddy says that his parents say the same thing about him, and Emily assures him that she's glad that she's with him. Once Crimson Fox is completely thawed out, she asks for the heat gloves to fight crime. Once Teddy hands them over, she flies off.

Later, Ron apologizes to Van for his outburst. He says that he needs to learn to be nice to himself, and Van admits that he's used to bossing servants around. The one thing he wanted his entire childhood was to build a treehouse with his father, and Ron says that he'll build a treehouse for him. Once Ron leaves, Van calls Dylan and tells her that he found someone to build her treehouse.

The team is watching the news, which features a report of Crimson Fox defeating several cold villains with the heat gloves. Teddy chants in triumph, and Jackie warns Emily that he'll be easy to work with now.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2017

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