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Blood Magic Recap

Nothing, they say, is more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the time of dying.

Monroe and Rosalee cover over all of the mirrors in their home. He admits that he's worried about bringing the danger into their home.

Eve goes to the bunker and asks Adalind for help in how to go through them. Adalind warns that it's a bad idea, but Eve figures that the creature will kill her if she doesn't do something about it. She doesn't want to talk to Nick about her plans until they have a better idea of what is going on, and asks if Adallind's mother mentioned anything to her about mirrors. Adalind says that she doesn't, but confirms that she still has her mother's books. They both figure the creature is connected to anyone who has seen the symbols, and Diana has seen the symbols as well. Adalind finally agrees to get the books. Once Eve has the books, she goes through the first one.

At the Café Nell, two friends leave and one, Maddie Simms, goes to get the car. As she arrives at it, something dashes out of the shadows, guts her, and throws her across the hood of her car.

Nick arrives at the loft and finds Adalind waiting for him. She says that Eve came by to find a way through the mirror to the other place. Adalind is worried that Eve will try to go there on her alone, and Nick prepares to go talk to her. However, Hank calls saying that they have a body, and Nick tells Adalind that he'll talk to Eve later.

At the crime scene, Wu reports that when Maddie didn't return with the car, her friend came looking for her and found the corpse. Wu figures that it's Wesen-related, and they talk to Maddie's friend, Allie Stevens. She says that Maddie had no enemies and was in a great mood, and breaks into tears. Nick is satisfied that she's not a Wesen, and tells Wu to check surveillance along the route that Maddie took.

At a nursing home, an orderly--Mason Wilcox--takes Miss Margaret Cutler through the hallways. She talked about how she used to run fast when she was younger, and wants to do so again. Miss Cutler doesn't remember who Mason is, but says that she remembers the taste of blood in her mouth. She woges and attacks him, and a shocked Mason pins her to the wall. Nurse Barton comes in and is shocked to see Mason apparently attacking a patient, and he runs out.

At the station, Nick and Hank review Maddie's history and discover that she has no criminal record. Hank finds a similar attack in the north precinct ten days ago. Wu shows them the surveillance which only shows Maddie briefly. They tell him about the north precinct case and ask him to check the surveillance. Once Wu leaves, the detectives figure that the killer will strike again.

At the spice shop, Eve continues going through the books until Nick comes in. He admits that he's worried about her, and Eve points out that they're the only two who have seen the skull creature. Nick tells her not to do it alone, and Eve assures him that she doesn't want to do it alone. Once Nick leaves, Eve finds a reference to hexes, curses, and charms.

At the nursing home, an insect-like Wesen figure enters Miss Cutler's room and opens the window. He then leans over her and extends tendrils up her nostrils into her brain.

The next day, the detectives come to the nursing home. Wu tells them that Miss Cutler died in her sleep, but Barton reported that Marcus assaulted Cutler earlier that day and he was arrested an hour later. There are bruises on her neck, from when Marcus supposedly attacked her, and they talk to Barton. Barton insists that Marcus killed Cutler, but admits that she hasn't had any problems with him before. The nurse says that when he was arrested, Marcus says that Cutler was a monster. Dr. Landeaux was on call when Cutler was attacked, and he said that Cutler's injuries were superficial. Barton figures that Marcus scared Cutler to death.

The detectives talk to Landeaux, who says that Cutler was suffering from dementia. He admits that she might have attacked Marcus due to dementia, and her vital signs were good after the incident. Landeaux figures that Cutler died of natural causes. As the partners leave, they wonder if Cutler was a Wesen. Hank figures that Marcus can't prove what he claimed, putting him in a bad spot.

Renard calls Adalind and demands an explanation about the symbols. She says that she doesn't know what the symbols mean, and Renard demands to see the tunnel. Adalind tells him that he'll have to take it up with Nick and hangs up.

Nick and Hank go to Marcus' apartment, and he runs when they identify themselves. They soon capture him and Marcus insists that he didn't kill Cutler. At the station, they question Marcus and Nick tells him what Landeaux said. Marcus doesn't think that they'd believe his explanation, but he finally tells them what happened. He describes Cutler's Wesen form and how she changed back just before Barton came in. Hank tells Marcus that he believes him and they'll see what they can do. As the detectives discuss the case outside, ME Bindra calls them to the morgue to show them something.

Eve discovers that one book is locked, and woges to her Hexenbiest form to open it. There is a chapter on blood magic, and Eve remembers how she bit the skull creatures arm. She calls Adalind and asks her about blood magic, and suggests that blood could be used to get to the other side. Adalind admits that she doesn't know if it will work. Once Eve hangs up, she picks up a knife.

At the morgue, Bindra tells the partners that Marcus couldn't have caused Cutler's death. However, she found a high level of hyaluronidase, a lethal enzyme found in bug saliva, in Cutler's blood system. The substance is found in the assassin bug, which uses it to kill its victims. Bindra doesn't know if the substance is lethal to humans or if it caused Cutler's death.

Wu reviews the north precinct surveillance footage and finds something.

Elizabeth Stanton picks up some supplies at the spice shop and Rosalee notices that she's buying a lot of melatonin to help her sleep. When Rosalee mentions Elizabeth's husband Norm, Elizabeth hesitates briefly and then leaves. Monroe quotes poetry to Rosalee and says that they'll grow old together, just as Nick and Hank come in. They ask if they know about a Wesen that uses hyaluronidase to kill its victims, and the couple looks nervous. They finally say that they might be dealing with a Gevatter Tod, and tells Nick to let it go because it's not a police matter.

Rosalee describes the victim and her symptoms, and the couple finally explains that dementia in Wesen endangers the entire community because they woge uncontrollably. The Gevatter Tod are called in to protect the community by killing the victim suffering from dementia and end their live painlessly. Monroe and Rosalee made an agreement that if one of them suffered from dementia then the other will contact the Gevatter Tod. They know how to contact the Gevatter Tod responsible but they won't say who it is unless the detectives promise not to arrest him. Nick explains that they need the Wesen's testimony to clear Marcus, and Rosalee demands his word. The detectives finally agree and Rosalee gives them a contact number. They leave a message and the recorded message says that the Gevatter Tod will contact them in a few hours.

Wu calls Nick and Hank in, and shows them the north precinct footage and the Maddie Simms footage. In both of them, an elderly man walking with a cane appears. Renard calls Nick into his office and says that he needs to see the tunnel where the symbols are. The captain insists that Diana is in danger, and Nick asks who says that it's dangerous. When Renard refuses to say, Nick says that he'll agree to an exchange of information only and leaves.

That night at home, Monroe and Rosalee are still waiting for the Gevatter Tod's call. Rosalee remembers when her father called the Gevatter Tod for her grandfather. The Wesen opened the window to let the spirit out and closed the door. The Gevatter Tod calls and Rosalee claims that Monroe is suffering from dementia. Once the Wesen hangs up, Monroe worries that the Gevatter Tod is coming over right away and they need to get Nick there.

Wu is unable to get footage of the old man's face. Monroe calls and tells Nick that the Gevatter Tod is on his way and Rosalee told him that Monroe is the subject. As the detectives head over, Dr. Landeaux knocks at the door. Rosalee lets him in and Monroe explains that they called him because the police need to talk to him. Nick and Hank arrive and Nick admits that he's a Grimm. Landeaux woges, and Monroe and Rosalee tell him that Nick is a friend. Landeaux reverts back and Nick asks if he helped Cutler died. He and Hank explain that Marcus could go to prison for defending himself, and Landeaux admits that he helped Cutler passed. The doctor warns that he can't do anything to help Marcus, and Nick asks him to convince Barton that Marcus had nothing to do with Cutler's death.

Landeaux gets a call and tells the woman at the other end to stay away from "him," and he's on his way. Once he hangs up, Landeaux explains that a Zhang-Dorn suffering from dementia is threatening his wife. Nick and Hank insist on going with Landeaux, and he reluctantly agrees. When Landeaux gives the address, Rosalee realizes that it's Elizabeth's address. She and Monroe insist on going with them.

When the group arrives at the Stanton house, Nick and Hank go in first and find the door open. Elizabeth is on the floor, unconscious. They wake her up and she says that Norm left. Elizabeth says that Norm has never attacked her before, but she's afraid that he's doing bad things. She insists that Norm doesn't know what he's doing, and he left fifteen minutes ago. Elizabeth gives them his phone number so that they can track them, and the detectives figure that Norm killed Maddie and the other man. Monroe insists on going with the partners, and Elizabeth explains that the melatonin wasn't enough to keep Norm from waking up and wandering off.

Norm approaches a young woman at a bus stop and mistakes her for Elizabeth. As she runs off, Nick and the others arrive. They say that Elizabeth is at home, but he woges and demands to know what they did with Elizabeth. Monroe easily subdues him and they take him back to his home. Norm doesn't remember Elizabeth or his home, and she takes him to his favorite chair. Wu arrives with the footage and confirms that the man with the cane has the same cane that Norm does. They explain to Monroe and Rosalee what happened, and Nick tells Landeaux to do what he has to do and they won't interfere. Elizabeth asks Rosalee and Monroe to stay with them and tells Landeaux that she's ready. She tells Norm that she'll see him soon and he agrees, recognizing her. Landeaux woges and kills Norm while the others look on.

Eve returns to Monroe's house with one of the books and discovers that they're gone. She sees the mirror that they covered over, reads the blood magic spell from the book, and cuts her hand. Eve then smears the blood on the glass and woges briefly, but nothing happens at first. A portal finally opens in the mirror and Eve passes through to the other place.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 13, 2017

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