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Episode XCII Recap

An explosion rocks a distant town, and a horde of spider robots chase a mother, baby, and young daughter out of the town. The robots easily surround them and the mother and daughter prepare for death. A masked warrior pulls up on a motorcycle and the robots turn to look at him. The warrior fires his gun, blasting his way into the center of thering of robots, and then opens fire on the robots. He destroys dozens of them, and dozens more with his spike-rimmed motorcycle wheels. When a robot grabs him, the warrior shoots it with a hand gun, drops to the ground and shoots more. He then draws an energy staff and destroys more robots. One splits the warrior's helmet, revealing the bearded face of... Samurai Jack.

As the woman recognizes Jack, Jack returns to the attack and destroys the remaining robots. He puts on his helmet and drives off without waiting for the girl's thanks.

Later, Jack stands on a cliff overlooking the ocean and considers his life. Fifty years have passed since he was tossed into the future, but he doesn't age. Aku's grasp chokes the past, present, and future, and hope is lost.

In a temple to Aku, masked women kneels and watch as a baby is born. Six more babies are delivered and placed together, and the High Priestess says to Aku that the seven daughters are born to do his bidding and succeed where so many others have failed. Then the worshippers will find favor in Aku's glory.

Jack rides across the land and stops in a forest. He hears an explosion in the distance but ignores it. Later, Jack comes to a stream and drinks from it. Leaves fall into the water, and Jack sees the faces of his parents. His father wonders why he has forsaken them, and his mother accuses him of never coming back. Jack insists that he didn't abandon his purpose, and the faces of the thousands of people of his own place and time scream at him for leaving them. The image of a dark rider astride a great horse appears, and Jack drives off.

That night, Jack makes camp. His father appears in the flames, crucified, and asks Jack why he abandoned them. He says that Jack was the only one who could save them, and Aku destroyed everything. The spirits of the dead accuse Jack of forsaking them, and the dark rider's image appears again. Jack screams in anguish and drives off.

The seven Daughters train together and when one errs, the High Priestess beats her. The trainer attacks them and the Daughters fight her. A Daughter, Oshi notices a shaft of light and follows it to a crevasse looking out on the outside world. The High Priestess appears and tells Oshi to bask in the glory of what Aku has created, but know that Jack is leaving a wake of devastation wherever he goes. That is why the Daughters of Aku must stay focused, never relent, and always attack. The Priestess then tosses Oshi to the trainer and says to teach her a lesson.

The Daughters continue their training and when one slips, the High Priestess forbids the others from helping. As the fallen Daughter hangs suspended over a bed of stalagmites, the High Priestess drives her staff into the Daughter's hand and asks if she's weak. The Daughter screams that she isn't leaps up, and continues on. The High Priestess is satisfied that Aku's fire stirs within all of them.

The Daughters are placed in darkness and fiery arrows are shot at them. The High Priestess says that their senses must be sharp if they are to triumph, and then tells the statue of Aku that once the Daughters succeed, Aku will honor them with his presence.

Jack finally follows the smoke to the explosion site and rides into the town. He finds the place in ruins and corpses everywhere. A robot assassin, Scaramouch, appears and greets Jack by name, explaining that he destroyed the village just for Jack. Scaramouch says that he's Aku's favorite assassin, and taunts Jack until the samurai scowls. The robot tells Jack to whip out his famous sword, and then realizes that he doesn't have it. Jack remembers losing his sword, and Scaramouch starts to call Aku. The samurai destroys the phone with a throwing dart and attacks Scaramouch.

Scaramouch leaps away and plays a flute. The wreckage assembles itself into a giant monster. Jack smashes off its head but Scaramouch continues playing and the creature assembles a new head. Realizing that the flute is the source of the creature's power, Jack attacks Scaramouch but the robot stays one step ahead of him. The stone creature smashes Jack, who digs himself free and smashes off chunks of the creature. It collapses, and Jack sees Aku's victims in the rubble, begging him for help. Scaramouch stares at Jack talking to empty air, and figures that he's gone insane.

Jack backs away from the hallucinations, while the dark rider appears on the ridge. Scaramouch animated the smaller stones, attacking Jack with them. Jack shields himself with his arm guards and throws one, shattering Scaramouch' flute. He then disarms Scaramouch, who sings and animates his sword, attacking Jack with it. Jack twists aside and then parries the sword as Scaramouch maintains his attack. The samurai gets to the robot, which parries Jack's attack with another sword. The first sword joins in the attack, but Jack parries it as well and leaps into a crevasse. The rubble falls on Scaramouch, but he shatters Jack's weapon with his tuning fork sword.

When Jack attacks with his remaining blade, Scaramouch causes it to vibrate. Jack throws it at the robot as it explodes, stunning him. The samurai then uses the first blade to cut Scaramouch in half, causing him to blow up. Jack takes the tuning fork sword and sheathes it, then walks away.

In the temple, the Daughters have now grown to young adulthood. They scale a stone pillar and fight the waiting women. After they kill the women, Oshi leads them to the top where the High Priestess is waiting. She tells them that their training is complete and orders them to go kill. The Daughters don their masks and the High Priestess says that now they are to serve the purpose for which they are born: kill Jack.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 14, 2017

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